The Soul Stone War 2 WIP (Demo Updated 20/11/2020)

Good to have you back Morgan .

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I really have a ominous feeling that Daelynn knows about Manerkol and all this mess so much more then she is telling us. There is some story there… Or I’m paranoid too! :sweat_smile:


Daelynn reminds me of Gandalf in LotR.


I honestly don’t know if my PC would feel betrayed, impressed, aroused, or some uneasy combination of all three if Daelynn’s story plays out how I think it will.

Going back to the village alone, killing that fellow that was waiting there with what was probably a communication device, and destroying it afterwards now that the PC has seen it so it can’t be used . . . tack that on with what I know from the last book and it’s all very . . . juicy.

She reminds me of an old Star Wars D&D conversion game I played once. I played a Sith Lord who acted a lot like her, disguised among a bunch of Jedi and Republic types right up until the very end of the campaign. Only ones who knew were me and the DM.


@Eiwynn GANDALF? How?? :eyes::eyes::eyes:

@The_Eski :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Heh … you mean she is really sweet, innocent and non-manipulative?


Can’t keep a straight face now, can you :stuck_out_tongue:


@Eiwynn SFGGSGG :crazy_face: Touché :rofl: I really went :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: for a moment


Of course, now that I’ve dug into it, the Manerkol path has some fascinating information about Daelynn and Manerkol. I’m not for sure about her working for him, but they’re definitely linked, and I’m certain now that she has no loyalty to him.

I really do enjoy this. What’s the link? I feel like I can almost name it. It’s right there on the tip of my tongue.


maybe he is blackmailing her…or she made a stupid deal with him she regret now (or her elder did, or her village…etc) .

Though…it doesnt matter much, as long as in the end…we get Smoochies…and Mr Fangy get his head chopped…lol


Good beginning. It feel really good to be with my sweet donkey again… And the rest of the group too :relaxed:.
But it’s too soon to really make a good review. So far I liked it, you’re writing is good and fluide.


Update: Ch1 is fully done! Now on to alpha testing it :muscle:


YESSSSS!! I ended up buying the first one because it was so good! And the characters were so good! Each of them was fleshed out pretty well, especially our beloved Dark Lord! I know I’m going to end up buying the second one as well as soon as it comes out. I can’t wait!


I… why am I only now made aware of this

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I think you accidentally changed Daedae’s village name , I was re reading book 1 and in the scene where she talks with Elly about her village, they call it “Aychon Village” while in book 2 demo it’s “Thorne” .

I sent an about this ask on tumblr ,but it probably got buried .

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@Aya Oh yes, I saw your message, I was about to answer it today! :grin: Thanks for bringing it to my attention! The name of the village changed during production but I forgot to update it in the first game lolol :sweat_smile:


A friend talked me into trying the first book and I absolutely loved it. I’m really looking forward to see how this series goes.

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Question: how do you get both endings in book 1? Im prepping my “perfect” path of book 1. But im not sure or i get the good or the bad ending so could someone tell me pls

Ummm I can’t remember what the perfect ending is. I’d have to goat the game again to find out. All I know is that at the end shit goes south very quickly.

What’s the perfect ending?

If my memory doesn’t betray me, there are three possible ending: bad ending, normal ending (when you’re love interest or one of your team mate ends up injured) and good ending (Only the halfdragon is injured.)
I don’t recall something like “perfect ending”, am I wrong?