The Shadow Society (WIP) Writing Update 6/5 - 19


we don’t know if she is his sister…or a tired secretary that never got a raise…listening to his evil plan and monologue…is a tiresome job! join the rebellion! all our crazy are on a leash :rofl:

they could both be evil…imagine , you smooching her and she teleport you like a chrismas gift to santa doorstep :rofl:


They could be Neutral … like only hurting you without killing you :slight_smile:


thats not neutral lol anyone who hurt you even if it doesnt kill you…is still evillllllllll!


I get a cuteness overload of just thinking about it.

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I woke up to happy news

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Thats how neutrality works
at all.

:point_up: that has a lot of possible causes.

Eric may not be very keen on this notion :smirk:


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You are correct buddy :-):grin:

No pain , no gain …

@E_RedMark if you gain something ( like love ), you must also prepare to lose something ( the lover might hurt you ) … there must be balance in the force :wink:


plz…a lover that hurt you isnt a lover…

anyone who does that…shall be kicked with prejudice…


No caption needed
As some things should be


It is not that simple… especially when that person apologise and request us not to be angry because they are not intentional :-):stuck_out_tongue:

But as @Heart said, that has lot of possible causes , which we need to consider :-):joy: like the case of Lilith :wink:

@Bathala , i suppose another good example was Jenneth :-):sweat_smile:


I think my mc would dump Michael if that were true lol

@Carawen Btw since it says they have a set gender and the mc can romance them if the mc at first picked for example to only be interested in guys will mc still get to romance the female ro? If so maybe it should be acknowledged somehow that the mc is attracted to a female ?


@Morphine Yes, that’s how I planned for it to be :slight_smile: if you pick ex. “only interested in men” at first and then have your MC develop feelings for the secret female RO, it will - if everything goes as planned - be addressed. I’d want the MC to be able to choose to be confused about it, excited or in denial etc.


Think i saw something similar reading Breach.

may be spoiler

There was this ro who liked girls only but with some persistence i managed to romance her with my male mc. :blush: the scene was pretty cool. Here hopes its still there in the final game…



Why do I feel like all the ROs are evil… plotting something behind my back… using me just like the shadow man wants to use me. The only thing changed is the user but we are still being treated like a tool. The other human (Michelle/ Michael) is probably a good? RO ( but I think they also have some agenda).
Well, it’s all true from MC’s perspective…or maybe I am being paranoid.


@Sailendranath_Murmu Well, it depends on what your own morals are a lot of the time. It’s important for me not to write characters that can be labelled simply “good” or “evil” without any layers to them. I personally enjoy stories with more nuance and grey areas to them that requires you to ponder over some choices so it’s my hope that this comes across in TSS as well :slight_smile:


Just a small update: I’ll be going through to fix and edit the demo in the coming days, so should any of you play it and something appears different than before that’s the reason :wink: will also add some continuity stuff etc. apart from simply editing the text and fixing potential errors.


Writing Update 10/1 - 19

Hello everyone!

Writing is going slowly but surely, as before. I’ve completed Q, R and M’s first romance events on their respective romance paths and will soon start on A, A/R and G’s as well as write the non-romance version. I’m varying between writing the character scenes and writing on chapter 11 at the moment :slight_smile:

There is also a kind of conclusion to the jealousy scenes if you got any during your playthrough, since I didn’t want to just have the characters act like nothing happened if you had experienced a romantic moment with more than one of them, though it’s just a short interaction scene.

I’m excited to write chapter 11 and onward as there will be a bit of a shift in the story starting from that chapter~

Thanks everyone for your support!


19, no? :blush:



Ooops :sweat_smile:


The classic beginning-of-the-year slip-up

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