The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Submitted)

Before you judge, yes i main Clara, i don’t care about the others :smiley:

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im sure majority of ppl will disagree with this but the hate on Richard is too much. It could be justified but still much. Honestly idk how ppl have been treated by him but he was nice to me the whole time literally, never was he not nice unless when children and he kept giving me just looks whenever I interrupted his conversations with Clara. I treated him really nice the whole game and he was nice to me in return.

For the forced marriage, what do people expect? He’s been in love(whether obsessive or not) with Clara since young and at the end being sent to another kingdom away from everyone he knows, let go of Clara & forced to marry someone he doesn’t want. Anyone would be upset whether for the kingdom or not.

People cheering for him is also not his fault. He’s not actively trying to encourage. He just doesn’t care… His mother is different though.

I know people already said it but using groomer and p#do as buzzwords on him is weird and really silly.

Yea his character is made to be the really jealous type that if anyone nears Clara interested(unless choosing not interested) he just lashes out. So I totally understand why he could get irritating or hated on but sometimes it gets a bit much


I personally dont hate Richard he just hates me and is jelly. :smiley:

“He’s mad because you are the King”

Oh yeah Richard? If you’re going to rival me because i love Clara as you do, then prepare for the worst mah boi. My MC gonna slap you hard…


I suspicious about Perfect End. Perfect ending is Only merchant want to reble and other not want to join , right ?

yeah. i don’t really like richard because i’m really sensitive and got mad at him being a little dick when he was a kid, but the hate is definitely too much lol. like damn, you really want to kill your brother just because he’s kind of an asshole? :sweat_smile:


Honestly I find it funny that Clara is his rebelion breaking point

why of course Richard! Rebelling in the middle of a war that will likely cause thousands of deaths already will surely make her fall in love with you of course, you are a genius! Where is “I am scared from the War pls send help” Richard that was there like 6 screens ago? I miss him


More or less and now only the economy is getting fucked as the realm burns, Huzzah!

Yeah no. I am tired of saying it, treat him like a human being and you two will have a good relationship. Treat him like shit and he will treat you like shit. I am King and we have a great relationship so that statement is a straight up lie, he only got disappointed with me when I forced him to marry and that’s a normal human reaction something he gets over by the end of the book.

Fact is that Richard is the best written character in this book, our sisters are bland and Freya is flat out selfish and naive. Don’t get me started on Clara I still struggle to see the reason why anyone would romance her.

@Max_Jones Congrats on inventing your own narrative there. If you pay attention you would know that Clara gets bullied by the handmaidens because of her friendship with the MC and Richard. Her smile disappearing has nothing to do her not liking him, but everything to do with her being worried about the handmaidens finding out about the portrait and by extension Richard’s feelings towards her. This would result in worse bullying especially since she now finally knows that he cares for her and her lack of ability to keep her reactions under control.


Yes, don’t ever doubt about it


Nah just ignoring him raises his rivalry point pretty quick, that and going after Clara ro, seriously the guy needs to have everyone attention and approval, to a stoic and indifferent mc it must have frustrated him to no end he didn’t know what their thinking is or just being ignored.


Suit yourself, think whatever you want about Richard. I indeed tried to be cool with him even after his act when i try to befriend Clara, and yes Clara herself told us that she “loves” Richard but something is missing, that missing part is what MC has. Richard is nothing more than a small spice to the love drama for me. If he keeps that attitude, i’m going to slay him and enjoy doing it.


The main reason why some of us main Clara as RO is most likely her personality, probably.
For me, i wanted my MC to have crush on her since childhood because she is beautiful and i also like her personality, and you’re saying her smile fades due to the bullying, not because she likes MC. Then why she confesses her feelings towards the MC? If they become a couple doesn’t that give the bullies more reason to bully her?


What personality, Clara is a white canvas. She only confesses if you actively go after her, she has no feeling towards you otherwise. Also did you even play the game cause if you did you would know the answer to that last question.


Hold on, what you said right there changes everything. I never actually thought about that before… Now that i realized if we don’t go after her or even other ROs they don’t even care about us getting sick/hurt. That is kinda depressing not going to lie. But now i have a question. About the night after becoming the ruler, we think about the other people right? Don’t you think not caring about anyone is the best choice? Since they kinda don’t care about MC, so should i let go of Clara? Play as a loner untill someone comes and says “are you alright?”. Maybe im wrong but really, what you said changed my perspective towards the “ROs”


Yea for me he was happy i was a queen, in fact Atheris was the one that was really disappointed, both of their reactions were normal.

Siblings having same feelings for the same person. Richard will dislike anyone that tried to romance Clara and the player character can dislike them back. i dont know if Richard changes his feelings towards the PC later. The author clearly focused a lot on the relationship with Richard that if you dont give him “genuine smiles” and be happy for him that he’ll feel something is wrong, he was written like that… But for ppl that are questioning why he hates them, it becomes obvious that either because they romanced Clara or treated him not in the best way…

when did Richard rebel? If u mean those rebels who attacked the PC in his name when on hunt, it never mentioned he was the perpetrator. Ppl always cheered unreasonably for him without him even encouraging it, it says several times he doesn’t care for the throne. Maybe it’s his mother? Or just the people? They’re really chaotic after all…


Wow pal, no need to add “idiot” there now, you said she aint gonna care about you if you don’t go after her right? It doesn’t matter since i am going after her.

This isn’t true, though. They’ll still care as friends; when my MC went to hug Revna during the poisoning, for example, it was a very wholesome moment. Revna even pointed out that it was a dumb thing to do, but didn’t let go. It’s totally possible for them to care platonically.


I said it before, for me, Clara shouldn’t be a RO since she “loves” Richard. But i just can’t get myself to romance other ROs. What about you people?


Forget what i asked, i hope your MC will be happy with Revna while mine with Clara.
Astryn? She a capper anyway…