The Superlatives: Aetherfall — Lead a superpowered team to save Victorian London


@nocturne guess I’ll just have to figure it out then. thanks for the help!


@nocturne Thank you so much!


Just wanted to voice my appreciation for this game, because I think it’s fantastic. I’m not usually a fan of superhero-themed CoGs, but this one defied my expectations and I found myself riveted throughout. I’m looking forward to Alice Ripley’s future work!


Is there a way to save Gatsby in the courtroom? I’ve tried multiple options and always feel I let him down.


Do you guys know how to save all the Society members?
And how to earn Wailers loyalty? I got 79 points with her


Call Hugh as a witness, then show Mr Rand that the technology is different


I was able to save them. I really don’t remember much how I did it but I think I have chosen the choices that was related to the Society’s abduction. Upon checking the game codes though, it seems you need to have more than 60 investigation points but this seems not visible in the stats screen.


Choices related to the society’s abduction?


If I recall, there are some choices throughout the chapters that you could choose in order to gain investigate points in order to save them.

I probably need to check the whole game code again if this is so.

Edit: Okay. I skimmed through some chapters. There are investigation points you can to earn throughout the chapters but there are choices that could lower the investigation points as well. I have to correct my previous statements since it doesn’t seem very apparent that these contain investigation points.


So it is possible to romance both? I always got declined by Hughs in the end.


Yes, you can. But, as I already explained in an earlier post, it felt like a scene was missing or like there was some kind of bug.

Edit: I could try to help you with romancing Hugh, but without knowing what you did or didn’t do I don’t feel very confident in helping you


Thanks, In My First walkthrough I did not encourage Hughs to become a masked hero, and encouraged Jane to pursue research on the Jovians, I do not know if those two stats are relavent.


I also did that, so it can’t be because of that. When you say you got declined in the end, are we talking about the end of the game or are we talking about the scene in the garden? Also, what were your relationship stats with Hugh and Jane?


Just popping in to say I really enjoyed this game! I really like the effort went into worldbuilding and the lore is fun to read about! Reading about the aliens (even the Mercurians too!) and bonding with the team members are probably my favourite parts of it.

I also really like the ending, especially how it both let us play as the next MC (pretty sure that’s who we are) and gave us closure on what happened with the current MC and the rest of the characters. I tend to prefer standalone stories so this is a perfect way to say goodbye and move on to the next game, whenever that may be. I’ll be eagerly waiting for the sequel!


I enjoyed this game. A host of characters who don’t necessarily drive the plot, but simply live out their lives and create a world, much like a Dickens novel, or Huxley’s ‘holdall full of ideas’, or Arnold’s ‘Land of dreams’. On the downside, the setting may be wonderfully imaginative, but the story is quite linear compared to Choice of Robots or Tally Ho, more like a very strong straight novel.

Of course if it was a novel, I wouldn’t be able to play as the ill-used Dickens heroine Tattycoram, a hot tempered and beautiful foundling who spent Little Dorritt stuck between a poisonous (possibly) lesbian relationship, and her nice but incredibly patronising and oblivious adoptive parents. In Aetherfall, she became a charismatic commander and superlative champion of free choice.

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Halfway through. No chance to romance Nimble then? Hugely disappointed… :frowning_face:

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Hey, my character wanted to romance Nimble as well! I guess it was a case of spotting a good thing as soon as her sister saw it first. We can imagine a dramatic MC/Black Orchid/Nimble love triangle developing in the future, but I guess they hadn’t time to develop romances with all the team (except Tua and Gatsby). Nimble is certainly a sweetie, and pretty much the British/Nigerian version of the Flash…I guess we can call him Jumping Jack Flash? :slight_smile:


I know Dusk is an option… I was just who else you can romance as the Male Protagonist! thank you :slight_smile:


The game has it’s own thread and I think this question would be more fitting there. But to answer your question if I recall correctly aside from Dusk you can romance the research assistant girl and the guy with the daughter (sorry I don’t remember the names, it’s been a while since I played that game), I don’t think any of the romances are gender-restricted.

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I somehow managed both to rescue Jane and get the romance ending with Hugh in one playthrough, though our first date was the sparring one, lol (of course, besides the moment with origami rose). I don’t know exactly, but I suppose that the most important thing is what you say to him during the sparring and the picnic date (about what he should do with his life and about a Superlative life at all). I tried not no make him afraid of a Superlative life (to be moderately positive) and to convince him that he hasn’t failed as a father. Maybe it’s also important to take Eisenheist alive, but I’m not sure.

What is the “Turncoat” achievement? AFAIR I chose to agree with Mr. Ink in my first playthrough, and it didn’t lead to this achievement. How to get it? And how can I get Gatsby’s loyalty?