The Sun And His Arrows [Demo Update: Bug fixes + New Content 05/14/22]

Delos: nervously sweating because he thinks Mc will hate him for kidnapping her
Mc: nice place you have here when are we getting married?

She will certainly try! (And make you run into her arms.)


Just found this and I absolutely LOVE IT. Do you have a tumblr for this project I can follow?

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this is getting really interesting, i like it :+1: :grin:

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Not yet but since I’ve been asked about it I’ll make one and release it with the next update! Thank you for reading I’m glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Thank you so much :heart:


I really enjoyed this so far. Delos seems a lot of fun as an RO and so does Oscar. I can’t wait for more with them.


:rofl:interesting! I love dramas! (MC:No! Please don’t fight for me! MC(inner thought): :partying_face:)
I took a look at other people’s comments and find that you set MC and Delos they first encountered at MC was 6, actually I don’t think it’s a bad idea. No offence, just my personal opinion, I think time is not so important to a god. MC grow up from a child to a young woman, years means an eyewink to gods. Of course I respect your decision, but I mean you can be a little more relaxed when you’re creating something that’s not realistic.
About Oscar, demo says “You met him once or twice during your betrothal”, to be honest, I didn’t feel much love in this marriage. Oscar angrily tries to get his wife back, it feels more like responsibility to me, not love. Hope to see more relationship nurture in next story. Same applies to the sun god, hehehe :smirk:


Ahhhhh!! This game continues to be amazing. But hellooooo Oscar, the prince is showing some fangs! I appreciate the courage, even if he realistically can’t do anything. He has a bite to him and rises against the odds. Love that. The angry “He’s a thief and stole MY WIFE” was :eyes::two_hearts: We stan angry and protective Oscar in this house.

We also stan MC’s first thought at being kidnapped being “He is quite muscular though” Hahahahahaha I love you, MC :joy: Delos being anxious is adorable, but he has nothing to worry about. He can steal my MC away anytime :yellow_heart:


Yeah, it isn’t every GENIUS here is in the idea that Delos was grooming her since then but he wasn’t, he only met her once directly… On top of that HE’S FKN GOD. AN IMMORTAL BEING.


Also lol wtf is Oscar is in misconception that MC is his WIFE? Lol they aren’t married, they were being forced to get married in the first place. He is very delusional :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


I liked the intro post just by reading the description alone, and you definitely didn’t make me regret my hastiness! What a fun demo this was. Albeit short, it gives a good impression of your writing style and what kind of world we’re about to dip our toes in.

Being kidnapped by a sun god, sworn to be saved by our (almost) newly-wedded husband and faithful older brother, and now plunging into a land of gods and goddesses?

This will be a wild ride!

I like the subtle hints of fate as a theme, and how stuck you make us feel right from the get-go. We had no say on meeting this strange man, no say on the wedding, no say on where we’d live - and now, no say as we’re literally snatched to another realm (is it another realm?)

I hope, however, that we can take the reins of our future - which no doubt we will - and make something of ourselves besides being a pawn in someone else’s game.

The MC is fairly defined, which, I believe, works in the story’s favor. Oscar is likable too, I really enjoyed when the text said that he was scared, and knew he stood no chance against the god, and yet, he still raised the sword. That says a lot about someone.

As for the sun god… well, I know myself. I’ll probably romance him :smile: But I’ll be sure to make it as hard as I can, because godhood or no, he did kidnap me, after all.

The only two things I’d recommend is implementing saves - it helps your testers a lot! And, maybe in the future, to add more choices in dialogue. I know the MC has a strong personality, but I love feeling involved in conversations. I found it’s one sure way to make me care more about both the characters and the setting itself.

All in all, very promising WIP!! I’ll definitely be looking out for future updates.


Oh, I’m absolutely in love with this premise.

And protective Oscar? Yes… please.

I normally go for the arranged spouse whenever the story starts with an arranged marriage, and it doesn’t help that he has the exact personality I usually go for, too. But I’m not going to lie, I’m already having a difficult time choosing between him and Delos. :sob:

I’m definitely keeping an eye on this!


Thank you all so much for all the wonderful comments! I really appreciate every single one of them and I’m pleased to see you’re enjoying the story so far :heart::heart::heart:

Could possibly be :eyes:

I’m glad y’all like Oscar! My main goal is to make choosing as hard as possible :smiling_imp:

They were :ok_hand: this close and that’s good enough for him lol.

The next chapter is going to be heavy on character interactions and developing your relationship at least with the first two ROs. If you have any suggestions or ideas for what you might like to see please let me know, thank you!

Also, what is a save slot? :sweat_smile:


One could say Delos is the arranged spouse…arranged by fate that is…:thinking:


I just played the new update, and i really loved it! I loved Oscar’s reaction to MC getting kidnapped, but also getting to see how each family member dealt with it differently. Fabien is a wonderful brother, and reminds me of my own brother.

I reallu appreciated this as well, but the one I thoughy said more was when they were still at the alter and Oscar pulled MC to his side even before there was confirmed danger. That said a lot to me, but I probably appreciate protective men more than most.

Me too, but probably for a different reason. I am solidly on team Oscar, but i think my MC is gonna end up going to Delos, and I always try to play my MCs in character. Ill probably juat end up making another MC for both routes.

I actually really liked where you had the wedding get interrupted because it was as you said close enough for Oscar, and possibly some MCs, but they still aren’t technically married, so MC has some wiggle room. I personally tend to be wierd about romance in situations where MC is either engaged or married (even if it wasn’t by choice) to anyone other than the (future) spouse. In this case I think that was handled really well.

Ultimately, I’m already invested in this WIP and can’t wait to see more.


I’m so pleased to hear and I’m glad he could make such an impression :heart: My brother would probably help Delos put me in his chariot then ask for my room :moyai:

Yes thank you! I wanted to make it so that your MC could view herself as a married woman as well.

I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! Updates coming soon!


Very interesting concept getting abducted by a god because he’s in love. Too bad it’s genderlock to female, also i found a typo.


mine too :rofl: :rofl:


Lol my older brother is a good but an intellectual idiot :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: he’d most likely watch, I’d br the one that kicks everyone’s a__ and if my twin sister is in MC’s position, I’d definitely go berserk.


Ik the game is still pretty early but can we have saves?

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Interesting plot. Question, does d princess have more than 2 RO. Whatever childhood fren, knights? POV from both Sun God stalking and Prince first impression of d Princess. Looking forward for more.