The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (FULL DEMO) - DEMO UPDATED 8/4/2021

@NutellaQueen will there be a coup attempt if one of mc siblings hates the mc enough?

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Yes :slight_smile:


What causes our leadership stat to go down?

By being soft or too merciful

You need to be cruel or ambitious to raise the leadership stat


Be responsible and put your people first


Oooh ok ok thxs

Great update as always. But Lena 's age is always shown as 14 in character tab and a short hair option for the MC would be helpful. By the way what determines MC’s Physique? is it determined by some stat or will the option be added later.


WoW, this new update is amazing, enjoyed the new content.


How much do you need for leadership to become queen/king?


65 is the minimum


There’s a variable called “keptpromisetoc” which didn’t get updated when we take Clara to the forest.


Hey, I’ve just read this. Great book. That being said, may I recommend you please cut down on the number of stats? It feels kind of excessive.


So I have a playful MC that likes to tease Clara/Richard and hopes that Clara has feelings for Richard and the following part always reads a little strange if you pick “I see you have a favourite.” which results in looking like you are jealous of Richard. Maybe give some intent? “I see you have a favourite. you respond feeling slightly jealous” I chose it thinking it would be more good-natured teasing in nature like some of the prior dialogue options.

You walk into the stable, hoping you can find Clara. She has become a stable girl in three years, despite Gerard’s complaints. You’ve heard them arguing a few times. Gerard doesn’t want her daughter to work in the stable, but Clara has no intention to stop taking care of horses.
“Hello, Leonora,” Clara greets you. She keeps her attention on Silver as she feeds him.


I’ve been soft and merciful… and I always ended as a queen. I’m confused now.

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You don’t have to be that, you just have to be responsible and care about your people


There’s a bug

It won’t let me choose the library

Love the update. Cannot wait for the full game!

okay let me rephrase that, choices that seems ambitious, cruel, responsibility to the people are the one that increases your leadership stat, the cautious one gains half a point increase to the stat, while being generally nice or too trusting or merciful yields little to no point all, the sword only chooses that someone who wants the sword, being cruel for the safety of your kingdom at the expense of people generally hating you for it


So, I play as playful mc, and Richard seems to hate me more shdhdjd. I didn’t even realize that before I do code diving. Most of the playful response got negative points. Which is funny lmao.
Playful MC literally the annoying younger sibling and I’m living for it lol


Good job :+1:

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