The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Submitted)

Noway people are saying Richard groomed Clara. You can’t make this shit up anymore, this getting to MHA fanbase levels of ridiculousness.


So, a quick review of TSOR.

I absolutely love this game. The potential complexity and intrigue of the plot is amazing. With three siblings, three core routes, several ROs, tons of socio-political decisions to make, and the tension of war, this series promises to be very captivating. I love that you can absolutely be the ruler everyone hates by being a merciful and kind leader, or be as aggressive as the King had been, ruling through intimidation and fear. Being able to secure alliances at the risk of creating court intrigue among your siblings, or rejecting them to preserve their loyalty, even if it means a much weaker kingdom is amazing. Plus the various plot threads set up with the Asineans, and the pirates seem really fun. So many different branching paths that will hopefully create very diverse experiences spanning the series. Very much Wayhaven levels of story crafting here. I am also excited by the possibility of Richard or Atheris trying to betray the MC, or screw them over if they are ruling instead. I would love to see this :slight_smile:

The ROs are really diverse. I like the potential drama of romancing Clara, especially if Richard is King (I low-key want him to try and pull rank on me). And I adore that Astryn is an RO. The angst, the threats, the danger… And the drama that this will create if either other sibling is ruling is very much interesting :eyes: I was disappointed that you can get very close to Clara, to the point that she very much seems bothered by Richard’s interest in her, only for her to do a complete 180 if you romance someone else.

I was also disappointed that stat checks didn’t really come up for my skills. I think I used archery once, and that was at the beginning when hunting with the king. A few times you can punch people, but it would have been nice to see other choices. Heck, the first hunt as ruler doesn’t even have a skill check, even though it really could have done with one given what happens.

Oh, and one thing I noticed is that I invited Jaraen and Clara to join me in the city. But the writing kept saying Xavier for some reason? He had been freed already and was long gone. But his name kept coming up. It wasn’t until I see the begging children again that Jaraen shows back up.

Anyway, aside from all that I love this game, have been recommending it to everyone, and can’t wait for Book Two!


How to get "perfect Ending " ? Which choie you choose during Speech ?

The speech is easier if you kill Astryn but you can still get a perfect score with these options.

Edit: turns out spoiler tags don't work in quotes

Thank you very much ^^

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Here’s a full list if anyone is curious,


1st set, condition=Astryn is executed.
#…But I assure you, it will never happen again."
#…But I promise you: I will kill every single one of our enemies."
#…But I promise you: I will avenge our fallen brothers and sisters."

2nd set
#“Don’t expect it to be better anytime soon. War is coming.”
#“Most gold has been spent on the weapons and army which will protect you during the war.”

3rd set
#“Yes, he will suffer death.”
#“I will kill him in the worst way possible.”

4th set
#“Anyone who defies us will be dead. No one will dare to harm us ever again!” (Astryn should be executed)
#“I won’t lie; it will not be easy. We will suffer a lot. But in the end, we will gain victory.”
#“I will hang Erwan’s head on our walls to show everyone how dangerous and powerful we are!”

5th set
#“Death to all our enemies!”
#“Pagonia will fall!”

Edit: I just saw that the entire list has been posted. Sorry!

Additional notes: you only need 5 and above points to make a perfect speech so like the above said you can skip the 1st set if Astryn was not executed.


Thank you very much ^^

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Oh thank god!!!

Question for the folks who are/were Patreons: were there polls about the content of the story? And how was the beta test done? Kinda curious since HG apparently requires games to go through a public beta but the complete story was Patreon-only.

And do tell us about what happens in Book 2 when the new chapters get released there :stuck_out_tongue: (unless there’s an NDA or something)


Oh yes, good idea. Before the full release I think I remember reading posts here telling others things like who poisoned the king, which wasn’t in the dashingdon demo, so I thought it would be okay to ask. But perfectly understandable if the author wants to keep things exclusive.

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idk about an NDA but I do think the author should be asked for permission first at least out of courtesy. Patreon is a way to financially support the author while receiving exclusive content, after all.

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Well if you don’t romance Clara she seems happy with Richard, which is not a good sight. Just because we see someone as a friend doesn’t mean they should stop having feelings towards us.

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Before you judge, yes i main Clara, i don’t care about the others :smiley:

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im sure majority of ppl will disagree with this but the hate on Richard is too much. It could be justified but still much. Honestly idk how ppl have been treated by him but he was nice to me the whole time literally, never was he not nice unless when children and he kept giving me just looks whenever I interrupted his conversations with Clara. I treated him really nice the whole game and he was nice to me in return.

For the forced marriage, what do people expect? He’s been in love(whether obsessive or not) with Clara since young and at the end being sent to another kingdom away from everyone he knows, let go of Clara & forced to marry someone he doesn’t want. Anyone would be upset whether for the kingdom or not.

People cheering for him is also not his fault. He’s not actively trying to encourage. He just doesn’t care… His mother is different though.

I know people already said it but using groomer and p#do as buzzwords on him is weird and really silly.

Yea his character is made to be the really jealous type that if anyone nears Clara interested(unless choosing not interested) he just lashes out. So I totally understand why he could get irritating or hated on but sometimes it gets a bit much


I personally dont hate Richard he just hates me and is jelly. :smiley:

“He’s mad because you are the King”

Oh yeah Richard? If you’re going to rival me because i love Clara as you do, then prepare for the worst mah boi. My MC gonna slap you hard…


I suspicious about Perfect End. Perfect ending is Only merchant want to reble and other not want to join , right ?

yeah. i don’t really like richard because i’m really sensitive and got mad at him being a little dick when he was a kid, but the hate is definitely too much lol. like damn, you really want to kill your brother just because he’s kind of an asshole? :sweat_smile:


Honestly I find it funny that Clara is his rebelion breaking point

why of course Richard! Rebelling in the middle of a war that will likely cause thousands of deaths already will surely make her fall in love with you of course, you are a genius! Where is “I am scared from the War pls send help” Richard that was there like 6 screens ago? I miss him


More or less and now only the economy is getting fucked as the realm burns, Huzzah!

Yeah no. I am tired of saying it, treat him like a human being and you two will have a good relationship. Treat him like shit and he will treat you like shit. I am King and we have a great relationship so that statement is a straight up lie, he only got disappointed with me when I forced him to marry and that’s a normal human reaction something he gets over by the end of the book.

Fact is that Richard is the best written character in this book, our sisters are bland and Freya is flat out selfish and naive. Don’t get me started on Clara I still struggle to see the reason why anyone would romance her.

@Max_Jones Congrats on inventing your own narrative there. If you pay attention you would know that Clara gets bullied by the handmaidens because of her friendship with the MC and Richard. Her smile disappearing has nothing to do her not liking him, but everything to do with her being worried about the handmaidens finding out about the portrait and by extension Richard’s feelings towards her. This would result in worse bullying especially since she now finally knows that he cares for her and her lack of ability to keep her reactions under control.