The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One (Announcement post #470)

Dude why cant I get passed getting elected as king?

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That’s where the demo ends


Be a responsible heir and keep the interests of the kingdom in mind, and read all the books.


how to increase leadership points to become the king.?

My comment right above yours is about that! My MC became king with that, and he didn’t even aim for it. Characters who actively want to be king, if it’s for good reasons, will probably have even higher Leadership.

Here are the choices that increase leadership that I got looking at the code and if you want to be king your leadership needs to be above 65


#…want the throne as much as your older sister, Atheris. *set Leadership +3
#…don’t care about the throne like your half-brother, Richard. *set Leadership +1
#“It was the right thing to do. Prince Francis was a threat.” *set Leadership +2
#"It wasn’t right at all. Prince Francis could’ve been a good ally. *set Leadership +1
#Read about the Lord of Sword. *set Leadership +2
#Read about Rhivenia. *set Leadership +2
#Read about the War of Three Brothers. *set Leadership +2
#“My father made the right choice as a leader.” *set Leadership +2
#“It doesn’t mean he wasn’t a threat, Clara.” *set Leadership +1
#Read about Queen Maerisa and Velerans. set Leadership +2
#Read about Prince Francis. *set Leadership +2
#“Don’t question my decisions.” *set Leadership +3
#…feel ready to visit House Everan for political matters. *set Leadership +2
#“Those people deserved to be hurt.” *set Leadership +1
#“He did what he had to do.” *set Leadership +1
#“I don’t blame you.” *set Leadership +1
#“Because I want to be the ${king}.” *set Leadership +2
#“If he dies, we will lose the war.” *set Leadership +2
#“Good, Rhivenia needs a better leader.” *set Leadership +3
#“Yes, I can.” *set Leadership +4
#“Keep your thoughts to yourself.” *set Leadership +1
#…feel nothing. *set Leadership +4
#…feel more ambitious. *set Leadership +2
#“I think I’m the most suitable heir to the throne.” *set Leadership +3
#“I’m worried about my people, that’s all.” *set Leadership +3
#“It hurts, but I must stay strong for my people.” *set Leadership +4
#“I’m nervous. What if the Sword doesn’t choose me to lead?” *set Leadership +1
#“I’m excited. I’m sure the Sword will choose me to lead.” *set Leadership +1
#“I don’t remember giving you permission.” *set Leadership +2
#“She must be punished.” *set Leadership +3
#“The pirate must be executed.” *set Leadership +3


My MC didn’t make some of the choices here and I’m not sure how she was chosen. :joy:


I did less than half of these, but as long as you reach 65 leadership your MC is going to get chosen.
Some of these options are even in the SAME choice - aka two or more options give you leadership in some instances.
It would be unfair if players had to pick all of these - well, all possible ones, because of my previous point - considering it would considerably reduce the amount of personalities the MC can have if they’re to be king, so it would lock a fair amount of players out of it. Here, as long as they follow some moral, responsibilities or strenght-related guidelines, any MC can be chosen.


Heck ya! Gotta do all the reading! Go go bookish Kings!


It’s player triggered I’m assuming and it looks like only certain ROs can be in poly together and only certain pairs fall in love with each other if you want them to, otherwise it’s a V poly and they only date you.

“About the second question: Only Lena, Xavier, Clara, Jarean and Daemir (if MC doesn’t have feelings for the other spouse) are okay with poly. So, available poly routes:
Lena and Clara.
Lena and Jarean.
Lena (political) and Daemir.
Xavier and Clara.
Xavier (political) and Daemir.
Jarean and Xavier.
Jarean and Clara.”

"ROs who might fall in love with each other:

  1. Lena and Clara.
  2. Xavier and Clara.
  3. Jarean and Xavier."

Ok getting dangerously close to just committing to MC/Lena/Clara


I am a big fan of TUW, sorry for what happened, it is very frustrating to lose so much work. I really loved that WIP, I lost count of how many times I played it. But… The Sword of Rhivenia??? Masterpiece. I stayed up all night reading, and I had to get up early the next day. It was totally worth it. My brain is flooded with serotonin and curiosity. The character construction is so good, the secondary characters? Great. King Charles is an asshole. I can’t stop thinking about this game.

I suppose now that I’m the king my mommy is going to sit on the right side? I love Clara, but I don’t know if I have what it takes to hurt my annoying yet kind big brother. On the other hand, Revna is something else. I am so attracted to her.

Seriously, amazing writing, I hope you never stop writing and keep delivering that kind of work I’m desperate to pay for.

Also also also can you please introduce heights for the MC’s customization? I really want to be a GIANT little one. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: So in love with this WIP


“Because when you care about someone, your heart starts making decisions instead of your mind,” he explains



She is so fine, thank you :sob::clap:

I can’t seem to romance Javier? Is he limited to a single gender or something?

I finished the demo. I’m hooked!

I have a strong suspicion about Matteo poisoning the king. The first time he appeared in the game, bearing gifts for everyone, just didn’t sit well for me. Without going into details, I just think that most of the things he does has an ulterior motive to it. Especially with him staying within the castle for good.

Other than that, I look forward to more!

Also #XavierSquad rise up.



Matteo surely isn’t working alone. Not to mention it’s implied that he is an accomplished swordsman. He can’t be that good without extensive practice and training. His ‘lazy’ attitude feels like a front to make him appear innocent to everyone.


I love the story.
There were inconsistencies in some places, but otherwise, it’s a great story.

It’s to obvious. Matteo who kiled the king


“I know what you are here for,” Queen Isabelle says, voice cold as ice. “Forget about it, brother.”

“I’ve stayed away for eight years,” Matteo objects. You hear him let out a deep sigh before continuing with a less angry tone. “I tried to forget, but I failed. Now I have no intention leave.”

“If King Charles finds out, you will end up losing your head,” she insists. This time she fails to hide her desperation.

“I don’t care anymore,” he replies stoically.

Who is Lena?

Right of course. Now I remember. Thanks.

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Xavier’s sister who is currently the Queen of their kingdom or whatever they’re in charge of. She’s only a RO for King/Queen MCs.


Can a ruler mc marry but not have children?