The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Announcement post #470)

So I didnt known Leadership was the stat that handled whether or not you took the throne.
I ended up not but I am ok with this so long as Richard is a good Ling

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It kinda is, i focused on combat and Matteo gives the MC an dagger soo i think Combat is literal Close Combat with Daggers and Punching

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ah thats bad thx for the info

its promising but 1 thing bothered me very hard

i know its your character creation but i always read this sentence. “You take a step closer to study your face on the portrait. The artist has done an excellent job. He has captured all your features very well.”

the first time it was good for the atmosphere but it repeats every time :frowning: pls change it a bit

the next thing i like is an explanation of stats i know archery is for using a bow but after the first 3 stats you have to interpret it a little combat could mean general knowledge about fighting or it could say that you are able to desing cunning strategies


Huh? Do you want that sentence to change every time you customize your character or something?

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You said same-sex couples will be able to adopt children could there also be another way for them to have children through surrogacy or getting a sperm donor?

If there is a way to make that happen by using magic or with medical help could we then ask our siblings to be one for us or our partner(s) siblings so the children would take after the MC or RO in looks/personality if that makes sense?


How will adopting children work like is there going to be a list of children to pick from?

Can we adopt older children too or just babies?

Will some of the children be siblings or family in some way?

Will straights couples be able to adopt as well?


I LOVED every part of the demo! It’s also wild to me that it’s possible to be the one chosen or not, it seems like so much work for you!

not the same sentence 3 times in a row maybe… slight changes could make a huge difference

the archery skill was only relevant in one scene so far. i missed my shot but it was only a demo as far as i can see i think Swordfighting and maybe hand to hand combat are the most important skills. i have no clear clue who could be the traitor because some characters are intruduced late and the books in libary doesnt deliver any helpful info :confused: .

i will totaly buy the book when finished

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Maybe Matteo…
It’d be damn worse if one of the ROs or their family or someone related is the traitor.


I wonder what’s the the secret talk MC gets to eavesdrop on Matteo and Queen Isabella.

I feel bad for King Charles. Rulership seems like a curse where you have to compromise on your personal morals in favor of the cold pragmatism necessary to keep the realm secure. He probably didn’t want to execute Francis or basically murder Xavier’s dad.

I’m conflicted on whether the MC should pursue the throne Stannis-style for the sake of duty alone and likely suffer in the process or let someone else bear the burden instead.


Well The Actions of Stannis brought him into one of the most coldest places in Westeros, Killed his Brother which had some unforseen consequences, His Army is just screwed, his new base of operations is literally in the doorstep of monsters that could bring doom to westeros as an whole

Yeah you should totaly totaly just become duty driven like stannis, what could go wrong huh?

But giving in game examples it seems Charles was not really an good king, outsids of Atheris i couldn’t see anyone that supported the idea of the execution of prince francis, and this new war could have being possibly being avoided if he didn’t execute his brother (but who knows, Francis wife could have later create some ambition for Francis to get the throne for himself), the only good thing that i remember is that he made an peace deal with another kingdom and thats it (or at least, the only good thing i know he did in my playthroughs)


I’m holding off judging Charles for now. If the sword passes down some of the previous ruler’s memories, then I could also see it subtly influencing the mind and judgement of the ruler.


His actions as a king I can give him the benefit of doubt but I still think he was an awful person for the way he treated his kids, they weren’t to blame for whatever is that happened between the queens.


I think my MC is gonna pursue the throne simply because he views himself as best suited. Richard doesn’t want the throne and the sister would be to harsh and cruel. Its probably somewhat self inflated but my MC views himself as the best balance ruler.


i suspect at least 2 Matteois one of them the other is a possible RO and i can imagine why this character have done it (it was A long term Play)

I understand that Matteo doesn’t make sense as an RO, but I like him! I am conspicuously ignoring all the shady implications and foreshadowing. Did he kill the king? Eh, I don’t care.


What do you like about him aside from his age… :joy: