The Soul Stone War 2 WIP (Demo Updated 18/02/2021)

Chapter 7 has been completed! This one was beefy omg :skull_and_crossbones:


I am honestly so excited for this book! I absolutely adored the first one!!


Wait, already chapter 7!? Man I’ve been gone for longer than I thought!
I’m so excited for this! <3


I want to run away with Manerkol and rule the lands with my broody boy, but I can’t even bring myself to tell the team that I’m leaving them for him—and it’s a bloody demo! I can literally just save the game or start again!

Ugh. Your writing is too powerful, and your characters are too compelling and well developed for me to ditch my loyalty even once. I can’t even try without cringing and restarting, lol.


what kind of joke is the moonstone playing on us?

@Gryphinx @Kathra @Lea_Boucher Thanks, everyone! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m going fast, only 2-3 chapters left! And Lea_Boucher, if I’m creating ambivalence between choosing Manerkol or the gang, then I’m definitely doing something right :smiling_imp:

@Sailendranath_Murmu Moonstone… :smirk: He is not a joker like the MC’s Stone, sooooo… Perhaps he has a reason :upside_down_face:


I wish I had your work ethic. Keep up the good work! I am planing to buy this one as soon as it comes out.


@blupe Omg, thank you :joy:It does take a lot of discipline and effort to write an IF. Thanks for your trust in me, I hope you will enjoy the second game once it’s out!


Is that mother f***** hurts my Dragon Lady I’m sending him to the shadow Realm then bring him back out and send it back in he just started a war with me and I’m going to finish it There’s No Going to Be No Redemption I’m going to kick his ass to a bloody pulp​:rage::imp:


I think a lot of folk feel that way, Takashi_Shin. He’s gonna pay, and pay with a staggering interest rate at that!


Been a few months since I completed the first game. Was the ability to save at the end implemented, or will that get put in when this one launches?

PFT. Not me. I went the Manerkol is my soulmate or whatever route, so I’m actually mad at her anyway. My MC wasn’t even in danger cause Manny would never hurt her then “Dragon Lady” decided to get in the way :sob: lol


I enjoyed your first book a lot. I was mostly interested in Morkai and Manerkol, but I also tried the other ROs. Will Manerkol have another ending with the MC when is strong enough to defeat him? I guess you get this question a lot… :sweat_smile: Well, what can I say…I am sucker for bad pale guys and also for moody red haired warriors. :grin:
I like your writing style and also the genre you picked for these books. Keep up the good work!

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Sounds interesting

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@BlackJimmy88 From what I understand, the save system will be implemented once I submit the second game, so it shouldn’t be much longer!

@Julia Hey, there! I’m glad you enjoyed the game :star_struck: Manerkol will have various endings, and taking him down will certainly be one of them. Thanks for the encouragement, I am doing my best! :muscle:


Ok, cool. Gives me an excuse to replay when that happens, and the opportunity for a few consequence free runs before then :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to the sequel


So I have a question. How can I pick the option I need to go back to Thorne. To him. To my mate

Because it’s not letting me pick it for some reason.

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Hi i think u have to choose Yes, I will tell them everything. it worked for me :grin:


Okay, thanks!

Huh… I actually didn’t kinda expect that ending but at the same time it’s not a surprise.


Loved the first one. How soon can we expect this amazing sequel to fully pop out? Because I shall buy it. Keep on being an awesome wordsmith! That flyting match, though!