The Spirited: Origins (WIP)

They say your youth doesn’t define you, and yet your childhood experiences led you to an adulthood devoted to investigating the paranormal. There comes a time when you need to face the ghosts of your past, and those of your present.

In The Spirited: Origins, you are a Paranormal Investigator who jumpstarts their career by taking on a case of a demonic entity, while struggling with their own inner demons. In a world where spirits cross to our realm, not many get to experience their wrath upon themselves. Not many truly believe.

TS:O is a horror choice-based story that tests your decisions and personality against the unfair world you have become a part of. How you deal with your past, and how you choose to approach the present all depend on you.

The PROLOGUE is currently available to play! The game will continue being updated until a certain point, and all new updates will be announced here as well as on my tumblr (

To play the demo, go here:

Game Info

Customizable MC — male/female/nonbinary gender options, from backstory, to looks, to personality and quirks.

5 potential romance options — dynamic relationships driven by gender, sexuality, personality and compatibility. How well do feelings mix with the paranormal?

Motivating force — decide on what drives you and see yourself flourish or fall victim to your own misplaced intentions.

Believe, or don’t — there might be a higher power, or it might all just be down to cruel fate. Your approach to the supernatural depends on you.

Paranormal horror setting — walking in a world inhabited by spirits, and haunted by nightmares of your past. This story may contain content that is potentially discomforting or triggering. Trigger warnings are included.

Overcome your fears… or don’t — you never truly knew what you were signing up for. Face humanity’s biggest fears with your head held high or succumb to them.


Sophea “Sophie” Foster — Long black wavy hair, black skin. Her nose decorated with the faintest splatter of freckles. Eyes brown like the mahogany wood of your old house, they welcome, and comfort. They drown out all others.

Glenn Marsh — Brown eyes, plump lips that welcome with a scowl. Modest stubble, and a mole decorating his chin. His hair a cloud of silver, but he’s fallen so far away from the skies.

Dahlia / Derek Vargas — Brown hair, long defined eyebrows. Standing tall and confident, big green eyes that pierce right through you. Their skin rich brown, so flawless when you look past the scars. Pulsing, burning.

Vera / Victor Rosario — Cold blue eyes. Skin as pale as the moon, a night sky with moles forming constellations across the cheeks. Ebony black hair falls just enough to hide their expression, lest you end up reading more than you should.

Levi Harcourt — A tattoo on his neck, on tan skin, extending to his wide shoulders. Kind hazel eyes, dark blonde hair that forms long curls. Wide lips flash you a smile. Teeth too white, too perfect. Can it be?

This is a work in progress and my first game but I am so keen on hearing any thoughts, comments or questions you may have! And if you have spared the time to read this or play the game, you have my eternal thanks! :heart::heart:


Looks good so far! I really love the story. It’s really interesting!


I’m so glad you enjoy it so far and thank you for commenting!

i have been looking forward to this one soooo much and i was so excited this morning to see the demo posted!!! literally read it in bed as soon as i woke up lmao

your writing is really compelling, that opening scene was delicious…the way you describe the man in the window & later, the demon, was so intense, i love the way you write the horror of it all

i found levi to be super charming, and i really like the potential there for a kinda tentative new partner relationship into a genuine friendship. i thought the CC was really well done, the description for the eyes was :eyes: very fun. anyways i could go on but i really enjoyed it and i’m patiently waiting for even more!!! this was such a fun sneak peak and did a really good job of setting the tone and introducing the MC and their story :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Oh my gosh, this means sooo much to me especially coming from you as I absolutely love your work :pleading_face: Thank you so much for such a detailed comment, it brings so much joy to my heart especially reading that you enjoyed the horror-ish scenes as I was so nervous about those! So once again thank you for all the feedback darling :heart:


I just finished the demo and I absolutely love it. It’s so good. You did a great job . I am eager to read more

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i’ve been keeping up with your work and am super excited for it to finally be released! you captured the creepiness of the first few pages so well, and even though it was bright outside i still felt incredibly chilled by your writing. levi was great, i sincerely enjoyed the cute dynamic he and the PI have with one another. definitely going to keep up with this one, although probably not gonna read this after bedtime :sweat_smile:

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So so glad to hear that! Thank you for your kind words. :grin:

Thank you so much! I can’t say I’m not glad it gave you a bit of a chill - that was definitely one of my goals and I’m so happy to hear I achieved that haha. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! :heart:

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holy shit this is so good ?? your writing style is really cool i really like everything about this so far levi is amazing love him and i want to know whats going to happen next also the choices were nice i love being able to try all sort of personalities for mc and getting to be stubborn/grumpy but also not that mean was fun since sometimes in games its like if you are quiet/not that emotional you have to be an asshole which i get it making a lot of choices is hard but yeah i really like this a lot already


Thank you so so much for your sweet comments! I’m really glad you liked the choices, I’m hoping to expand on them even more so that your MC’s personality can feel as natural as possible :heart:

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Sounds interesting so we’ll see

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I’m going to say that I was genuinely sad when the demo ended. Its doesn’t happens often but man I was so into the story.
I could imagine everything perfectly, the writing was that nice. Especially the window man.
I keep saving and choosing one choice then I reload and choose another one. I liked how the eyes had a different vision but the woman was always there screaming.
I hope you continue writing this little story! Its amazing.
Question: is mc bedroom on the first floor?(in the childhood scene)

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I love the opening scene. The tone reminded me of “There’s a man in the woods”.


Thank you so much, it means a lot to hear I actually had you hooked! Yes, the bedroom is actually on the first floor (and not on the ground floor of their house, I know people often call them differently - basically to get to the bedroom you go up the stairs!) :grin:

I’ve never across it before but I just had a look and it’s an interesting comparison! Thank you so much for your comment :heart:


Great demo!

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this is the only IF I’ve found with a choice to have a middle name and i am already abusing this power


This look really good!! Your writing is captivating :heart_eyes:

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Now that’s what I call a name! Love it :grin:

Thank you kindly :heart:

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Hi all! As I progress in finishing up the first half of chapter 1, I’ve reached a bit of a writer’s blog that I want to break through by doing some art.

If you haven’t seen the initial RO portraits, you can find them here: the spirited: origins

But I wanted to take this opportunity to do a little poll to see what character you’d like to see me draw again, so help me out if you stumble across this post by voting in the poll!

Which character should I draw next?
  • Sophie
  • Glenn
  • Derek (m!Vargas)
  • Dahlia (f!Vargas)
  • Victor (m!Rosario)
  • Vera (f!Rosario)
  • Levi

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Thank you everyone for playing through the demo so far and I hope you’re all doing well! :heart:


I love your writing! It’s usually rare that someone can convey horror well enough in writing to actually make their audience genuinely feel the fear (in my experience) but I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with this. The Man in the Window needs to find another hobby immediately!