The Summoner | Updated January 6th, 2024 (148k words)

I’m always worried I yap too much, but LET ME YAP(goddammit modern lingo).



Hmm I’m currently trying to convey practice/experience by familiarity and how MC acts (not in the demo much yet)–I won’t know how successful I am until I update though lol. I agree with all your points and I think the update either will do a sufficient job of showing that or at least it’s a starting point! I sorta want to be sparing with these scenes to keep it more subtle, but yup–readers will learn more in ch3. I’d say that’s when things are starting. Though like I said, am I successful? To be determined.


If you’ve sent it, I’m planning for the response to be received sometime around fighting Viorin (indeterminate). But if you haven’t sent it, Illia isn’t soulless like that so for those readers, they’ll probably receive one later down the line (with of course diff content). Either routes will let you read&respond or not–but I might have to add Illia scenes retroactively as I figure out where it fits best.

I’d have to suffer a concussion to take it any other way. This exchange is beneficial even, and rather considerate, no worries. I appreciate everything you’ve said!

The biggest thing I’m worried about is giving a false impression about the story and getting people’s hopes/expectations up/down lol. I just don’t wanna disappoint ppl–but I’m not intending on pursuing perfection or pleasing everyone under the sun either, so dw;;

Problem I have though is that the nature of IF demos has people perceive the demo they experienced as pretty much the final product–I’m kinda guilty of that ngl–sooo I don’t want to turn out an underwhelming update and turn readers away D:

But oh well. End of the day, this is a hobby project even if I’d rather it be otherwise. If it’s a commercial success, cool. If not, cool. If I get mostly negative reviews, oh well. Onto the next thing lol. Long as I get it out before I die or 25 years pass, I’ll finally be at peace! (dramatic but sincere)

@Valixon Yes, for sure! It’s a shame I’ve written myself into a corner regarding a summoner’s purpose, but I’ve finished a minor battle scene several weeks ago (idr how long it’s been actually), and it went alright. I think you guys will be ok reading it, I won’t rot everyone’s brain with dissatisfaction–but it’ll be a different flavor from the major battle so if it did, maybe the major battle will be better?

Thank you so much, that’s incredibly sweet of you to say. If my story can be memorable and liked by at least 1 person, perhaps that’s all I need haha



You made me aw (in a positive way lol), don’t worry at all about replying to me! I love discussions and such, but don’t feel pressured to do so right away or ever. I love reading what you guys have to say and appreciate it tons, but as always, your own health comes first. I take my own advice sometimes :slight_smile:

Somehow, having public demos makes it feel like a collaborative work–but also, writing is just hard and I don’t have a lot of experience with it ahaha. I’ve never had someone read my writing & give feedback before either–except past teachers and like 2 classmates. And my sister! So since this is the first thing I actually made public, I’ve got some learning to do lol (and honestly I’m a biiig lurker so I’ve never posted on this forum until last year. Idk this forum’s unspoken etiquette tbh).

Ahh, I’m so glad for that. I love tragic things where MC suffers, but the story wrote itself. I originally wanted more tragedy like A Mage Reborn, but it somehow didn’t fit the story to have MC be wronged–besides being conscripted and forced. My inspiration was more Arcadie: Second-Born tbh. While my memory is AWFUL, something about it got this story in my mind. I think I woke up from a dream influenced by it? No idea how everything came to be…

your spirits

I’ve never heard of “whydunit” before, so I learned something new today :0
Caine’s got some trauma related motivations. They’re ok now, but I mean… are they really? Change is not something they’re interested in. But I’m going to see how they change alongside you all. Thanks, pantsing. It’s fun, but it sure leads to random subplots…

Rei’s motivations are rather simple, really. But they’re more mentally unwell than the MC :smiley: And if things go their way, it still might not for you. Ominous.

@AnneWest A hole in one, MC needs more friends :broken_heart:
But they’re sure good at talking, a lack of speaking related shame and reading tons helps a lot.

Writing all my undiagnosed autism into it
I haven’t thought too much about things beyond social anxiety, depression, and a crippling inferiority issue (maybe others? idr), so I’d love to hear more about your thoughts!


Awesome game so far. Love your writing and love Caine <3.

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:D! Thank you so much! I’m currently at 183k words in my side of the demo, hopefully I can update in the coming months :heart:

but i’ve been taking it slow w writing ngl

I drew Rei, I think i really outdid myself 🥰

I would say don’t take this as canon, but actually it 100% is. Never been more sure of something in my life. Imagination is NOT better than something concrete!

Also I, like, updated the demo or smthn. Use this link because the one in the main post is outdated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’ll get around to updating the main post at some point dw~
I know some of you may be disappointed by the direction I’ve decided to take the story in but lol sucks to suck

This update/rewrite reintroduces the secret RO! Bet you didn’t know there was one! Hooray! Tell me what you think! Or don’t! Bc if its mean i’ll cry



I’m going to be Honest, Hoofington is a very good horse and it makes sense for the summoner to be more connected with her.

I’m just worried that others could get jealous about Hoofington’s and the Summoners relationship.

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I generally hate April Fool’s Day, but this was genuinely cute and funny.

Thanks for putting in the effort to do that.

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Right? I’m thinking I should kill the others off to get over that hurdle entirely
We all know the popular choice here, no need to waste screen time :roll_eyes:

I shat this out in like several hours too few, I’m glad it could bring what festering joy it could to you :relieved:
Oops, typo. I mean fantastic.


Clicks the offered link
Reads the link
Stares for several minutes at the screen
…Heh…hehe … HAHAHA!

Oh that was cute and totally not what I was expecting

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Please tell me I fooled you, if even for one second :)!

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my, i LOVE caine. going insane for her! the way she teared up in the snowy scene because she’s touch-starved? caine has my heart!

It was a good try but I saw this on April fool’s so I knew there had to be a catch :hook:

Love it. Reminds me a little bit of Dragon Dogma 1/2 and the pawns. Good read, interesting characters. Got me hook up straight away. Can’t wait for more