The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Submitted)

Huh, While i was playing Hero Or Villain series it worked for me perfectly. But yea, as I said, I played on Steam version and i cant talk with full confidence about other versions so sorry if i gave lose hope

One of the things I look the most forward to on the next books is meeting Queen Alvena’s family,the MC’s grandparents and possible uncles/aunts,as King Charles married Alvena for an alliance it will be fascinating to meet the noble family she grew up in including her apparent dreadful mother she spoke about to the MC.

They must either be important Rhivenian nobles or priced foreign nobility,perphaps it reaches a point on the future where the MC visits to secure their support for his wars as a ruler and becomes mixed on their territory politics.

Same goes for Atherys’ route for Richards he would most likely send the MC to secure the family’s support for his own benefit,Alvena’s family could even play a significant role on the MC’s Rebellion if they didn’t win the Throne on the first place and Richard the half sibling is chosen by the sword.


Book Two release, could it be next year or we have to wait years for it?


Book 1 is only been release so it will be awhile depending on the author. I’m not sure if the author mind asking them an update but CoG forum rules encourages patience and no asking for updates and/releases to avoid giving pressure to the author.

Hope you understand.


Book two’s first two chapters may release on Nutellas Patreon this month. Fingers crossed! :smiling_face:


Thanks for telling me. Really enjoy the story.

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Do I have to pay for on Nutellas Patreon in order to be able to read Book Two firs two chapters?

Yes. It’s a support platform for artist and writers. Better wait for the update from the author first and subscribe on the first day of the month before signing up so that you can utilize the whole month.

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Also, If you’d like to keep up to date with how far Book 2 is coming along without engaging with and making the creator feel pressured, you can check Nutella’s Tumblr where she has a progress percentage on the right side :slight_smile: if there are any updates she will most likely post them there, but for now I would assume nothing big this month as Book 2 has a lot to factor into its story and Book 1 was just very recently released. Her blog is TheSwordofRhivenia.


I wonder why Gerard was the one to crown the siblings after the sword choosed one of them like that seems to be a very important ceremonial role(perphaps it tries to symbolise something like the one that teaches the candidates gets to see the process to the end but giving his lack of rank or importance beyond being an advisor seems like a wasted metaphor),far more easier to imagine would have been a priest of the Lord of the Sword Namherys overlooking the ceremony and crowning the future King/Queen.

As being chosen by the sword actually means that a member of the royal family gets “divine approval” and so is allowed by the divine a chance to rule,a priest or several there on such a moment so closely tied to religion would fit far better.

Coronations are extremely important for low fantasy or medieval settings in general so it kinda striked me as rare on my third playthrough that the whole thing was skipped over so quickly with people like Gerard being given such prestigious roles.


That’s an interesting observation you made. I do think there’s a bit of a worldbuilding gap with how Namherys’ religion works, like does it have some form of clergy and someone who leads them? An order of warrior priests because of the association with the Sword? I hope the second book will get into more detail about this.

Charles probably had something to do with it. I don’t exactly like him as a person, but he deserves some credit for ending slavery and entrusting commoners like Gerard with important responsibilities. Maybe that’s partly why the commoners seem to (whether fairly or not) favour Charles and Richard.


Yeah your best bet is asking the author directly. We don’t know if there’s any precedent for letting Gerard crown the king/queen, or if it is indeed how it normally works in Rhivenia. I don’t even recall any mention of priests in the first book :thinking:

Fair. It’s like being grateful you got a black eye instead of a broken bone lol.

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Huh so Charles could have decided to break the usual traditional coronation displacing say an important member of the church of Namherys in order to favour Gerard as a relevant figure on the whole process?

Like I understand appointing him as your advisor but for him a man without any apparent symbolism to crown your heir?Possibly making angry whoever important figure/institution who did it before?

All for an old man who had his loyalty yes but yeah there are just so many questions why one would want to mess with the coronation only to say yes this man has taught my children so he deserves this prestigious honour.

Asked Nutella about it on tumblr cause honestly I am quite lost about the topic,Charles trusted Gerard but to give him this role on a coronation just feels like angering people just because(although we clearly do not know how a traditional Rhivenian coronation would work but it would be strange if a trusted advisor always crowned the chosen heir).

Idk dawg, Serfdom ain’t really that far from slavery y’know lol, main difference is that they earn a shitty pay that can barely help them survive

Hey does anyone know how to romance Astryn because I need a guide?

Damn it. What is it this time?
She mengele’ing an orphanage, poisoning bunch of puppies or holding hands with Richard or something?

She essentially used a bio-weapon already.
How insane must MC be to romance her?


Oops misread and thought that was some spoilers for next book or something.

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Just interact with her as much as you possibly can, be nice and caring towards her (don’t let them starve her and come to her defence) and forgive her at the end. Basically don’t antagonise her even if she’s acting snarky towards you.

I’ve been considering making a guide for each character at this point, so I might do that tomorrow for people if they’d like it.

That’s what Nutella is referring to when they said “one final test”

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A guide would be very helpful, thank you!

Yeah idk fam, i am pretty sure that what she did was essentialy a war crime/terror act at this point lmao


I can see there are some arguments about the game so I’m going to say the one thing that will bring us all together. Charles was a shit father


Oh yeah lol I thought you were under the impression it was spoilers for the next book though haha

I am working on it right now as we speak! :slight_smile: lol I’m going to have about 30 save files when Book 2 comes out at this point. If there are any other guides people want as well feel free to ask because I’m having fun testing things out anyway.

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