The Space Pilot (WIP)

I’ve begun work on my new game “The Space Pilot”. In it, you begin as a teenager hoping to live a long life traversing the galaxy… Or maybe dying in a moment of glory. Will you become an old pilot, or a bold pilot? Because there are no old, bold pilots…

Based heavily the career path of airline pilots from the United States, the story puts a lot of true stories into the future. Sometimes decisions will determine your fate… and sometimes fate decides for you.

Fate is the hunter. (Or your stats, anyway!)

Even the most innocent of decisions can help or damage your career. Only by making the right choice, every time, will you retire a happy, rich, old pilot!

Currently it’s about (10%, 1 Chapter, 15,000 words w/ commands, 12,500 w/o) done, and I plan on updating every week.

The current chapter plan:

Initial Training (Chapter 1) (That’s maybe 50% done or so?)
-Two Major Branches - Civilian or Military

Gaining Hours (IntraPlantary Flying) (Chapter 2)
-Two Major Branches - Flight Instruction or “Outer Rings”

InterPlanatary Flying (Chapter 3)
InterGalaxy Flying (Chapter 4)

During any chapter, your career can end. By death, by medical, by bad choices, and by bad luck - and many other reasons.

As far as relationships go, nothing is determined in stone, but your choices can possibly effect your career - simply because of how other characters will react.

So far, there are photos and audio in the game, with plans to add more.

You can find the game here:

There is a forum on where I update and respond more frequently, but I’ll be checking here, too. Be kind - it’s my first attempt!



This has potential but dying out of luck/fate worried me a lot. Then i saw it was stat-dependent and has an opposed pair… Relieved :grin:

I just hope this turns out something good.

Also i saw the glossary and the code of conduct… my minds blown :brain::exploding_head:

It’s good and Interesting I may have to sacrifice myself haha

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Sorry… I probably didn’t phrase that well…

Your choices will lead you down the path where fate might take over - really, I don’t have random/fate events, it will just seem like it.

An example might be bad healthy choices, which leads you to get over weight, which leads you to fail your medical exam, which causes your career end.

Was that “fate” that you ate badly? There might be other “stat” checks that might save your game, too… So really, I’m not writing anything wherein chance really has a hand :smile:

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What up with the code conduct of astronauts thing?

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There will be choices in the future that, depending on how you answer, will determine your “fate”. Choosing to go against the “Code of Conduct” may seem like the easy answer to a problem, or convenient, but could lead to you getting fired, having an incident, etc… So if you’re not sure of the “choice” you can refer to the code to find the one that will probably keep you out of trouble - but might cost a marriage, a date, or something else I haven’t decided yet …

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Will we be as generally unpleasant as real-life pilots are?

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LOL - I suppose I will have to put that into the Gamebook somewhere! To be a jerk, or not to be a jerk, that is the question…

Really interesting concept. Look forward to it!

question time!!! where do I read the code of conduct?
EDIT: nevermind I found it.

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