The Soul Stone War (WIP)— Full Demo Uploaded, Game Submitted to HG

No, no, you don’t have to, it’s just because I have the bounty hunter getting off his horse twice :laughing:

then I stick to ‘Shit’ :sweat_smile:

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@ E_RedMark I had no idea. Thanks!

@ Vashnik Ouch, then that is indeed a bug! On it!

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there is no space between the @ and the name . Second , its mean to be used in one reply .

so its cleaner y’know .

also found : So you’ll just blast them all to Hel and back

@E_RedMark I think I got it this time? Also, thanks for the typo report!


ŷou did! So Yay! :grin:

I love mah donkey! she is a sweetheart :kissing_closed_eyes:

So question: @Morgan_V how old is the mc anyway ? everyone referring to the mc as ‘Kid’ and then …urgh…them pervers…

Just from reading the title, the first question that came to mind was - ‘Is the story based on the period before Thanos pushes Gamora off a cliff or is it after that?’

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@E_RedMark The donkey is my soulmate, I will love her forever. As I have it in my head, the mc can be from 18 up to early thirties. The bandit dude calls you kid cause he is like older, late fifties or something and Morkai calls you kid cause he’s in his mid-thirties so that makes him superior©


pedo-feely vibes…though so…:sweat_smile:

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It’s rather unimportant, but will we be able to choose our weapon (if we go down the combat path)?

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@E_RedMark Yup, yup, always trust your gut feeling😁

@Zetttic Kind of? It will depend on which Soul Stone you choose. I’ll answer the question under a spoiler tag if you want to know. Different Soul Stones change into different weapons and the bold\cautious stat also plays a role in whether the weapon is melee or ranged.


That is way cooler than what I was expecting!

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“An idiotic looking guy with a squirrelly voice came by the inn this morning and handed these out. Said you are wanted for murder. He doesn’t know you’re here,” Morkai states matter-of-factly.

priceless! :joy:
but seriously , thats an insult to all squirell! Especially Boo!

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@Zetttic Glad you like it! I’m really looking forward to writing that part! I’ll go nuts writing the variations, but it’ll be worth it😋

@E_RedMark This is true. No one— man, animal or anything in between— deserves being compared to that guy.

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Frelling yotz, that was good. I got all the references, by the way. :grin:

Caught me right away, this one did. Will keep both eyes on this one. :eyes:

Nice play between the two fellows that delivered gold onto me. Literally. :face_with_head_bandage: :wink:

@Taylor_Enean I was thinking about adding the yotz, hahaha! I just couldn’t help myself, these references were too good to pass up! I’m SO glad you liked it! And yeah, I enjoy writing how these two interact😁


@Vashnik @E_RedMark @No_This_Is_Patrick Okay, I think I fixed all the bugs reported! Also changed the blond hair option to just say blond. Demo updated👍