The Shadow Society (WIP) Writing Update 10/10 - 19



It seems CoG got the full game. I hope everything goes smoothly. Just want to note guys that it will be a while depending how busy the staff gets so don’t get too hyped up. :joy:


My finger is on the trigger of my credit card getting ready to buy this already :dollar::grimacing::dollar:


I don’t wanna wait! Must love shadow people now!


Haha, my thoughts exactly! Been checking this page everyday for the good news!


Thanks for letting me know, @resuri08! It will certainly take some time, but it’s nice to see it on the list nonetheless :smiley:


Ey, nice work, quite and interesting setting :smiley:

One thing I did notice is that I felt that my character was too passive.

He basically gets kidnapped and besides a few phrases to complain and ask what’s going on (that go unanswered) he seems to just…go along with it. When the group separates for the first time you either chat/flirt/mock but at no point you go “EY ENOUGH SOMEONE EXPLAIN ME WHATS GOING ON”, then he just calmly goes to sleep without further do, wakes up and after hearing the whole “use the human” instead of entering like “So, use me uh? care to explain?” just, sucks it up?

I kinda understand the why (to prolong the mystery, start the romance parts early and stuff), but it seems that the obvious choices -what a regular person would actually do in this situation- are blocked for it


When Michael(a) comes to the rescue is like…seriously? Sure, the shadows should tell me to back off, and they seem to have personal reasons to risk themselves for the MC. But human to human we’re pretty much on the same spot, and they met like one day ago. It feels jarring
More so if I chose a fit or muscular MC that can fight


I agree it does at times feel odd; just going with the flow at times, especially when there are times when my MC should clearly feel unsettled but is not.


:flushed: H-hello?

I have a couple questions about a game and Hosted Games.
I sent two messages in the thread more than thirty minutes ago and I’m not sure what to do

Hi! You could post your question here and use the @+username of the author to let her see your questions about the the game. Just a heads up, she might take a while to answer (not a whole day mind you) due to timezone difference.


They Just responded
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Aw, I so wish I had seen this before submitting the game :disappointed: nonetheless, I really appreciate the feedback and it is something I will definitely take into consideration for book 2. It was never my intention to make the MC too passive in their responses or actions, but sometimes it takes other people to see what you miss yourself. Thank you for pointing it out!

And there is a reason why M is very keen on leaping into action, but I do understand and agree with your point that the MC should be able to join them.


I only discovered this WIP when I saw it on the List. Am hooked and excited to keep reading!


I just love Shadow Society! :heart_eyes: Been hooked since last year when the demo came out and re-played it several times. I’m so happy that it’s already on the HG waiting list, although looking at the list I estimate it will probably get published in like November-January. :unamused: Nonetheless I’m pumped that it’s already completed! Really kudos to you @Carawen! Thinking of other WIP, I really didn’t expect it to be finished so soon! :grin:


@Feather Thank you so much! I’m happy you like it so far!

@Lmarg Thanks for keeping around for so long :heart: It means a lot to know people are still interested and haven’t forgotten about this, despite it taking so long and me being awful at keeping up at answering at times. I hope the final result will live up to your expectations!

I’ve already slightly started on book 2. Though I have the story in mind, and won’t change that/character routes/etc. I wanted to ask now if there is anything people have thought about when reading the demo that they’d like to see in the continuation? Someone mentioned the MC feeling too passive, for example.

I can’t promise I’ll include or change things, but feedback and suggestions are always very appreciated :blush:


Ahhhhh!!! I am so excited to buy/read the rest if thiiiiiis! The only things I can think of that I would want to read in book 2 and beyond, may already be in the rest of book 1 sooo apologies if that’s the case… I’d really really like to hear more about where G came from, Q’s backstory, and why M is (awesome but) a bit shady. (Aka. he seems to know more about what’s going on than he let’s on/ tells the MC). These are.all probably fairly obvious plot points, along with just general WHAT IS THE SHADOW WORLD AND WHY IS MY FAMILY INVOLVED!!!

I am sorry if that wasn’t helpful, if you were looking for notes on what was already written…I cant think of any. I have reread every route a handful of times (except A’s…I dont care for him for some reason. Not because of how he is written, he is just the type of person I dont really gel with…so far anyway) and have thoroughly enjoyed each so my brain only goes to what I am hoping to find out soon. :heart: By the end of the demo it is still confusing as to why you are so sought after/special, but I assume that is something addressed before game 1 ends…this is hard without having read the rest of book 1…maybe open up the discussion again after it is released so we can fan girl/boy out over it, then tell ya what we want??? :slight_smile:


@Jender Thank you so much! This is such a nice message :heart: G’s backstory, as well as the others, will be more touched upon in book II, though M and Q’s do have a bit of that in book I too :slight_smile: the family connection will also be explained more in book II, very early on actually (provided my plans about that don’t change).

It’s very helpful to know what people are interested in knowing and what plot points are compelling or not, so don’t worry! Though I hope it won’t bother you too much that there will probably be more questions at the end of book I than answers :sweat_smile: a lot of the mysteries I feel turn out boring if I just dump the explanation on the reader, so I’m trying to spread it out more and make them relate between books and, if possible, to the overall plot.


I would enjoy being in a relationship in the second book. Like moving past the crushing state before the end. Because most of the time the books/stories end when the best is about to happen und you just get a glimpse of it in the epilog


I totally agree, the experience of the actual relationship is always missing in most stories…