The Sorcerer's Tower - WIP (Demo)(Paused)

This seems so good! I absolutely can’t wait for more :slight_smile:

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It’s a little too short to have any significant comments, but the premise is interesting and I’m curious to read more!

Also, how old is MC in the story right now? I’m getting vibes that MC is currently a child (like no older than 12), so I just wanted to check lol.

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This may change with the update, but I believe it was 8-going-on-9 since the bulk of the demo is the MC’s 9th birthday, iirc.

In truth, I wonder how young the MC was that they could be safely left in the tower alone/mostly unattended for so many years. It really took the ol’ wizard quite a while to decide to get them socialized with his son, though there could have been mitigating circumstances behind the delay… Like Zion’s mother still being in the picture until this point. :thinking:


The Mc is 8 going on to 9 :grin: Thank you for the interest!

In the next update it will be explained why

It took so long for Zion to be brought to the tower.

I would say the mc was left alone around the age of 6 though only for a day, then as they became older the days increased. Now at 8/9 it’s never more than a week. The mc is very young and shouldn’t be left unattended for as long as she is, but duty calls!
Father of the year award to him 🥲


I went in and read this demo blind (without really looking at your premise first hahaha). You do a great job of making us as the readers aware of our character’s imprisonment, while staying true to the POV of a young kid who doesn’t know any better.

From Zion, I could already sense potential RO vibes lol — but I was worried when he mentions “Papa” as his father!! I’m real glad I came back to this thread and found out he’s not our actual biological brother :sweat_smile: . I do agree with previous anons though, in that clarity is key when it comes to an MC’s consideration of a Z romance. I know my MC at this point definitely thinks of herself as an actual sister hahah!


Ahh thank you so much! I was worried about writing in a child perspective and it not being believable.

Ya Zions route is definitely going to take the longest to become anything. It’s not easy to transition from finding out your whole life is a lie lol. And of course I’m going to make it so readers can just keep a sibling relationship with him :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


cool i hope you can finish it


I’m looking forward to the rest too! :smiley:

Um, it ends here for me… is that normal?


It’s so nice Oh em gee.I love how you write, its very cute and fluffy and it has Tangled vibes which i also like very much.Overall Great!

Grr Now i want more! :rage:


Oi @RyoMai this demo has save files from some other WiP… Hope you’ll fix it…

Seems interesting so far! Can’t wait to see more in the demo, I’m curious about the main character’s story.

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