The Shadow Society (WIP) Writing Update 10/1 - 19




That was meant as like a bow to @carawen but now that I think about it I feel like that’s M and my MC


aw no I missed the beta window.

Also, huge grats @Carawen on getting this far, especially given that it usually takes much longer for WiPs to get this far. It’s easy to see you’ve put a ton of work into this, and I’ve got a ton of respect for how much work you put in just replying to everyone int he thread.


@Okami-Nora Yeah, it’s no fun forcing yourself to hang out with characters/people that you hate, so I’d say that’s a wise choice on your part :smile:

@pandaboi Yeah, I think so too :slight_smile: thanks for letting me know your opinion on it!

Aww, thank you so much for those sweet words :heart: that makes me extremely happy to hear and really motivates me to push forward with this :blush:

And thank you so much for offering once more, I truly appreciate it! ^^

@CalcuttaCalling Yaay, congrats on making the 1000th post :laughing: and omg an applaud from Justin Timberlake (is it? It looks like it haha), I’m honored :'D

And hey, I might not have done the beta searching very smoothly since I’m so new to this, but we’ve already talked about this anyway :blush:

@Jared_Frias LMAO I can really see that :joy:

@Gwenstn Thank you so much gwenstn! It’s thanks to everyone who has helped contribute to this thread, though :blush: but I do love discussing with people here, as it’s easier to have a back-and-forth conversation than on tumblr where I’m simply answering questions. Both are really fun so I want to be active here as well for as much as I can!


I would like to be a beta tester. I’ve been interested in the game lately and would like to see how it continues to grow. :slight_smile:


@StarFireBG I’m sorry, but the application for testing is already closed :disappointed_relieved: I will put it into the title again so that there won’t be any more confusions! Thank you for the interest, though ^^


@Carawen will it be possible for the final version of book1 to have save slots or checkpoints?

EDIT : Sorry , my bad. :confused:


@TheGoodRebel As far as I’m concerned, Hosted Games do not provide save slots - it’s only possible via so it will most likely not be possible to implement. But my hope is that I can find some kind of saving system, or the book would be a real pain to get through :sweat_smile: even having the game start up where you left off would be good in my book (no pun intended hehe)


CoGs and HGs do pick up where you left off, it’s just dashingdon that doesn’t do that (hence the save slots). It would be nice to have both, I’ve always wondered why it’s not possible.


@Punchysporkk Thanks for clarifying! That’s strange, I wonder why they wouldn’t try and add it in :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Just wanted to let those of you interested know that I have created a discord for TSS!
It’s a place where you can theorize, discuss and share your (potential) creations in anticipation for book 1!

Follow this link if you are interested in joining :blush: (new link AGAIN since the old one expired!)


I feel like I’ll miss out from not joining the server, but I know by now I’m NOT good with group chats so I’mma still have to pass on the discord there :laughing:

So i see people making visuals of their MCs and talking about them and stuff and it seems funs but I’m more of a writer than artist lol. (Lord knows I’ll never play these games as myself tho, always gotta be a character I project too hard on lmao) So at like 3 AM I stumbled across an app and decided to spend time making my MC instead of sleeping cause that’s what I do with my life

Click for a man with only the hottest of takes

This is Cyrus Gray. He’s really kind but he hates his life and refuses to admit he even knows what feelings are. (heart flutters “oh SH-” immediately stomping feelings down “haha wow what even was that idk that was weird” laughs awkwardly)
He kinda feels like, by helping these strange men in an unknown world, he’s burning his life to the ground. And he’s okay with that at this point.
Just a black sheep, but maybe by the end of his journey he’ll be more a phoenix out of the flame.

I don’t have a specific ship for him cause I can change his actions rather easily in regards to his personality, but if there’s anyone it’d be Gwyndal, Quaiel or Rheylo, not A or M.


so was looking up stuff for another WIP…

and found something and I was like ‘OMG! This look so much like how I imagined this stuff in that other story’ …which is yours .

So like one supplicant would say , put me out my misery…

but do the character (when in sort of transition or powering up , they go all shadowy and stuff)…do they look like this ?

Becaaaaaaaaause thats how I have been imagining them…just need confirmation…cose it been nagging me foreverh!
P.S: Thank you! :smiley:


I have that app too!

But I agree, when I’m in group chats I become very annoyed very soon. Whether it be blowing up my phone for the immaturity, I just can’t get past it. Plus messages keep passing to fast for me.


@pandaboi I really get what you mean; I usually get stressed out by group chats because I can’t keep up for the life of me :sweat_smile: and I totally understand that it’s not for everyone! I don’t even know how active people are going to be there, I just thought it’d be nice to have one in case people wanted an easy way to communicate with each other. I won’t be able to be very active there myself since I’ve got a lot on my plate with TSS alone but I will try to pop in now and then :blush:

And omg your MC has such an interesting look! And he sounds like a complex and compelling character. I can really see Gwyndal having a fun time teasing him and he’s interactions with Rheylo would probably be really adorable and awkward :smile:

@E_RedMark Haha wow, that image really fits the atmosphere of the book (as I’ve imagined it)! I think that that’s pretty close, yeah :blush: just with eyes and maybe a little bit more of a concrete shape, if that makes sense? But I honestly think this image is pretty perfect!

@Phoenix_Wolf Yeah, I understand! I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to join the server, it’s just there for those who might enjoy it :slight_smile:


@Carawen I always mute chats the minute I join them cause I’m not about getting my phone blown up with notifs :laughing: I miss out more that way but the last group chat I was in, something new was always happening and I had to basically dedicate my life to it just to not be left behind. Which really did not do wonders for my mental health, lemme tell ya. If there’s not too many people though, I might drop in the TSS server to talk to other fans :blush:

Thanks!! Lol yeah, I’m expecting only the most awkward of moments between him and Rheylo. It makes it all the sweeter when they (hopefully) can finally get over themselves and kiss (or something :eyes: ) Quaiel is the one he’d end up being comfortable around; since he doesn’t speak, Cyrus can pretend he’s not being judged. (And something about the way Q doesn’t speak that makes Cyrus want to also be a safe place for him… somehow) Gwyndal certainly seems adamant about breaking down those walls lolll He’s such a fun character, I really like seeing the interactions with him. (Meanwhile disaster boy is mentally beating himself with a rolled up newspaper everytime he catches himself slipping and getting comfy with G, like, “no getting attached! Stop! Bad!”)
Also, I don’t see Michael as someone Cyrus would be romantically interested in, but I think they’re gonna be good friends. :grin: …And Michael will be constantly stressed out by Cyrus recklessly hurtling into potentially dangerous situations because “why not” and only consuming wine and memes to sustain him. (I didn’t pick the alcoholic option when I went back to talk to M about hobbies tho I promise. He’s not that bad. :laughing: It was drawing, actually: if he weren’t pressured and manipulated his whole life til he ended up working a job he’s unhappy at, he would’ve pursued a career as a tattoo artist. In my head, at least lol)


@pandaboi As of right now there are 23 people in there, I think? But it’s not super active 24/7, as far as I understand ^^ though I only pop in and out now and then to check on things and chat a little, so I’m not sure how busy it is generally.
But yeah, I have all my discords on mute, because my concentration breaks very easily when I get constant notifications >.<

Hehe, they all sound like fun interactions :smiley: and M is definitely good friend material! Well, if you can stand their personality, that is. The protectiveness and silliness can be too much for some xD

It’s really fun to read so much about your MC! Makes me feel like I’m writing more than a blank slate when I do their dialogue :blush:


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You need to sleep @Carawen, couldn’t resist.


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