The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Submitted)

I’m most interested in the Clara and Lena poly route. Can’t wait to see more of Lena in book 2. I found her already interesting. (Maybe I’m a bit masochistic? :sweat_smile: Given that I want to romance her even after she blatantly disrespected my MC.)


You are the MC, you can easily make her fall for you don’t worry.


Nah I am pretty sure Charles is the one that gets away scott-free most of the time, People dislike the guy since he is a shitty father but you can’t exactly blame him for being that due to Alvena’s Shenannigans, everyone fucking hates Isabelle though and people don’t mention her because hating her is already the general consensus lmao

I didn’t say he rebelled yet though, his mother will always set him up to claim on the throne and going after Clara while you are king is the final straw, i am just getting ready for that pre-emptive strike when he decides comitting treason is the new fad


Fun fact : There was a Reddit poll in the Hostedgames subreddit about their favorite RO in the game, and Revna was at the top with 190 votes, Daemir had 127 while Clara had 117

Xavier had 107, oddly Astryn had 78 votes while Jarean was suprisingly at last with 38 (note : The Pirate RO and Lena weren’t in the poll)


ohh lol… yea that seems to be what the end of the book implied somehow. whether he cares or not for it, Isabelle will always try to put her son on the throne & if not she’ll try manipulating Atheris into it as was shown.

It’s just a Reddit poll so not perfect representation but I can’t believe Jarean is last… I would’ve expected Astryn at least


Btw, isn’t Jarean the pirate RO? I mean, he has a mysterious past and his sister said we would despise him if we discovered it. Also the pirate captain says the last one to betray the crew lost his eye.

Also, I may be wrong, I think the author said on Tumblr that there won’t be new ROs in the next books.

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Yeah, might be the only pet-peeves of mine. I dislike going out of my way to steal someone’s else crush, but…

Clara is the only character in this game that i romanced. Had the author chose the doomed romance path in the game, despite saying she is an RO, Imma get pissed so bad lmao.

I have it enough with one of the wip here, i’d rather not deal with another doomed romance.


Same, and why does her drawing has to be so good man damn…


gasp A kindred spirit!?

I thought the day would never come.

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i think jarean might have been a pirate, yeah, but he’s not The Pirate RO. think the actual pirate RO is called tameran or something… you can see some info about him in the game’s tumblr, if you scroll long enough.


I actually think Tameran is also the guy that Jarean lost his eye to before/after he left the pirate life.

So it will be interesting to see them interact in book 2 and I’m curious to see how Jarean revealing his secret will play out if both you and Xavier are with him (because I really love this dynamic). It has a lot of interesting potential.


I saw the game got a new update. So did the romance bug get fixed?

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Is it possible that The man (Adrian or something )who give MC flower is Tameran in disguise ? . It weird because he said that he get that flower from South during travel .


I don’t remember if you can poly RO Lena and Revna…

Pretty sure you can’t.

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Revna and Lena don’t share.

I doubt Why our mother suggest us married Richart off with Princess Eda If This marriage endanger us in Future. Is it possible Our mother have relate with The King of Marania ?

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Revna doesn’t share, Lena does share


AFAIK the monogamous ROs are Revna, Astryn (cultural reasons), Daemir (fine with political marriage), and the new pirate RO Tameran? The author posted about him a while back.


How to check code of this game ?