The Shadow Society (WIP) Writing Update 6/5 - 19


RO falls in love with MC.

Chapter 11: RO dies.

Please don’t do this.



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Hahahahah it identical! Nice


Nice game

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Silent Quarie for the win.


Wow I knew the love was pretty well distributed but damn (at the time of me commenting this) 29%, 18%, 18%, 18%, and 17%. It’s nice to see my favorite in the lead by the highest difference though :smile: also I’m only taking about the female RO’s right now


I’m really enjoying this game so far! At first I was hesitant on playing another WIP and on playing this in particular because of the characters names (nothing wrong with them!!! in fact they’re cool, they’re just long and I have trouble remembering names! I’ve come to love them though! It was easier to distinguish whos who once I got to know them, they all have unique personalities of their own and their name fits them!) One thing I really like are the jealousy scenes! I did not expect those! They’re amazing and hilarious! esp. when I try to go over all the RO scenes and Azur keeps on popping up out of nowhere by the end of it, it’s like he’s got some someones-flirting-with-my-wo/man radar dhdjdj.

Really looking forward to this!


I don’t know if this has already been mentioned but I’ve come across an error during Rheylo’s scene by the end of Ch. 5 when I chose the “I burst out laughing.” option, it just freezes after that.

Apparently my friendship with Rheylo is non-existent, sigh.

Also I don’t know if this is intentional but Michael and Rheylo’s names aren’t showing up above their relationship stat bars

That’s all so far!


Would anyone be interested in writing fanfic for tss? I tried googling it in hopes of there being some already, but all the results came up with was ‘the sperm supplier’ fanfic. Wow. On a more serious note, we know precious little about the so-far creepy plot, and it would be so bloody interesting to see what everyone’s theories might be about everything: the Shadowdad, the native people, why everything seems to be dying, why travellers in-between the planes age so rapidly, the dark matter stuff, etc etc. And Carawen would be reading all this gleefully, laughing at our crackpot ideas like Malin Ryden. And I miss the characters so much!!


dependes on what kind of fanfic and with which characters


Watching a football match featuring M , with Q sitting next to MC seems interesting … Q will be frowning looking at fans cheering because Q cannot cheer together :slight_smile:


Whatever floats your boat, be that fluff like Eric_knight suggested, or something creepy, or steamy, whatever! It’s just something I’ve considered doing myself, and I thought if anyone has similar tss itchiness, please, PLEASE share your work (for the greater good of course)


So idk if i should or can ask my question on tumblr or on here…

I’d just like to know if there’d be like an option during the A and M romance rivalry thing to like , tell A that the reason the mc hangs around M more then A is because M isnt such an asshole :joy: does that make sense :thinking:

@johannes_Blau ,why not a fic withh ALL of that lol


A will ask : Why M specifically ? Q is caring, both R and G are friendly too … so are you trying to make me jealous ? :slight_smile:


@treacletart Sorry for the late response. I’m so glad you enjoy the game and yeah, A and G’s fem names are kinda long, it’s true haha. I hope it can get easier to remember them with time :laughing:

Update: Error is now fixed! Or at least I hope it is :sweat_smile:

The lack of names showing up is an issue with the demo but it works fine in the beta testing version, I’m not sure where the issue is there. But I will make another attempt to fix it :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback~

@Johannes_Blau I’d love to read some fanfics of TSS! I already love reading the theories that have been posted on the discord (though most of them have spun a bit out of control, but that just makes it even better lmao). I’m so happy that you’re so enthusiastic about the game :heart:

@nulCat There will be one more major jealousy scene after the initial one in chapter 5 (before choosing your RO etc.) and that’s a good idea actually :eyes: I plan to include the second relationship/jealousy scene in chapter 7 so I’ll keep that option in mind for when I’m going back to add that~ thank you!

@Eric_knight I imagine A would be rather understanding of the MC’s choice in spending time with M, since they are both humans (as well as the fact that Q is kinda odd, G is very eccentric and R is, in their own opinion, insufferable), but they would certainly mock the MC for sticking to their own kind and ‘picking the safe option’ in some sense x)


UPDATE: Cover artist has been found. Thanks to those who showed an interest <3

Seeking “The Shadow Society” Cover Artist

Since I’m halfway through chapter 10 and am nearing the end of the book, I thought that this would be the right time to start looking for a cover artist for TSS.

Of course I would commission the artist for the art (as in, I would pay for the art) but please note that you would have to be okay with the fact that the cover art would be used commercially for when book 1 releases.

If you’re interested in making the cover art, please send me a message here or at my tumblr and we can discuss the details! I’d be very grateful if you could show me an example of your art as well.


Writing Update 9/12 - 18

Hey everyone!

Writing is going slow but steady. I’ve programmed the point where you get to pick your RO, if you have chosen to pursue a romantic route, and have started writing on the upcoming scenes for Q’s romance route. Then I’ll write friendship and rivalry versions before going onto the other characters :slight_smile: I’m very excited to writing these character focused scenes and for your MC to experience them and learn more about the characters as the story progresses!

I had an idea a few days back and would like to make an interest check with you guys. Basically, I was thinking that once TSS book 1 is out, I’d like to write something of a prequel to TSS focusing on the characters. The goal would be to release the prequel stories in between book 1, 2 and 3, and have each prequel focus on different members of the group before the events of TSS.

It would still be in CoG form, in order to keep the sexes of each character to whatever you have for your specific story (as opposed to me writing it in a document and choosing the sexes). However, it would read like a short story without any choices, since it would be from the POV of A, G, R, Q and M. The prequels would also be completely free!

This is not a grand project by any means, but more of shorter spin-offs for those who enjoy the world and characters and would like to know more about them. It wouldn’t take my focus away from writing the series at all, however; the TSS main series is always my top priority in terms of writing.

Would you be interested in reading those kind of short story prequels?

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you’re doing amazing sweetie.
but for reals, you want to i say go for it, there’s so much of their world i want to know about,they are literal shadow beings, like some of us are really afraid of what lives in the dark, plus there are also the legends and i kind of want to know about the world before the[ mc and how they came to know about us and vice versa.
I just remembered about a nosleep story about a girl who sees shadow people and she strats to eat them so they leave er a alone, and they start to leave gifts for her so they don’t get eaten (they only watched her sleep).


@flocktrops Aaah thank you <3 hearing that you’re so invested in this world is amazing! And that sounds like a really cool story, though I never heard of it before.

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