The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Announcement post #470)

Will your continue second season???

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That’s already been answered.


Error in my mc become in king

…please fixing …im love your story…and love xavier and jarean ehehe

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They sent the game to Content Review. They told me they had a bit of a queue so it’d take some time to finish that. I’m still waiting.


Fixed. Don’t worry, it was the end of demo. You didn’t miss anything.


Okeey…thanks you so much…

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Can we choose weapon type,armour type,horse armour type before going to war?..And can we choose the (coat of arm) of our MC’s family or will it be fixed?..Wait is there even a (coat of arm)?


For the horse question, you have been given a horse that may serve you for some 15 years more, i think the armor would be mandatory, you wouldnt want to loose a king beacuse he got his horse shot under him and then got trampled.
For the Coat of Arms, yes you will have a coat of arms, beacuse when men fought armored head to toe, you could tell them by glancing at their coat of arms, and they mean something, of course its gonna be fixed! (i think)

Sorry if i sound pushy, just curious! Are you gonna release the demo for book 2 soon or are you gonna wait till book 1 gets published?

What is the minimum percentage of leadership to become the king please tell me i really need to become King .I had 60 leadership last time how can you get the required leadership .My Mc has a good heart gave a job to jarean and did not help Xavier escape did not fetch healers for astryn
But gave them food

Its between 65 and 70 , i failed at 65 and succeeded at 70 so 70 would be a safe bet.

Its 66

Damn me youre right


It’s 67%