The Soul Stone War 2 WIP (Demo Updated 18/02/2021)

Yes. Sorry, using my phone with dictation, and the auto correct is somewhat brutal.

I don’t remember which is the last one but the answers were: candle, map, grudge


thank you

They were all online if you googled the riddles

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I got a stone to pick with you


Until we receive a definitive and final ‘no’ from Morgan, I am gonna keep onto the hope that she will become an RO.


I think you have to also drink vampire blood after being bitten to become a vampire. So I don’t think Mornie will turn. But maybe I’m wrong.

@Morgan_V In the Manerkol romance route, I think I encountered a complication in continuity where when you try to go back to Thorne through the choice ‘I need to go back to Thorne. To him. To my mate.’, then change your mind and walk back to the group, Daelynn says she needs to go back to Thorne to make sure he isn’t there. You try to go with her but the group won’t let you because they fear they won’t be able to prevent you from running into Manny’s arms if he remains there.

Before Daelynn leaves to go on the stealth run back to Thorne, you have the option to give her a hug and tell her to be careful. I chose that option and found myself at dialogue choices talking about the Trolls from Book 1 and then you tell her the only reason you aren’t going with her is because:

  • The only reason I’m not going is that I suck at stealth.
  • I know that she has a better chance of suceeding [sic] by herself.
  • I don’t think I can do much to help her if I go along.
  • I can’t leave Morkai and Straasa by themselves.

It has already been established that the group won’t let you go with Daelynn because of being Manerkol’s soulmate and desiring to get back to him, so these dialogue choices don’t make much sense. Unless there’s something I missed or didn’t pick up on, this is how it comes across.

Anyway, keep up the good work! This story is unfolding splendidly.


@Mistyleaf123 No, it’s just different ways of getting to it! The others are more roundabout, but if the player wants to suggest it bluntly, I thought they should have the option.

@Flame9091 Thank you! That one was my favorite :joy: I wanted the riddles to be challenging but not TOO much.

Mornie is not a vampire, no! It takes more than a single bite to turn someone. The sire needs to share blood too, and the person needs to be drained first. Plus, things get iffy with iffy shifters/hybrids. The bite doesn’t always take.

@Requiem Oh, excellent catch, thank you! It’s not always easy to account for all the variations, so this helps a lot!