The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Announcement post #470)

Just be nice to Richard and have a good relationship with him I believe, but don’t have over either 66 or 76 leadership (I don’t remember which one it was) otherwise you’ll be chosen. And I guess that answers your other question as well.

I wondering where will the final book be posted? Will it be available on Hosted Games or will it be on other platforms?


Aside from the Hosted Games omnibus for both iOS and Android as well as the CoG website, the author cannot promise if this is going to be release on Steam. It depends on Hosted Games assessment. Hosted Games usually put an Steam icon in their Upcoming Hosted Games thread if it is available for Steam release once the author submitted their book for publishing.


Love the WIP so far. Definitely looking forward to its release! Can’t wait to get into a political marriage with Daemir only to fall in love afterwards :grin:


Does anyone know how to get chosen by the Sword? In my first playthrough, I got chosen by the sword. Then I played again pretty much playing similarly but …Richard was chosen. I played it 5 times Richard is being chosen over and over again -.-

Have high leadership stat min 65


how to increase that by training or reading or?

Through reading and choices that seems ambitious, harsh,

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You need at least 67 leadership. You can find a guide on the choices here.


No not always because the kiss of death has a steam page and has not been put up there

it wont let me save the game

Don’t have that problem - the save is working just fine. What did it said when you’re trying to save?


Hello everyone! I have good news; I’ve finally finished book 1! There’re some minor things I have to change. After that, I will upload it to Patreon demo this month.

Before you fill out the form, I want to tell you what kind of feedback I need from you:

  1. Grammar & Spelling issues. I’m very insecure about my English, so this one is critical :slight_smile:
  2. Continuity errors. (the game saying your MC is King/Queen when they’re not chosen, or having an option to kiss X when your RO is Y)
  3. High-level feedback. (the scene is confusing, or the character is not developing)

I’m planning to pick three proofreaders to edit the chapters and four testers to point out the bugs and continuity errors. I’d be thrilled if the beta testers I picked can stay with me for the rest of the books.

Apply here

The form closes at the end of the month, and beta testing starts in July.

Have a great day/night! <3


It says Error: Unable to save at this point

All I know is that that error will occur if you’re trying to save in the stat screen. Not sure if that’s your case, but if it’s not, sorry :grimacing:.

If our MC romance Clara will Richard be able to find somebody else to complete his happy ever after or will he forever live alone in his dark solitude laughing maniacally while schiming against our MC in his creepy supervillain lair.


On the flip side, can we match make Clara and Richard?


If the elder bro is a threat to mc. Do what you must to stay alive

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I think I remember the author saying we can.

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He’s not a threat to my MC,I was asking if our MC romance Clara will he find someone else to love, because my MC and him are being best bros right now and just one step away from creating our man cave with hunted bear rugs and dear skulls while sipping whiskey and burning cash in fire,and laughing like dumb hyenas,I don’t wanna lose all that for a girl.
But,I also enjoy the plot of poor girl/boy and rich MC,in which Clara fits perfectly,so,I was asking will our MC be able to match make him with someone else,so he can also remain happy.

Yes we can,plus honestly they both like each other.