The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (FULL DEMO)

67, if you haven’t already then I suggest going to to the library every chance you get and reading the books, those do wonders for boosting your leadership.


Talking to Daemir and agreeing to his methods too give a boost.


I am so beyond excited to read the full version of this!! You are incredibly talented and have built such a fascinating world :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



  • Chapter 7, Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 are now playable on Patreon
  • I’ve finally introduced Queen Lena.
  • I’ve added new stat “Reputation”

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the family names:

  • The royal family of Rhivenia: de Ressa
  • The royal family of Asinea: Ravnel
  • The royal family of Pagonia: Erzaar
  • Pirates and commoners don’t have a family name.

The current length of the book is 560k words. Two more chapters and an epilogue left to finish the game.

Have a great day.night!


Will it be at hosted games or just on Patreon?

I will not add the new chapters to public demo if that’s what you’re asking.

I upload the new and unedited chapters only to Patreon demo until the public release. It might take some time for the game to be released because beta testing and cover art must be done before submitting.


Ah no I don’t mean the public demonstration. I mean if it will be in the Hosted Games library. If it takes a long time for that, I don’t mind waiting patiently for that. I am happy that one day this work of your excellent creativity will be in the Hosted Games library for sale one day. Have a good day and I will stop disturbing your creativity :slightly_smiling_face:


Loved the demo can’t wait for the full release :smirk:

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I’m buying the full game asap ty for the hard work


I become king and I look forward to play the rest of the chapters

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I like your writing style. I saw from the previous post (The Unwanted Warrior) that the medieval fantasy genre suits you well. I played the demo for this one and I very excited about this book. I am intrigued by the characters (the cold Daemir, the cautious Revna, the poor Xavier-he is somehow like a poor puppy, and the charismatic Richard). Your writing is more than good and it move me hear and there :smiley: . Well, I am sucker for sad and exciting stories. They make me teary :sweat_smile: . Keep up the work! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: