The Superlatives: Aetherfall — Lead a superpowered team to save Victorian London



Thank you so much for your response. I believe you misunderstood me and I apologize if I was unclear.

Without spoiling anything, I got the feeling that Superlatives: Aetherfall is intended to be (or written with the potential to be) a multi-book series with the storyline continuing ala Hero Rises or the Vs series. The save system I was referring to was the ability to save how you ended the book so that it could be imported into the next in the series, if that book is ever contracted and written.

Thank your for your response.


Awesome! I look forward to hearing when it is implemented,

The Superlatives is a great setting and spin on the super hero genre. With a rich world, actually series of worlds, the potential is staggering!


Same here with Dr. Eisengeist. I believe I reported it. Let’s hope it is resolved.


So i managed to play this today and it was really good! Just curious tho regarding walters vision specifically about the one with nimble of i convince them to take him with me in the ship does he die? Or is there a way to save him? help would be highly appreciated :smiley:


I just finished a couple of playthroughs and I love it! Seriously can’t wait for the sequel! :heartbeat: But still so torn between Hugh and Dusk. :weary:
Though I wish you could implement a multiple save file system so that we don’t have to restart the game from the very beginning. Also, I think there’s a bug where I managed to capture Eisengeist alive but the achievement remains locked.


yes there’s a way to save him even when you take him with you. be careful though, one of them might die instead of him. but you can still save all of them. good luck!


Thank you! Good to know :slight_smile:


is there an ending where i get to end up with hugh?


I have a question… as I was playing through the 6-7 chapters , I found Jane to be cute enough that I was thinking if I should continue to flirt with her or not BUT I really like Dusk and her mysterious vibes so I’m wondering if I happened to kiss Jane on our date will I be able to get romantically involved with Dusk?


Noi, you will not, Dusk will get salty…not that I’ve tried or anything :sweat_smile:


Damn she did get salty lol It was worth it though; she was mad as hell. All the more reason why she’s bae


Okay–I admit it, I’m stuck. How do I get the ‘Full Roster’ achievement? Is leaving Nimble behind the only way?


No, you can definitely save him if you have the right stat.


@nocturne just curious what stats are needed to save nimble?


since no one was answering my question (probably no one has seen it yet), i’m gonna post it again.

is there an ending where i get to end up with Hugh? i had tea with him, walked in the park with him and Arabella, sparred with him, kissed him, went on a picnic date with him, and saved him from silverdrake but in the epilogue, when i told him i love him he said that Arabella is his priority and he can’t be with someone who’s still dedicated to the mask.


@Flaine1996 if you have:
high agility you can knock Wailer yourself ,
High derringdo: use a powerful blast
High vigor: create a barrier
high commander: order them both to stay out or rally the team.


Greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!!


@Flaine1996 glad to help
@Marceline_Reyes yes . You can choose to propose , tell him you love him, break up or continue a casual relationship at the end with Hugh.


@nocturne thanks for answering but when i told him i love him he said that Arabella is his priority and he can’t be with someone who’s still dedicated to the mask.


@Marceline_Reyes perhaps you made a wrong choice somewhere. It’s possible for him to return your love and say he loves you too.