The Strongest Weakling (WIP)

I’ve begun work on my new game The Strongest Weakling. In it, you play a student in the London University of Superheroes, but, you yourself have no superpowersm

Currently it’s about 10%, done, and I plan on updating every 2-4 weeks.

To play the demo, go here:


The tone is really nice; it had its moments. Though it’s still too short to give a constructive feedback.

  • Maybe provide choices when choosing name and MC’s features? Lazy readers like me will appreciate it :sweat_smile:

I suck at naming, so, maybe not that, but, I’ll definitely include choices for MC physical features. When you say that it ‘had its moments’, could you tell me where you felt it best? I’m asking so that I know what standard to hold myself to.

It’s a mix of snarky and jovial, like the part where we’re being asked which gender we were interested in.

This one:

Don’t worry, my dumbass will give you a LOT of moments like that. However, I still plan on having a semi-serious story, so, don’t expect 24/7 laughter.

Though, if you want extra comedy, I suggest that you click “Show Stats” before you name your MC.


This super much reminds me of MHA…just the vibe and stuff. I like the sassy tone, but the writing is a bit confusing at times.

A suggestion if I may, is that maybe at the very beginning, put the title of the chapter or something of the kind. The story kinda starts really abruptly somehow, and maybe just needs a little pacing.

Good luck with this project!

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100% inspired by MHA, in fact, I almost wrote “Quirks” instead of Powers. I’ll keep the pacing in mind. Thanks for the suggestions!


Demo looks fun, the writing is short and simple, making it interesting to read.

It definitely leaves the reader wishing for more, can’t wait to see if we’ll get powers or other types of skills. If we do get powers, just make sure it’s not from eating hair. :rofl:


I haven’t fully thought out the story yet, but, I won’t give the MC natural powers. If there’s some sort of artifact they can use that is similar to a power, that’s allowed. But no actual superpowers, as I always find scenarios where you have to overcome a disadvantage to be all the more interesting.

Plus I’m a Batman fan.


This game is spicy nice and Naughty(the tits part) I Hope there’s more to that :grin: :grin: and will the Mc be able to choose his weapons,gear and Gadgets ?

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I think summary need a tad more to it but seems interesting like we’re batman with having no powers

Okay this WIP is kinda cute! I love the mischievous, playful tone – it’s very entertaining.

One thing I would suggest editing is the text after the “tan” skin tone choice. I’m not sure saying “it’s like being an honorary black guy” is a super great line of flavor text.

Other than that, I’m excited to get into the plot!


Yes they will. In the story, you’ll be making your own gear, to use it to your advantage.


Ah, I remembered reading this on the dashingdon website before I saw this thread. I honestly liked it, even though it’s still quite short, and the sense of humour in there is honestly hilarious

Thanks for that! The sense of humor I’m going for is a mix of internet humor and Marvel sarcasm, but I plan to have it surprise you, as well. And don’t worry, it won’t stay short for long(that’s what she said), because I’m coming up with new ideas 24/7.

Well I look forward to whatever you come up with. I planned on keeping I an eye you WIP on dashingdon even if you didn’t make the thread, but this ha become more convenient.


Getting Izku Midoriya vibes being the MC. :joy:

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Almost typed Quirks instead of Powers

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I’m with @violet here- cringed pretty hard at both the “honorary black guy” thing and the “white people dance bad” joke. Especially the former, as quite a few black people do have skin you could call tan, and aren’t on any level “honorary”.


Sorry about that, I realized I was being dumb a little too late. Don’t worry, I’ll change it up in the next version. I hope that you still enjoyed the rest of it?