The Superlatives: Aetherfall — Lead a superpowered team to save Victorian London



I feel Hallow was under-utilized and actually had the potential to be an interesting character to befriend or possibly romance. As the story stands, the “rivalry” had no impact on me and caused me to be indifferent about her.


For this, you need less than 20 idealist.


Because I noticed that I posted this in the wrong thread before I will post this here instead…

I tried to romance both Jane and Hugh and while it does seem possible it was a bit weird. I started the romance with both of them, had an awkward talk with them about dating them both and they were both okay with that. Well, Hugh was okay with that and Jane said that she wanted time to think about it and talk about it again at a later time.

But we didn’t talk about it again.

Instead, I went with Hugh on a romantic date (even though I had a higher relationship stat with Jane) and got both achievements for dating Hugh and Jane. After that, Jane was the one who got kidnapped and at the end, I got the same text as if I just dated one of them.

So while my relationship with Hugh doesn’t need to have anything to do with my relationship with Jane, it felt a bit weird. After she told me that she needed time to think and wanted to talk later about it again I just thought that we would talk about it again. But we didn’t.

I am just wondering if it is supposed to be like that or if this is a bug? If it is supposed to be like that then… I don’t want to be rude but… why give the option if there isn’t any closure to this?


You’re right. It’ll be fixed in the next patch.


I finally got it after doing yet another playthrough to get pics of the problem. All I did differently was use my powers to try to save his daughter.


Can you send me those screenshots and explain the problem?


Could there be a hiccup with the splitting? There’s two different stats for the relationship with Hugh (and I guess jane too) one for your mask, one for your civilian persona. while they can merge at a point again, maybe that is what messes with things?


Probably. When I date him as a civilian and tell him who I am he forgets it later when he meets me in my mask persona…


Wait, you can date him separately? How? I’ve never tried it, I only ever initiate when he asks you to spar with him.


You probably never ignore scream at the alleyway. If you won’t help Jane you’ll have more opportunity to socialize with Hugh.


I was nice to Arabella and ignored the scream. I did 1 playthrough where I did not tell him who I was during the sparring, then another playthrough where I did. Both did not get me the romance ending. But admittedly I’ve never tried what you did… Going to do so.


Is it possible to successfully propose to jane?First time she refuse because I’m superlative,second time because "you live to provoke"How many ways she has to decline?


This game! I’ve romanced all 3. I’ve saved my loves. I’ve both succeeded and failed at the end. And I absolutely love it. Cannot wait for the next installment.


First time poster here. Please be nice!


I really enjoyed the book. I am curious though, does anyone else think there should have been an option to save your progress? Between the title itself, which seems to be the series “The Superlatives” which what follows after the colon to distinguish installments, to the obvious sequel hook, I was surprised that it ended.

Is there additional content that someone has to achieve a certain goal in order to access, similar to “It’s Killing Time?”

Also, I managed to take a villain in alive but never got the achievement. I reported the bug; did anyone else have a problem like that?

Thank you.


Yes, i would also love to have an option to save


@Sylvaria @Lian27

Unfortunately all of the CoG and HG games do not have save features since it defeats the purpose on what CoG/HG is all about which is how like in RL where we couldn’t reset or retract our choices when it reaped bad consequences. I know it’s quite frustrating at times though, especially you playing a perfect playthrough and I sometimes wished there were save button though. XD

I think this option has been discussed before. I don’t know if they would implement it in the future.


Yes, i mean, i undertand what’s behind it. And its great cause reading it again you get details that you do not get if you read it for the first time, but its frustrating when you make a bad decision o you choose click on a choice you don’t want and you have to remember every single decision that you’ve made to get on the same point.



It definitely depends on your choices. I helped her in the alley without using powers, went to the world’s fair type thing with her, encouraged her to continue learning from the Dr. guy, and had her disarm the bomb. I also went to try and protect her from Silverdrake and jumped out of the warship after her.


Does anyone know how to gain Gatsby’s loyalty? I only ever seem to get up to 80% with him.

Also, there seems to an achievement bug with Dr. Eisengeist. I capture him alive but the achievement never triggers.


We’ll implement an option to save your completed playthrough in the future, to accommodate imports to a sequel. We don’t contract for multiple games at a time, so the first version released of a game (since we don’t know whether there will be a sequel) doesn’t have a save function implemented.