The Soul Stone War General Discussion Thread (Romance And Stones Guide on #6)

It’s fate. Embrace it and embrace him. :joy:

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It sounds like a good non-intrusive option! I know I always check the stats page before I start a game (to see what stats I should be looking out for, what type of build I want to make), here’s to other people doing the same! :blush:


It will be interesting to see how interactions with Manerkol are going forward, since on one hand you have player characters who are eagerly Soul-Bonded to him. Then, you have ones like my favorite MC, whose viewpoint on Manerkol can be best described as follows:

“Manerkol… you hunt me and my new friends, you send your damn werewolf b**** after us, you invade my dreams, and now you’ve hurt Eledwen… I don’t just want to kill you, vampire… I want to dismember you, drag you before the sun, burn you to ashes, and then dump your ashes down a privy to be s*** upon for eternity.”


I see, you plan to go easy on him… :grin:

Me, I honestly have no idea how anyone can be attracted to… that monster. Guess that shows how wonderfully different we all are. Yes. ahem. :grimacing:


That character has the Garnet Soul Stone, and therefore is very pragmatic. He pragmatically wants to make very sure that Manerkol is dead, so dead he would not even want to regenerate, reincarnate, or otherwise return from the dead.

As for the attraction some feel, it may be just for kicks or…

Rule 36 of the Internet: No matter what it is, it is someone’s fetish.


I think my fate is Morkai, I just adore him so much!!! I choose him since the moment I saw him and I watched his behaviour! :heart:

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Ah, those are the rules I never want to know. :sweat_smile:

As for romances, well, to each their own. So, y’all back off* from my snuggleybun… :wink:
*As in, pursue them in your own game!

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Who is the snuggleybun? Not Morkai, surely :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You are Bella Swan/Elena Gilbert reborn

Does that mean I’ll become a vampire at some point in time too? That’ll be interesting🤔




More like something starting with S…

…and ending in traasa. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just made an account to let you know that I am eternally grateful for this masterpiece and especially for the Manerkol romance guide :sob: Thank you and I look forward to the sequel.


Same thoughts!!! I mean not the yandere dragon part, but the possibility of transmuted something. Like it’s too… sentient for a mule for me HAHAHAHA

Wait, is that an option? :star_struck:

@kris_g It depends on what counts as an option for you :rofl: She is not a RO, but you can get one kiss with her and say that you’re attracted to her.

But that’s about it :grimacing:


So we’re stuck with the stone no matter what. No other choices but to continue on with the story? Will there be at least later options to get rid of the stone, or break away from its control? I’m actually creeped out by how this story turned out. Anyways, it was a nice adventure while it lasted.

For those of you not active on my Tumblr or Discord, I present to you an alternate rendition of Morkai’s portrait that I absolutely love!

It was created by loghace, and it’s simply amazing as far as I’m concerned :heart_eyes: So for those of you that haven’t seen it, enjoy!


:flushed: not sure if these DEMAN- I mean Questions are somehow spoilers but like… How many stones are there in this world?? Will more be created?? Is this the only world?? Is there anything or… Anyone like More Powerful than a stone that we will At Least Hear about?how long does it take for a stone to form?? :eyes::eyes::thinking::eyes::eyes: Sorry if they were already like answered.

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@Bookz23 There is a fair amount of Stones in the world, and more may be created… As for whether this is the only world, do you mean like is there a multiverse? I will say that time magic is very potent is this universe, but it takes a tremendous amount of power to pull off. But one can play with time, for sure, and when one can play with time, they can play with space too.
As to whether there is something more powerful than a Stone… Well, Manerkol is stronger than a single one. And there may or may not be other individuals that can surpass a Stone in power… But I can’t answer how long it takes for a Stone to be created because it is SUPER spoilery :rofl: