The Soul Stone War 2 WIP (Demo Updated 20/11/2020)

I really can’t Unsee that scene, just too much :smile:

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I can’t read the new parts, it ends exactly at the same point than before. Why?

Edit: ah no, okay it is only for the “wounded route”!


Oh how much joy this gives me! I guess long hiatus sometimes gives good news! I promised I’d give a review of how I saw The Soul Stone War part 1, but I had too much on my plate. Needless to say I was HOOKED! So much going on, I fell in love with both Morkai and Straasa! And poor Eledwen… I guess I’ll have to save her!
Let’s see how The Soul Stone War part 2 plays out!

P.D.: I’ll probably won’t review as much here, due to personal reasons, but know @Morgan_V that you have my 100% support in this! Keep at it! ^^


@Kathra Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed the first game :heart_eyes: I hope the second one will meet your expectations too!

And no worries, I am determined to finish this series, I was just taking a break after the first one cuz lemme tell you, writing one of these beasts takes a lot out of a person.

I’m currently writing Ch2, the non-collapse branch is ready, the collapse halfway done. And it’s alright about reviewing, your support is more than enough :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Will you also post the 2nd chapter once it’s ready, or there will be always only one chapter, in the demo, until hosted games’s official version will be out?

Oh, it’s definitely going to be more than 1 chapter in the demo! 3 chapters for sure, and then we’ll see. :upside_down_face:


Yeeeh, this is one of the best news of the month! :heart_eyes:


Chapter 2 non-collapse branch is out! The demo has been updated!


Gonna check it out! But you mah dear, remember to keep safe outta there! :wink:

Edit: Question: Something I wanted to ask for a longtime, but you know how my brain goes…incoherent jabber

why Persuasion give me a whip? Not complaining, mind you…coughkinkyCough…but just currious? lol

Edit 2: Hum, there is an issue with Chapter 2. It pretty much seem to repeat the same dialogue? I mean I saw the whole ‘‘our? There is no Ours’’ and get the ‘‘you are a God blahblah’’ . So chapter 2 start with chosen birth location and the dialogue are the same?’’

found:Perhaps it could have other uses as well? Whatever the case, you can no loner keep it only to yourself. So you tell her. (longer)

Ok…finished the new demo.

Here my review!

:smile: You did that! So be proud!


How exactly do you get the non-injured route? I’ve only ever gotten it once, and I couldn’t figure out how to get it again.

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Gotta max out one of your stats. Think it’s 40 for Combat/magic and 38 for Wits/Persuasion.

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I love that you can be hostile towards the stone in the demo after the crap it pulled in the first book.

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I loved the new update…My heart became heavy after seeing Daleynn like that.


Not fully sure how perswasion stops a Vampire from ripping your throat out? But. Your world. So. Also. Thanks.

Has nothing to do with the Vampire. You must have one of those stats at 40/38 before you reach Elkoth.

If you’re above the threshold, you get the non-injured route. If you’re below, the other.


Well? Hears to shoving all into magic then. Smiley.

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@Morgan_V Is it just me or the relationship stats don’t work? I mean that every time I choose other ROs instead of Manerkol, the stats are at 30 but Manerkol’s is high even though I didn’t choose him. Lapis’ stat changes, yes, but I was wondering if the stats were working properly in general.

Edit: Is the werewolf from book one coming back? I liked her because she reminded me of Ayano Aishi/Yandere-chan. To my disappointment she was not an RO in book 1. I remember that Manerkol ordered her to be dragged away for a punishment, hopefully she survived. :persevere:


Think I read somewhere that she won’t be an RO sadly, don’t think we’ll see her again but idk anything


Would be interesting, if she ever joined your party, since pretty much the full rest of the party wants her dead, hah.

@E_RedMark I will admit to not remembering my entire thought process when choosing the weapons, but I think persuasion had something to do with “a tongue lashing” and “razor-sharp wit”. So like… lashing=whip and razor-sharp=rapier… DON’T JUDGE ME :crazy_face: I guess I could have also made some sort of blunt weapon based on “Words can break my bones.” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

@Mei_Hiroshi The stats are not finalized yet, they are the last thing I tweak. Manerkol’s bar will not appear for those not romanching him, if at all, and I haven’t added all the increases/decreases for the others either.

As for Mornie… You may or may not get to learn more about her in Ch3 :smiling_imp: