The Soul Stone War 2 WIP (Demo Updated 20/11/2020)

Yikes. I’ve done 2 separate playthroughs and only gotten the bad then

With the update that’s coming out, there will be 5 endings. One is where no one gets injured after Elly gets captured. You need 40 combat/magic, or 38 wits/persuasuion for that one. The other is when someone gets injured. Then the new ones are refusing the Stone which gets you an early end, having low approval with everyone which is another early end, and then having low approval with everyone AND be on the secret RO route which gets another early one. The last three are not available for everyone yet, since Stram and GP haven’t updated, so the two base ones are depended on the skill stat BEFORE you get the SOul Stone.


And here comes a third playthrough lol. I’m determined to get the good one

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Wait, what?

As in, game over? If so… Call it morbid curiosity, but why offer this? If I had stumbled across that on my first play, well, it would have been my last too… Merely trying to follow the reasoning, unless of course I am mistaken. :thinking:

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@Taylor_Enean Why not? It’s an IF game, so having multiple end states is not something that I see as a bad thing, even if they’re bad endings. The game feels more complete with them, plus a lot of people enjoy the angst :grin:


I wish you can update more in the galleries, i really like the art on the last one. Keep doing your best!

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Well, if I had run into a game over first play at that point of playing, I’d never play it again. But I guess that’s just me then. To give feedback, but maybe I’m the odd one out.

Your game, though, so your rules.


If you run into a game over just because you refused the stone, the only thing you have to do is replay the game and change that choice. Is not that complicated, and the beauty of a game is also that you can fail. If that happens you have to find out what choices you did wrong. Is more interesting than obtaining a normal or good finale no matter what. This is my feedback, so I support the choice of the author.


Choice of the Author is a good cog title, not gonna lie…


The author’s choice, then.



Can’t wait to see where my forbidden romance with Manerkol leads.

I didn’t see any blaring mistakes or anything! I thought it was a little weird that the “I need to go back to him” option is faded unless you tell the group everything, but I’m assuming it’s because it’s what MC’s saying to the group, as opposed to what they’re thinking?

I kinda wish there was an option that was along the lines of “I need to go back to him, but I can’t tell them that, so instead I say _____” (or but I know I can’t to avoid the early ending)

Just a thought, of course!


Well, I will try to make it sort of obvious when a bad ending is about to be reached, like in the Manerkol route, if you try to get back to him, your Stone goes ARE YOU REALLY SURE?

That’s not always gonna happen, some decisions will be more subtle, but perhaps this is a kind of happy medium. In any case, I wish you luck, @Taylor_Enean and I hope you won’t get any bad endings :sweat_smile: And thanks, @Luana_Bellotti I appreciate the support! I do think that as a whole the game will be more fun with some bad endings to keep things fresh :joy:

And @bric, the option is greyed out unless you tell them everything because in this scenario, the MC tells everyone they actually want to go back. So unless they understand why, it doesn’t make sense to tell them that. I have an earlier inner thoughts dicussion earlier on where you can say that you want to go back to him, so I thought it would be enough to leave it at that for now. But I could add the option to think it again but not say it at that part, it’s easy enough.


I’m really enjoying this series. I’m super pumped for the second book! Especially so I can get my Half Dragon back lol


See, this is where it doesn’t work for me. I’d go ‘all right, it is over then, bye’ – as I said above. Lack of save systems and being an hour or two into a story with a game over is indeed game over for me. But that is just me and the author is of course free to do what they want.


Yes, I admit that the fact that there isn’t a save sistem can be troublesome. Usually when I restart the game to change a choice I scroll through the pages at high speed, concentrating mainly on the choices. I read only the new parts, and I skip the others. :laughing:


Chapter 1 is now fully out for everyone! :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

Have fun!




Daelynn’s long legs dragging on the ground as you run like a hamster,


Hoo boy time to ride the disaster train again


@E_RedMark The people at the village staring like :no_mouth: It cracked me up writing that :laughing:

And disaster train is right…