The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Announcement post #470)



The Clara/MC/Lena poly starts in book 2.


I can’t remember if being stated but did the Author state what book we would have kids in it?

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Well I’m not sure about biological kids, but towards the end of book 1, MC meets the first kid they can adopt. They can’t formally adopt them in book 1, it seems, but you can choose to make the first steps towards that.


Oh don’t worry about that there my child and I’ll kill anyone in that game who threatens them :rofl: but I meant biological kids :joy:


Oh? For some reason, I was under the assumption having kids would be some sort of “post-game headcanon-thing” or maybe an epilogue thing! :open_mouth:
Now I’m curious about the whole adoption thing! Like, how many kids can you adopt and so on. Man I wish I could play the patreon version :rofl:

Does Lena’s solo romance begin in book 2 as well, or can we get started on that in Book 1?

Anyone know where the first book ends? Is the demo close to the end of the book or are there more chapters after the demo ends?

You can still join it if you want?

Lena’s romance begins in book 2. You can accept her marriage proposal in book 1 though. I’m fairly certain you have to accept it in order to romance her later on.


Book 1 has eleven chapters and an epilogue

MC’s kids are supposed to play a big role in the story, apparently. I don’t know how many kids they can adopt but if they have at least one opposite sex romance, they can have up to 3 or 4 biological kids. Can’t remember which.

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Oh I do want, but I literally have NO money atm to do so - so I CAN’T :rofl:

That won’t happen so yeah, only adopted kids!
But it’s interesting that they’ll have an actual role!


Had book 1 been released and if it has where can I read it because I only read the demo

It has not, actually. Only the demo so far!

what is the difference between free and patreon demo

also what teir of patreon do i need to play the demo

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The public demo ends at the choosing of the heir while the patreon goes to the end of the book. Prince/princess tier and above tiers all have access to the full demo.


Can anyone answer my question please? Will this book be released on a platform, like hosted games, or will it stay patreon-only?

I believe it will be submitted to Hosted Games for publication after the author is satisfied with the beta testing phase. They can’t really keep it exclusively on Patreon forever.


I’ve been reading a lot of WIPs lately and I really liked this one, at fist I was scared that it would feel lacking but that was not the case. Also loved how we get to see other characters pov’s it feels like it’s a secret scene.

I wanted to have the poly Xavier/Jarian but after the “the favorite consort sits on the right” I rather not so I’ll just play them separately.