The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Announcement post #470)

Wow, you are a writing machine! This was completed at such a remarkable pace that it blows my mind…
Unwanted Warrior was one of favorite WiPs and I was so sad to see what happened to it. I love the little homage you had for it when you got to choose the MC’s name here :slight_smile:
But anyway this was AMAZING! I was instantly hooked and couldn’t wait for more so I just had to join the Patreon! And boy, was it fantastic! I thought it wouldn’t hold a candle to Unwanted Warrior but I was dead wrong. I just love everything about it; the characters, the politics, the branching paths GAHHH
Being a ruler is fun and all but damn is there so much pressure. It’s actually pretty fun to play the prince/princess route and see what actions our siblings will do as rulers of the kingdom and I can secretly judge them for their bad decisions
I also felt character growth for my MC was natural. At first I played them as a super kind and forgiving person, but then certain events “hardened” them into becoming more ruthless like their father heh

Anyway, enough gushing! Just wanted to say that this is one of my favorite IFs ever and that I’m really looking forward to its release!


these days not a lot catches my eye, I write and read, rack up a decent following, but it’s nothing new. Then I come back and read this for the first time.

I’m actually interested, keep it up man.

Maybe back your files up three times on three different drives, but yeah keep it up


Will I be able to execute the pirate who is Freya’s lover? Will we continue with same mc or will those other books will be spin-offs?


Father like son. I love it!


Felt kinda bad stealing clara away from Richard specially with a non-king mc but I had this terrible feeling that clara won’t be too happy with richard as king anyway so

Ntr time.



But on a more serious note, I actually hope they WILL get together and will actually be happy, on my playthrough.
Clara’s sweet, but my MC not only wouldn’t do that to his beloved brother, but also has 0 interest in girls.


@NutellaQueen I noticed you can be in love with/attracted to more than one character does that mean we have the option to pursue more than one RO at once(i.e have a romantic entanglement) or are we just attracted to 2 of the RO’s, but we ultimately have to settle for one ?. Also for those of us who didn’t want to become the monarch or weren’t able to will we be able to become/receive some other position in the royal court like being our sibling’s spymaster, advisor or military leader ? Oh and how do you increase the communication and manipulation stats ? I know how to increase all the other ones except for those two.


Wow great story, congratulations. Keep this up.


The answer of your 1st question:-

Yes,there is poly romance in this game,these are the poly routes:-

  1. Lena and Clara .
  2. Lena and Jarean .
  3. Lena (political) and Daemir .
  4. Xavier and Clara .
  5. Xavier (political) and Daemir .
  6. Jarean and Xavier .
  7. Jarean and Clara .

The poly route is not in the public demo, it’s only available in the patreon demo.

For your 3rd question,these are the codes of the public demo,so just dive right in if you want to find out how to increase stats.


Also most of those polys are V poly where they only share the MC and aren’t involved with each other. The only ROs that fall in love with each other and form a poly where you’re all together, depending on your choices, is

  1. Lena and Clara
  2. Xavier and Clara
  3. Jarean and Xavier

Is the Lena/Clara route available to non-rulers?

Just played the demo. I’m looking forward to the full release :slight_smile:

No. You can only romance Lena with a ruler!MC

Edit: forgot to quote lol so I just put this below.

No. You can only romance Lena with a Ruler!MC.

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Damn. Luckily this was only the demo, so I’ll need to restart anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the reponse :slight_smile:

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No problem. On the tumblr, I’m pretty sure the author said that you have to help Xavier escape in order to successfully romance Lena. So keep that in mind too when you play and you should be set.


No problem. On the tumblr, I’m pretty sure the author said that you have to help Xavier escape in order to successfully romance Lena. So keep that in mind too when you play and you should be set.

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I loved it and I can’t wait for the full release.


Oh, that would make sense!
Not that it would matter in my case since Xavier IS the one I’ll be romancing in my playthrough though!
I hope forming a friendship with Lena (not a mere alliance) will be possible though - I like that idea, even if I’m not interested in her romance.


Speaking of Lena and Xavier. I’ve been looking through the Pinterest, and I’ve been wondering: Are Asinean’s a bit goth?


Romancing Astryn with my Ruler!MC has been… an experience. The consequences will be glorious once the cat’s out of the bag. If my MC can actually keep both her head and her throne while doing it, that’d be great but the way things are looking… :sweat_smile: