The Shadow Society (WIP) Writing Update 6/5 - 19


The testers are mostly correcting the error in words and grammar… coding issue seem mostly alright now

I am actually afraid that too many ideas will cloud @Carawen 's own initial story planning , as her post seemed to indicate that she felt the pressure of pleasing too many people instead of following her own motivation…
That being said, i hope Cara being given the time to finish what she really want to write , and then we can slowly improve the story when it is finish :slight_smile:

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in a happy way. I really like the RO’s in this story. While I am a fan of many COG’s and HG’s this easily is in the top two with the RO’s :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone for being so understanding about the situation and for your well-wishes. It truly means a lot :heart:

@Lunna There isn’t really any “should” or “shouldn’t” concerning perspectives in CoG, as far as I’m concerned. I have read some stories with first person, others with “you”, and I even started writing TSS in you-form since it seemed the most common, but it didn’t feel right to me so I switched to first person. To me, that feels more personal both to write and to read. It’s honestly just a personal preference and though I know that many people might prefer TSS to have another form of perspective, it’s not going to change. I hope you can enjoy the story even so, but I understand if not too. Glad you like it so far apart from that though!

@Lola Thank you so much! The last major update was when I added chapter 5 and the start of chapter 6. I have added and changed certain scenes since then, though nothing concerning romance as far as I can remember.

@Eric_knight I understand that concern, but I feel very strongly about telling the story I want to tell and I promise I won’t let myself be swayed in that regard :slight_smile: that being said, I’m always willing to listen to feedback and maybe change some aspects of the story if I feel like it could improve from that, but I don’t feel pressured to please everyone. For example I know a lot of people like romance scenes but I will only include them where it feels right, and though I do want the story to have a focus on relationships apart from the main story I won’t include or change them in a way that might make more people happy. If I got to that point, I wouldn’t enjoy writing anymore. I would much rather just tell the story the way I have planned and risk disappointing people than to compromise on this.


I was talking about these shy responses to Azurdian :slight_smile:

And both times I made the same choices save for the first mc being more clumsy because I wanted them both to replicate the bow successfully so the second one was less clumsy.

And sorry I see the images are in a funny order. But the phone charging is one scenario and not charging Is the other :sweat_smile:


Gwyndal lets out a loud, hearty laugh. “So true!” He says. “I should show these to Rheylo and tell him that these are the latest trend. He’d absolutely wear them just for the sake of it.” I would never take Rheylo as someone who follows fashion trends lol


@Lola Blame my trash memory but, I’m not sure any of those are different from before? Though I’ve written so much, it’s honestly so hard to remember so you might be right :sweat_smile:

@flocktrops They aren’t really, but they do care a lot about the kind of impression they give other people due to their insecurity. Their whole reason for dressing only in black and going through the trouble of braiding their hair etc. is because they want to give off a certain vibe to others, namely “too-cool-and-mysterious-to-approach”, though their emotional outbursts and tendency to get flustered kind of ruins that whole persona lmao. And that whole quirk of his is what G’s poking fun at with that comment, even though he isn’t wholly correct with R wearing just anything for the sake of it. However, R would very much give into peer pressure like that if enough people around them did it, so it’s not that far off all in all.


How it going Carawen


Update 30/9 - 18

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I announced my break, and it has been a much needed one. I have a piece of good news and bad news for those who still give a damn :wink:

Bad news is I’m still not going to be terribly active here and on tumblr, and my Patreon is still not going to feature any rewards as those simply got too stressful to keep up with.

Good news is I’ve slowly but surely gotten back to writing. The break and ability to focus solely on the story and not having the feeling that I have to update tumblr and the forums etc. regularly have really helped me getting back into it and so I have been able to focus on the characters and their world. I’m currently at the end of chapter 9 out of 15 - 17 planned ones, so it’s nearing the end, even though there is of course still a lot of work and updating/polishing to be done.

Sorry that I haven’t responded or updated sooner but regarding the circumstances I’m fairly certain that most of you understand.

Thanks for your continuous support :heart:


Where i can find the looks of the characters ? (Especially in the female form)


The looks are described in the story… you know, like how a book usually have character descriptions for how they look?


Now since you mention their looks… i do miss Quora and Michaela :slight_smile:


Yeah, but there arent fan arts or somtehing like that ?


Oh. There are, you can find them on my tumblr (: Most of them are of the male variants but there are a few female ones as well


Glad you’re back Carawen, and feeling better!

Take your time, do you & enjoy it. Looking forward to whatever you got.

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I am glad you are taking slow hope you for good luck

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@Joi2DWorld and @Takashi_Shin Thank you for the well wishes. It means a lot :blush:


Number 3 of Concert pictures and their questionable connections to TSS.

Azur's piercing Eyes

Happy to see the thread liven up again and excited for future updates :slightly_smiling_face:


“It is said that the most dangerous person is the one who uses their voice to influence others to their own advantage, but those who claim that have likely never come across one who won’t utter a single word. I will only be so kind as to give you this warning once; be wary in the presence of Q.”

A very long overdue aesthetic board for Quarie/Quaiel! I managed to get my editing software back the other day and decided it was about time that Q got their board alongside the rest of the shadow gang.

This one is a bit more simple than the others, for two reasons; first off, I can’t display the lower half of their face for obvious reasons and the second one being that there isn’t much I can reveal about Q without giving too much away, and not many pics I could find that matches them anyway. Plus, I think simple suits them best in this sense, anyway.

I hope you all like it even so (:


I take it the order is like this, from top left to bottom right - Gwyndal, Azuridian, Quaiel and Rheylo?

Is there a reason why neither Michael nor Rheylo appear on the relationship tab? I also don’t know how to feel about the Michael… unless we actively choose him as our RO I’m not quite sure what is their purpose or role in the overall story…? They feel like an extra limb - alienating and odd to place, kinda like a comic relief character that isn’t one.


The board? It’s Only for Q. I have made separate boards for all the characters.

And I know what you mean with your critique of M, but the Only thing that I can say is they do have more purpose than to provide comedy and have a big role to play in the story which will be revealed in book one further down the line :slight_smile:

Oh and Im not sure what you mean with the relationship tab? If you mean that their names don’t appear then that’s a bug