The Shadow Society (WIP) Writing Update 6/5 - 19


Why the shipping wars @Theguyfive_Jbra?


My ego demands me to tell the truth, even if it may cause discord, scratch that, especially if it causes discord, I’ll absorb it and be stronger for it.



@Theguyfive_Jbra Um no, we had a huge problem with this on the Kingdoms: Embers form Ashes thread. That lead to several closings of the thread for a few hours and people just being assholes to each other. It felt like a second tumblr, something that shouldn’t have a clone of itself.


I’ll keep my stance, it’s my opinion, voiced in a faux-factual manner, if you disagree with it, you have your right, my response to Eiwynn was a jest, I don’t care for trivial madness, of I cared for that I wouldn’t have blocked guns of infinity.

Gives respect to the one above, below

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@Lmarg Thank you so much! That should be fixed now :slight_smile:

@nulCat LMAO. Of course M is on the ground :joy:

The following part isn’t directed at nulCat, but towards everyone in the thread:

Please keep a respectful tone when discussing favorite characters. You can disagree with someone without telling them that they are wrong and you are right. It’d also be good to keep in mind that jokes told in text over the internet can often be hard to interpret as jokes.

That being said, I’m of course happy that my characters have enough influence on people to make them discuss them in the first place.


Oh thank the heavens, I was starting to wonder where the love for Q was. At this point I’m glad I’m not the only one that likes him (or her?) :slightly_smiling_face:


@VioletHikari Check the poll on post 305 ;D


this war will be the death of M hahaha

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I appreciate your enthusiasm, and I am happy that you are enjoying the story. That means a lot for everyone involved with the story. But if you haven’t already seen, any kind of shipping war is not allowed in the forum. I don’t want to discourage you from participating in the discussions , but I also feel that you should curb the animosity towards M by quite a few notches even if it was meant as a joke, so that it doesn’t incite others. And I cannot help but think that you didn’t want to reply to Eiwynn specifically. That would be… odd.
Thank you.


ok I will stop boss man


Feel like I should apologize too cause I feel like I kinda help start it :confounded:. But to be fair what does it matter if someone’s opinion on the characters are opposite to yours they’re just fictional characters and it’s their opinion that they’re entitled to


Writing Update 5/7 -18 (copied from tumblr)

Hi y’all!

It’s been a while since I did a writing update, but I’m happy to say that I’ve finished chapter 7 at long last >< it’s been sent out to the beta testers and I’m currently working on correcting errors etc. from it.

I also still have some correcting from chapter 6 to take care of, so the writing part itself might have to take a backseat for that in the coming days, though I’m really psyched about starting chapter 8!

I’ve also decided to make somewhat of a schedule for asks so as not to make it completely irregular when I post them and will hereafter strive to answer around four to five asks a day while taking Saturday - Sunday off from asks.

I hope this sounds reasonable and thanks everyone for the continuous support <3


think we both did I Planing on fishing with M
slow pull fish-line off M back
:roll_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes: that last jock of M
and don’t truth me with M safed now find new punch line

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Good, you’re doing great! I’m glad you’re taking weekends off, you deserve them. Can’t wait for the asks, they are so much fun! Keep up the good work, you’re awesome :smile:


Respect to you too my friend :wink:

Although i like Quarie most, and admire the rest of the “outsiders” companions … i am still rooting for my human companion Michaela , i promise you that no harm should go to her even if i have to stand up to A :slight_smile:


I love the point of view of the other characters of the main character


I’m gonna Smooche tha hell out of everyone ! :heart_eyes:

and man…


The jealousy between Gwen and Azure…holalalala…

I never run after 2 bunnies at once usually , but damn…I may just do that now XD So much spark!


When Michaela ask me why i am so excited ( instead of fear ) in the Shadow World, this is how i replied to her :wink:

" All I’ve ever wanted was destiny to be fulfilled,
it is in my hands, I must not fail,
Even through the darkest days,
this fire burns, always.
This is the broken ground
Misery begins to rise.
Turn away from yesterday,
Tomorrow’s in my eyes.
Nevermore to be held down
by the wings of history.
Nevermore to be cast aside,
this day is mine. "


WOW I just finished the demo, it was huuuuge, I LOVED IT SO MUCH. I liked all the characters (and it doesn’t happen very often) but G is definitely my favorite. The story itself was GREAT, I can’t wait to see more!


As I was replaying, I caught some typos.
Chap 1: She looks at me expectantly. I know I can’t leave this mansion just yet, so it’d be best if I
try to act
Chap 2:The pixie-looking woman raises
eyebrows, pointing to her ears. “You’re still convinced of that, even after seeing this? And…” Using her other hand, she points towards her eyes. “…These?”
Chap 2: “That kind of response was to be expected”, the ice-woman says matter-of-factly, but she speaks so quietly that I almost can’t make out
words. “He is from the Sunworld, after all.”

“Are they right?” Michaela asks me, still pinned to the floor. “No, hold on -silly question! Of course they’re not.” When I don’t respond, she shifts
head to try and look at me. “John?”

“Crap”, Gwendolyn
(add an s) scratching her head with a frown. “I totally forgot how important introductions are in the Sunworld. Okay, then!”
I found a few more but I don’t want to bother you any more then I already have