The Shadow Society (WIP) Writing Update 6/5 - 19


im not…to buy it as soon as it releases would be very difficult i mean the very microsecond it releases might be hard. im gonna say im positive ill get it within the first 24 hours of release.


Could you try and reproduce the error? It works fine for me, so which choices did you pick until this point?


I love A because think on his feet and cool


Probably just me but I have a difficult time sorting out the tsundere options from all the others. Trying to find a nice balance between kind/teasing lol, I like the characters a lot actually. And feel like I don’t need to invest all my time in an RO and can have a platonic relationship for the most part. Curious to see how two people with a high romance meter shared with you will react to each other, or having friendship/rivalry high with someone making it a Gary Oak type of bond. Or friendship/romance that could be friends with benefits.

Interesting stuffs.


Played through this game for the first time, and the character descriptions and the whole shadowy world reminds me of a series called Black Rock Shooter, which I find to be a good thing.

BRS Pics

I also like what you did with the characters so far, a nice mix of personalities that don’t override or conflict with each other, and allows for some adorable moments Rheyla’s reaction to calling their face adorable is priceless. as well.

I’m not sure if it’s explained at this point in time, but my only concern is that we seem to be whipping through these acenes with shadows left and right, but I don’t see any explanation on what they are, exactly. I know we get some answers later on in the content we have right now, but I don’t recall asking what our companions are to be one of them.

Keep up the good work, and have a good day. :vulcan_salute:


@Liza_P As @resuri08 said, what you’re referring to is most likely the tumblr asks/answers ^^

@GamesMaster Aaah that makes me so happy >< I’m glad you like it that much! Thank you!

@Drakeye lmao, fair enough :smile: thank you so much!

@Jeremy_Stumbaugh Yeah, just like Orchid said, it works fine for me too, so that’s very strange. If you have time it’d be really helpful if you could tell us what choice you picked :slight_smile:

@Takashi_Shin I’m so happy you like A!!

@TrashyLollipops Haha, I’m not sure what you mean by tsundere options? You mean the romantic denial ones are difficult to tell apart from the shy/flustered and flirty ones?
I’m really happy you like the characters, and getting to bond with the characters outside of the chosen RO is exactly what I want to include so I’m glad you feel like that’s working so far. There are actually already one jealousy scene with every RO in the demo if you have chosen to spend time with 2 different people and picked a romantic choice for each of them, if you didn’t know, which will give you an idea of how those RO’s will react to each other :slight_smile: it’s not going to be possible to have a friends with benefits kind of bond, unfortunately. BUT it will be possible to just become friends with an RO in the first book and let it develop into romance in the second one, as opposed to choosing romance from the get-go for those that prefer that.

@RagEgnite That’s interesting, I’ve never heard of that series :o
Thanks for the compliment, I’m really glad you like the characters and feel like there’s a good balance between them. I understand that concern, but you will get the background explained to you. So far, you have only spent time with the group, and they have their own reasons for not wanting to reveal the whole truth to you, which is why it’s taking a long time to get to that point. But this will change of course, and you will get the explanation to that question in particular at the end of book 1/start if book 2. Thank you so much for the comment ^^


Since chapter 8 includes an alternate start depending on certain variables, I’ve included an additional option in chapter 1 that will determine grace/clumsiness (thanks @ImAcrophobic for the help!)

This means that, when greeting A, you won’t get to choose whether to fail or succeed at the bow anymore (provided you choose that option, of course), but the outcome will determine on how high/low your grace/clumsiness is.

I’ve also managed to make A’s name display after introduction and I’m working on making the others do so, as well.


whhaaaaaa me hip bumps cellphone off table clumsy pshh. Im as graceful as a duck leans against globe falling over umm…look a distraction forgets to run away umm this is awkward but could you look away again… gives puppy-dog eyes


Yeeeeeeeeee, That’s what I meant. So far I’m hyped and appreciate you going the extra mile to write those scenes. Gonna be one hell of a ride. :wink:

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Hi everyone,

I’m not sure how to start this, in large part because I have a hard time making sense of everything myself.

I started writing because it gave me comfort and because I genuinely love it. There are few things I feel as passionate about as storytelling and writing, overall. It really feels like home and it’s the only thing that I’ve been completely confident that I want to spend my future doing.

My life has been very tumultuous for a long while and I used my stories as a kind of escape from that. These past few months, however, have been more hectic and messy than usual, and though I’ve tried to keep finding solace and peace in writing it’s gotten to the point where I’ve come to dread doing it. Each and every one of you have been so supportive, kind and shown so much enthusiasm for TSS, and so I always want to do my best for your sakes. But lately it has felt like I’m not writing for myself but rather because I feel forced to. It’s been working for a while, but it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with it and I think the quality of my writing suffers a lot from it as well.

I’ve been confused as to why I can’t concentrate, as I haven’t been able to really pinpoint the exact reason why I’ve been feeling like this. I’m still not completely sure but I think it’s a lot of different things that factor in. So, after a bit of consideration, I’ve made the decision to take a break from writing TSS.

I don’t know how long the break is going to last. All I can say is that I’m not, by any means, abandoning the story; I’m far too passionate about it for that. But in order to make it the best it can be, I need to take a breather away from it.

I’ll still write the scene requests for Patreon, however, and I’ll most likely be writing other things for fun. I might also work on the story now and again when I feel like I really want to, but I won’t push it like I’ve been doing these past few weeks.

I hope you’ll understand, and I’m sorry if this disappoints some of you.




Of course we understand, everyone needs a break now and then
Take however time you need to sort and come back to us when you feel you are ready:)


Yeah life is a bitch. We all understand that. Take as much time as you need, and we are all here for you.


It ok take a break don,t push your self make thing it like art a artist need to take break on finishing or think how they what it or they don,t what make it look bad for not break so that good that you are taking a break from TSS


I think everyone gets there at one point or another so it’s completely understandable I mean I used to draw everyday but now I haven’t even touched my sketch book in months let alone actually drawn somthing

Hope everything goes well and take as much time as you need :grin:


come back when you feel ready to tackle the story . There is no shame in taking a break , heck I dare say its BETTER then stubbornly continuing , cose often the story will suffer for it . (yes been there done that lol ) .

Take care of yourself , thats what matter most . :blush:


Life sucks. You take as long of a break as you need! <3


The speed at which you’ve been writing has been very impressive and even if your life wasn’t hectic right now, a bit of burn out would be expected! Take all the time you need and want to recharge and take care of yourself!


It’s really good ! But shouldn’t it be in 2nd person ? Using “you” instead of “I/me” ?
It feels like as reader and player we’re going through someone’s else story, instead of our own. It breaks a little the flows as US being the MC.

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Just for interest sake when was the last update? as certain things have changed and i’m feeling giddy at the new content particularly because the romance scene for my main mc has changed.

and take as much time as you need @Carawen your health is what’s most important.


Now my heart awakes
To the sound of silence
And it beats to the sound of silence

This thread has been a bit silent of late. But it’s evident that the enthusiasm isn’t lacking. This seems to be a good opportunity to come out of my castle of glass …

I think we all know that Carawen is taking a break from writing TSS at the moment. I think that is a very welcome decision, and I hope that this break gives her a new perspective, a fresh impetus. And as I can see so far, every single wonderful member we have here has stood beside her in this essential time. So, I would like to extend my gratitude to every one of you.
Now, coming to the individual queries.
@Lunna I think I understand what you want to say. Yes, it’s true that many CoGs use the MC in second person, such as …
“Luckily you and Varys, who you consider to be your best friend, know about the slightly cracked wall that has a hole just big enough for the two of you to crawl through.” ~The Great Tournament

Yes, I can understand your problem. If the MC is referred to in second person, you can relate to it more. Whereas if the MC is referred to in 1st person, like in “I recognize them, somehow, but I can’t seem to place them; my mind is spinning, making it impossible to think rationally” ~TSS, you can’t relate with the MC, it feels like the I refers to the author or somebody else and not to you.
But this one has not been given much highlight during the ongoing beta-testing, mostly because we didn’t receive many feedbacks like this. And some of the very popular creations, like “Samurai of Hyuga”, have used this form in the past without much issue. But I can understand that it doesn’t quite fit the bill for everyone. I’m not sure that this kind of change is very feasible at this stage. But we are open to suggestions. We have to discuss this issue further before we can give you a definite answer. If you have any such questions or suggestions, feel free to drop it here.
@Lola yes, there have been a few changes. Carawen had been busy rewriting some scenes around the time she finished the 8th chapter. For example, your agility/clumsiness is determined by a completely different and new scene. And as far as I remember, yes, there have been changes in the interaction with the characters as well. If the Writing-update of Cara is anything to go by, it can be estimated that the last update, at least to the demo version, was 15 days ago. Hopefully that answers your question.
One thing I would like to ask, what do you mean by this statement:

Is it in a positive or a negative way? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
And thank you for caring about her health. A well appreciated gesture.

If any of you have queries, feedback, criticism…you can put forward your proposal here. Some of the beta-testers will surely take notice even if the author is busy.
Have a great weekend everyone!!!:gift_heart:

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