The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Announcement post #470)

Saw the Unwanted Warrior question, and my heart cried.


I loved TUW. I cannot wait to see how this game develops.

Question, though. You have two current Queens listed. Is polygamy legal in Rhivenia?

Queen Avelina - your mother and the current queen of Rhivenia.
Queen Isabelle - your step-mother and the current queen of Rhivenia.


Angst is worst with Revna :pensive:


I’m sorry, I have a question. I already finish a route where Richard ended a new king and I chose Jarean as my partner, I did m/m, yet the story just finishes right after Richard announced a king, after that no marriage at all. Straight to end. May I have few advise for how to get married?.
I’m sorry if my english doesn’t make any sense, I’m still high from the thrill :3


I’m so addicted with this that I can’t stop from reading it :sob:


Yes, MC’s father has two wives. However, not every RO will agree to be in polygamous relationship.

It’s a demo, not full game.


In the current demo though, the option to choose who you have feeling for is grayed out after you’ve already picked one, I guess it’d be different in the final version, or will you be locked out of other’s romance route?


May I ask as to were there certain reasons to Charles being rather cold towards the MC? Also was it intentional for him to choose a brown mare for him instead of letting him to choose?

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Cause they’re not Richard lol


Yes, it will be different in the final version.

He was cold towards all his children except Richard.

He didn’t let any of his heirs to choose their horse. He picked them himself. Their colors have different meanings, which you will understand better in full game.


Because of what? To the fact that they were not Queen Isabelle’s children by birth and by blood? I wonder how he would react to the MC being chosen as King/Queen, instead of Richard?

May I ask to if that’s the case, would you think it to be a good idea to have the brown horse to be either having a coat that is bright bay, almost red? Since when you put it that way, it sound rather similar to the four horsemen in the Bible.


Oh yes of course. I feel stupid just thinking about it. Thank you for answering >:)

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Hey. Nice game. It had a few grammatical errors, nothing major. The 2nd paragraph after you choose your first name and the pages after that.

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welcome back!! And good luck with this one.

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I really enjoyed your demo and welcome back! I wish you good luck with the game :3


Hi, nice to see another WIP from you :grinning: Do you have a website or a blog?

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I’m super excited you decided to keep writing! If I lost all my files, I don’t know if I’d keep writing…

But you did! And this one sounds amazing so far! Best of luck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Looks like that both Queen Isabelle and Queen Avelina holds a serious grudge against each other, especially over who’s gonna be chosen by the sword. I wonder what happened before then? Did Avelina did something to cause Isabelle to become barrened or something else happened?


I think mother dearest poisoned her when she was pregnant.


I like this better than your previous work. Someone already touched on the poly question (hard to choose one) however is the game supposed to end if you become king or will there be more coming?

Also, when I see “combat” in the stats I think tactics instead of hand-to-hand.

One other thing that feels a bit off is age. Especially when Clara’s in the mix. What is the age difference among the siblings?