The Shadow Society (WIP) Writing Update on #1545

Slow down, I cant even get my hype for first one under control


HG hurry up!!!
I’m gonna guess and say it’s gonna come out next year in January or so which is so far away


@Aleksa100 and @GamesMaster, thank you both very much for sharing your enthusiasm :heart:

Speaking of release dates, though, it seems like TSS is currently in copyediting and has gotten an estimated release date! February isn’t exactly close, but I’m really happy to have an estimate at the very least :smiley:


What better month to romance the fuck out of the Ice Queen?


well since we finally have a tenative release date for the game, I decided to just dump my mc for the game


His name is Artemis, he’s a pretty laid back and cheerful guy when knows what’s going on and isn’t being constantly bullied by A lmao


@Baam So true :eyes:

@Leodaire Your MC does look very laidback; hope he isn’t having too rough of a time with the group and their drama :laughing: thank you for sharing!


Ahhh, it looks like the release date for this game is gonna be next year. I can’t wait that long, I’m going to wither away… Buuuuuuuut, I’m looking forward to it all the same.


Michael reminds me of Ian in coming out on top


Hi, I recently discovered The Shadow Society while browsing through the forums, and your story has to be my new favorite WIP. I am so excited to hear that your story will be published in February. Congrats.
I do have some thoughts and questions on the story after a few playthroughs. First, I am not sure if this was your intention but I found Michael to super suspicious. In my third playthrough I decided to try and romance him, and I found what he doing right as the PC starts to interact him to be odd. Also when his actions if the PC decides to run while in the car with him and R plus some other scenes make me think he knows more than he’s letting on. I can’t wait to see how his character progresses. Second, although a bit on the shorter side, I love the scene with the Shadowman singing under a lamppost. I found that dream lamppost scene to be hilarious. Finally, does the PC’s romance style affect the romance points with each of the RO differently? For example, I kind of feel that with A’s personality he would probably more enjoy the shy/awkward PC attitude, especially with that whole predator and prey line that the PC brings up, while Michael and G would probably appreciate the open/flirtatious attitude more. I’d have to do some more playthroughs to better understand Q and R’s personalities before I could guess what attitude would probably work best with them.
Once again I really enjoyed your story. And keep up the good work.


@TrashyLollipops I’m happy you’re looking forward to it, at least :blush: it’s very hard for me to wait too, since I really want to know what people think of it. At least I can work away on book 2 and hopefully have the demo for that game up not too long after book 1 is released!

@Sel_Lee Ohh, I think I know that game! It’s that gay dating sim, right? I watched a playthrough of it years ago. Ian was amazing, so maybe it was my subconscious drawing inspiration from him when I made M? Lmao

@R3drum Thank you so much, ahh :heart: it means a lot to hear that it’s your favourite Wip, when there are so many good ones out there!

As for your questions… There might be more to M than meets the eye, is all I can say on that :wink: you’ll be able to find out more in book 1 and 2 regarding their backstory.

The Shadowman’s scenes are some of my favourite to write, hands down, so I’m happy you liked that scene :laughing:

As for the romance points; I added the different options to allow for more roleplay. A, for example, is more used to being the one who calls the shots, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a good thing. Being challenged is new for them, and might not be what they want in the beginning, but it will allow for a different kind of romance to progress than if you play a more timid MC.

I also think it’s a lot of fun to write the romances differently not only depending on character, but depending on what kind of MC you play. I really want this to show in book 2 and 3, when the initial bonding and flirting have progressed to a more serious relationship, if you so choose.

Thank you again for the nice words and the questions! Let me know if you’re wondering anything else :blush:


Writing Update 5/11 - 2019

Hello people!

I hope you’re all doing well. I’m sadly coming down with a cold, but I’ve got some good news writing-wise to share:

in the past couple of weeks, I’ve managed to finish the prologue + chapter 1 of TSS book II! Chapter 1 has a lot of choices related to whatever you picked in book 1 (something you can skip if you choose to play as a pre-determined character), but I’ve at least been able to leave that behind and gotten into the continuation of the story now.

There are some important variations to things depending on a crucial choice you make in the last chapter of book 1 which I’m taking care to implement in chapter 1 + 2 and onward. It’s something that can potentially be very tough for the MC to deal with, depending on their personality, certain relationships with characters etc. and I’m really excited to include that stuff!

Currently chapter 2 is up to 6000+ words and counting. I’m hoping to have it done by the end of the week, but I can’t make any promises as life can choose to be very hectic at times :slight_smile: hopefully, this means I’ll at least have a demo for book 2 to put out not too long after book 1 is released!

Thank you everyone for your continuous support <3


R - Short Scene (from Patreon)

I wanted to put up a scene I wrote for Patreon (warning: slight spoilers contained!) that is told from Rheylo’s perspective when he overheard a conversation from Azuridian and Quarie in the Hideout.

I’m bringing Patreon up in this post, because I’ve decided to change things up over there and publish all content (except for sneak peaks and personalised stories) that I write there for everyone to read!
This will happen in the form of early access, so patrons get the content around a week or two before I publish it here and on my Tumblr. I’ve made a lot of changes over there in general to a model I’m more comfortable with.

I don’t even know if anyone is interested in this kind of content, but I thought I’d bring it up in case you are :slight_smile: I’ll try to post the content which I publish there here and on my Tumblr when it becomes available for non-patrons, but in case I forget and you don’t want to miss anything, you can go to my Patreon link in the original post.

And if you want to read the Rheylo short scene in particular, here’s the link for that (excuse my rambling about the rewards and Patreon stuff, lmao):

Thank you all for your support :heart:


Spoiling us much? :heart_eyes: It’s really refreshing to see a writer SUPER passionate about their work and relaying it to us lesser qualified people. 2020 is going to be a new milepoint in my life and I hope I can read your book in the same year :astonished: In short, I’m REALLY looking forward to it! :hugs:


Excuse me? R content? Sign me the fuck up.


@MichaelVdA Aww, thanks for your kind words :blush: having a Patreon is really difficult in the sense that you want to feel like you’re giving people who support you financially something extra back; it’s not about someone being more or less qualified, it’s about having a system that feels fair, I guess? And what feels fair is very different depending on the creator in question, I think (: I’m happy to hear that 2020 seems to be a good year for you, and if TSS can contribute to that, that’d be amazing! :hugs:

@Baam LOL, I hope you liked it :laughing:


I’ve been replaying and replaying the demo for like 4 hours and I’m so in-love with the story. The romance features arent shallow and each character is unique. I’m super happy to hear that it will be getting published in Feb, thank you sm for writing such a great novel


@Airo No, thank you so much for such a nice comment :sob: I’ve tried to do a different spin on some common character tropes with TSS, so whenever someone says they like the characters and that they don’t feel shallow, it makes me really happy :blush: I hope the full game lives up to your expectations!


OMG how have i only just found this game? Its amazing! I can’t wait to romance the heck out of G <3


@Rindax I’m glad it gave you a positive impression! Hopefully G will manage to hold your interest throughout the story :blush: :heart:



I’ve written a short scene for A as a Christmas special. Originally I was just going to write it “normally”, but then I decided to make it in the format of a CoG, mainly so that everyone could experience it the way they play the main game with their MC’s name, gender etc. as well as the genders of the supporting characters :slight_smile:

I planned to write a scene for all of the main group, but couldn’t finish in time. I thought I’d post it anyway for those interested, and if enough people want to, I’ll continue to write on the scenes for the other four!

To play/read the short scene, please follow this link:

Sorry if the writing is off, it’s not very edited, but more a thing I wrote on a whim haha. I’d be grateful if you’d let me know if you’d like something similar for the other characters or not - as well as your thoughts on this, of course!

Thank you :heart:

EDIT: Please don’t click at the “stats” button! I haven’t included stats for this, as it’s just a short and not a full game. It’ll likely break your game and force you to start over.