The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Submitted)

Okay as I remember there are technically three endings for ruler mc, the bad speech ending where everyone wants to rebel, the good speech ending where some people wanna rebel but others don’t, and the perfect speech ending where it’s basically the same as the good speech one but a lot more people are leaning on not rebelling (check the code). How do you get the perfect ending while keeping Astryn alive and not forgiving her as well?

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I’m not too sure if you can, honestly.

Astryn literally helped poison most of your kingdom and got half of them killed. If you refuse to spill her blood as revenge then the people will lose faith in you against their enemies because you wouldn’t kill someone who’s already caused so much harm. Even if you don’t forgive Astryn and are only keeping her alive to create peace with the enemy, the people won’t see it that way because they’re angry and want vengeance, not peace.



Astryn living and Rhiveninans getting pissed off simply don’t get along, either you use her ass as a scapegoat or you will have to deal with a stronger rebbelion

It’s the trolley problem, kill 1 person to save hundreeds, or just simply don’t kill if you want to pull a Stalin and cripple yourself during the war

Nakam intensifies


By the way does anyone know how to not let Xavier escape at the end?

In my playthrough he always escape for some reason, do i have to romance him?

He only returns if you romance him.

Keeping him captive is only really useful for brownie points from the kingdom and if you want extra scenes with him for fun. But when ‘spoiler’ happens he escapes during the chaos and will only return if he has feelings for you otherwise he stays with Lena.

Edit: You know, after playing this game 16 times now I think it’s safe to say I’ve played this game an unhealthy amount within 2 days lmao


Oof…I mean I ask because I wish we could specify that we are letting her live NOT because we forgive her but because she is useful to us…

They don’t care. They want her blood for what she did.

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The people of the kingdom aren’t particularly bright tbh.

As Urban said, they just want her blood.

Quite a lot of choices we make can be rationalized but the issue isn’t that we can’t explain our reasoning, but rather the people straight up don’t care unless it appeases them. As far as they’re concerned, you’re there to do what they want and if you don’t then you’re a terrible leader. During the final speech I’m pretty sure the only way to achieve the “good” ending is to turn into The Punisher and proclaim all of the terrible stuff you’re going to do to the enemy.


Tbf, I do like the Punisher xD


If I get the perfect ending but then try to do a peaceful route with the upcoming war in book 2, will the consequences make getting the 2nd best ending in book 1 preferable? I’m trying to avoid making unnecessary save files because COG won’t let us delete them.

I played the game 4 times with ruler mc only. I feel like there was an opportunity missed in Matteo poisoning scene. A manipulative mc can first heal him by giving him assurance of pardon and then execute him later by denouncing his crime in public. This will work with Atheris as ruler too. I think this would have helped to simmer down the rebellion a bit as the ruler is seen punishing the murderer of an admired king.


Wait…does this game have a save system after all where once book 2 releases all of my previous saves will actually be visible??

…Am I really going to have about 16 save file slots now? Goddammit. It sucks we can’t delete them.

I thought it didn’t register ANY save files until there’s a sequel game and then it begins keeping track of them.

You can always try and delete them manually by deleting the save files in directory. Dunno how hard it is on IOS but I am pretty sure its doable everywhere else.

Ah okay, I wasn’t sure if I could do that since I just play it on the website. But I do have it on IOS as well.


I thought saves get uploaded to the database?

I think everything apart from the site itself is your game files. For example i usually play on Steam so all I have to do is go into Steam’s userdata folder, find my game, find the save files and delete them

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Ah, all my choice games are from the play store, so I don’t know if I can delete them and prevent them from showing in the next game.

Well if you are playing on Android or Windows there should be folders with game files there aswell. There is actually a thread (Editing, modding...cheating?) that might help you out finding them.

I’ve just checked and uploaded saves like this are not stored locally, they’re downloaded from the COG database for use in the next game for import, which makes them impossible to delete.

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