The Shadow Society (WIP) Writing Update 6/5 - 19


Thanks for mentioning those typos. The beta-testing is going on currently, and we are trying to pin point the typos and other issues. I believe Carawen has already been notified of the typos you mentioned, but it is taking a bit of time to fix everything and carry on with writing at the same time. I hope you understand that. But any help from you is appreciated.
I would like to add, can you please attach the screenshots of the typos or other issues that you find in future? It will be of immense help.
Thank you for taking time to read it through and helping us.


so just playyed this and so far im loving it.great game and cant wait for the next chapter

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@Lydlia Thank you so much, I’m so glad you like it! ^^

@GamesMaster thanks for point ing those out. As Calcutta said, correction of the text is still undergoing, but I will look at those and fix the when I have time.

@Jeremy_Stumbaugh Thank you, I’m so happy you like it! ^^


Writing Update 26/7 -18

I’m near the end of chapter 8, and hopefully it will be finished before the week is done! Considering the fact that the book will likely be 15 - 16 chapters long, that’s about halfway of the story done. Thinking like that is a great motivator for me somehow, lmao.


I really had fun with this, keep up the good work!

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that great to hear love all hard work you put in to writing


Sorry to bother but i noticed in the stat screen doesn’t show the names of the characters, also i love the new look options :smiley: Will the characters comment on your tattoos/piercings if you choose to have them? family gatherings are boring so i decided to replay this again lol


@Mightcould Thank you so much! I’m happy you like it ^^

@Takashi_Shin Thanks for the support <3

@nulCat You’re not bothering at all! The stat screen isn’t supposed to show the names of the characters until you’ve met them. Does it appear like that for you all the time, though? I’ve had some trouble having M’s name displayed but the others have been working so far, generally.
And I’m glad you like the look options ^^ I’m planning to include some comments from characters about there at certain times in the story where it fits, yeah. I’m flattered this can manage to entertain you at boring events lmao


I have another piece of information that I’ve already written about on Tumblr but might be interesting to some people here as well;

Up until a little while ago, I had the Patreon rewards set to private, but after some considering I’ve decided to make the 5$ tier scene requests available to read for everyone, patron or not. Since the scenes features the patron’s own MCs, it might not be for everyone, but you’re all welcome to check it out either way of course if you feel interested!

Here’s the link:


The stats screen never displayed any names for me no matter how far I got.

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Hi I really liked the demo and was pleasantly suprised that you don’t have to trust the girls and could try to get away so thanks


It was maybe two pages before the end I decided to check the stat screen and they didn’t appear dont know if it’s just on my end . I checked on my phone and computer and they didn’t appear on either


I also checked on both mobile and pc and their names aren’t showing up for me either. I’ve only checked early on (after the introductions and going outside), so if the names suddenly show up later I’ll edit this post.

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Thanks everyone. I’ve checked as well and you’re right, the names don’t show up on the stat screen, however they do so in the beta testing version, so I’ll try to see if I can fix that today.


Writing Update 4/8 - 18

Hi everyone!

I wanted to let you know that I just finished chapter 8 of TSS; it ended up becoming 11 547 words long.

There is an alternate scene at the start if you went in the car with R and M, chose to stay and failed to avoid the shadow in chapter four, though since I know many people won’t get it since they might not have picked any of the bowing (failing/succeeding) options when introduced to A, I’m planning on adding a definite choice for grace/clumsiness earlier on in the story.

For now, I’m going to alter and fix some stuff in earlier chapters before starting on chapter 9.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support <3


near the begginibg it started to load infinitly heres a picture


Is everyone here a beta tester or something because I only saw the very beginning of chapter six. People keep talking about other chapters and it’s kind of confusing me.


It is possible that they were talking about the asks on Tumblr? The author has her own Tumblr account to answer questions from us related to the story.


Oh. Okay, thank you :smiley:


I’m 100 percent sure i’l buy this game as soon as it releases