The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Announcement post #470)

Amazing. The hours fly by, playing this is an incredible feeling. The characters are very good, everything makes you more willing to play, to know more about the story, just incredible.


@NutellaQueen My Riese is a huge FLIRT, and she LOVES playing high-class characters…

Riese nods enthusiastically, lounging with wine in hand.

I think this will be a good fit for her. If she can get her head out of waiting for Royal Affairs to be finished, that is… :roll_eyes:

Riese lightly scoffs at me from the rim of her wineglass. :triumph:

We’re looking forward to this release. :relieved:


I still think about the unwanted warrior every day and how I enjoyed it’s story


I really enjoyed that! All the characters are interesting, I can tell a lot of thinking was put into them! My favorites are Richard, Xavier and Jarean. I cant wait for the full game :slight_smile:


This is good! There are a couple of small typos but for a non-native English speaker, it’s great! I’ve spoken and written English all my life and still kinda suck sooooo xD
Moving on though, I’m kinda salty we can’t be chosen to be king/queen/the ruler of the land. Or maybe that’s something that’ll happen in the full game? I really like this though and felt sorry for Xavier.

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You can be chosen to be the ruler by the sword, your leadership probably wasn’t high enough.


Thank you! I realize it now. Making the choices that are less confident and disinterested in the throne maybe ruined my chance first playthrough. It was interesting and intense going through the game a second time and getting crowned as the next king. I’m really interested to see how this comes out…


okay, just played through it. amazing writing, interesting characters, interesting worldbuilding.

really enjoyed it :smiley:


What is the planned released date for this game?



It will be release when it’s ready. We don’t encourage asking for release date as per FAQ due to most authors here write these in their spare time and not their full time job so we don’t want to pressuring them when it is finished and such.

Hoping for your patience and understanding.


Question is there is a choice to join pirates later instead of wanting the throne or serving the ruler of the kingdom?

It would be cool if we could unless u are saving it for another book. Either way it’s a good story


Do we get the chance in the game to get rid of our siblings who opposes our rule because we are antagonistic and have a hostile relationship with them?


I was hoping I would be rid of Richard by just marrying him off :frowning:

If they have bad relationship with the mc and decided to coup the mc then yes

I’m pursuing revna, but Clara seems to like me more than Richard yes ? :pleading_face::sob:

wait can i read the rest of the story in patreon?

Yes, except I think the last chapter, as that’s still being worked on.

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ok thx

I feel this like I try to be nice to her and keep it friendly but she just seems like the main RO. Which I guess she is since she is the first RO introduced.

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Ohh, It was so amazing! Nice surprise. I was positively surprised. I’ve always been disappointed with stories where MC is a member of the royal family, so I was pretty skeptical at first but now I’m excited and looking forward to the finished game :heart: :star_struck:

Although Atheris became queen. Ugh :unamused: Anyone know what it takes to get Richard to be king (my favourite candidate)? Or at least MC? Do we have to be as cruel as father and Atheris?