The Soul Stone War (WIP)— Full Demo Uploaded, Game Submitted to HG

@E_RedMark @Taylor_Enean My, such love for spears! :rofl: Okay, noted, spears as a soul stone weapon are to be seriously considered as an option!

@JakRatchet Ooooh, that’s a bug! Nice catch, thank you! I have fixed it now! :+1:


well…personally , I have yet to see a game (like 3D games) that make a spear…feel right .

Even in Assassin Creed Odyssey , when I gave it a try…it was cluncky to use , so I was forced to switch to dual wield .

But…its very pleasing to the eye as a weapon I gotta say . A fresh change from the old boring sword , axe , hammer…etc .

Cose some genius…use the spear always to poke…so the character , often…have kinda to dance lol…cose they are using it with one hand .

Me ? I would use the spear like a 2 handed lightsaber babeh…y’know…



he like spears and I like spear well love them

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@E_RedMark The 2 handed lightsaber looks more like a staff to me, but a spear could be used just as well I imagine! But yeah, spears in video games usually suck, lol.

@Takashi_Shin You two will be the best of friends :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Double swords anyone?




I’m personally a halberd boi myself. :grin::grin:


Shrug the most badass women in a video game, had a staff…she was a druid…and she used it to smack peoples on the head !

There is no shame in a staff…its a glorious weapon and fit the old adaje '‘Shove it where the Sun doesn’t shine’ …:joy:

@Waywalkerlover that remind me of a weapon similar…in Mount&Blade…omg…take speed on a horse…and sweet sweet slash…(could be the same…not sure)…


Firstly: the pictures you have up are technically of dual bladed naginatas and secondly: I love the idea of having these in the game.


I’m so excited for this game, the story is so good, also…I’m a simple girl, I see the possibility for poly ships, and I’m sold. But also the story is great, and already the villain makes me wanna hit him with a chancleta so like, I’m here for this epicness. Thank you.


So… Mord is basically just one big tsundere. I ship this.


@Vox @Amanda I’m actually really shipping these swords… :heart_eyes: Okay, I think we have a winner :scream: Dual bladed naginatas coming right up! What an epic weapon! Can you imagine the MC using that? :triumph:

@Waywalkerlover @E_RedMark A staff may or may not be already one of the weapons you can get :face_with_hand_over_mouth: And although the halberd is awesome, the naginatas stole my heart, I’m sorry. That said, I’m quite some way from writing the weapon selection choice. Who knows what stuff will change until then?!

@msyashira Thank YOU! For the praise and the interest in my game! This was exactly was I was aiming for, lol, getting it on with multiple gorgeous people and kicking some epic ass on the side! And as the MC levels up the battles will get even more epic, wooohooo! And as the romances progress… Well :smirk:

@IvoryOwl :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: This is exactly a discussion we were having over at tumblr yesterday. Everyone was like “he’s TSUNDERE? :scream:” and I was like “YES! Why didn’t anyone see this coming, lolololol” So yeah, join us in the underground, screaming and frothing at the mouth for one grouchy, tsundere redhead.


Thanks, I am a huge anime nerd and a dual bladed naginata was a weapon that was used in one of favorites. Oh, and I can absolutely picture using that.:grin:


Meh, give me a spear. Works as a sword and a staff, all in one. Lethal and less/non-lethal in one. :grin:

Plus, if you know how to use it, it’s efficient up close too. Can even be thrown, if the need arises, similar to a javelin albeit with less efficiency.


I know! Every cool fantasy character ever has used something similar. Even if I “pole” or “spear” is the only option for weapons, I always personally headcanon its one of these.

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Love what I’ve read so far. But if anything happens to my sweet, wonderful number one lady…the donkey…I riot!


Want to check out some weapon? Search for ‘warriors of orochi’…there are 4 games.

I don’t know how I didn’t see this WIP before…but I love it!!!

Andraste’s knichers, I love It!!! :rofl:


@Amanda @Taylor_Enean @Vox The truth is I have everyone asking for everything, lol. Some people want battle axes, some spears, some naginatas, others halberds, I even got a message asking for chainshaws.:sweat_smile: At this point my head is a watermelon ready to burst, lol.

@Sailendranath_Murmu I will, thank you for the recommendation!

@UberSpork84 Weeell, I love writing angst, sooo… I can’t promise anything! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I will say though that I absolutely adore my donkey, so it’s more likely that I kill off an RO first before I kill off her :wink:

@Willow_Felya_G Thank you! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it! Also, that swear word is 10/10 every time it appears, lol :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I shall but ask one thing then, to spare your poor head, as I am content with a sword (sward with a rolling r). If able and willing, please do keep working on this gem. Thank you. :heart:


It’s hard to please the masses :sweat_smile: Do whatever you’d like— it’s your story at the end of the day, and everyone loves what you’ve been doing with it. Hell, the MC could brandish an actual broom and we’d all probably rally behind it.