The Shadow Society (WIP) Writing Update 10/1 - 19



@Okami-Nora What? No, no! Their names should be visible after the mansion part :astonished: I have to playtest and get back to you, aaah

@Morphine Sure! I’d be happy to have you :smile:


The spots were filled pretty quickly! Thank you so much to those who have applied! I will send each of you a message with the link to the chapters that need testing when I’m done :blush:


No… how did i miss this? If theres a possibility of another open slot for betatesting, i would like to.


@TheGoodRebel I’m sorry! I thought it’d take longer :disappointed_relieved: but in case five proves too few, I will definitely look for more beta testers! I just don’t want to start with too many since it might get overwhelming to keep track of.


And here I was thinking for a moment that my MC had yet ANOTHER reason to distrust the group more. Again though, the missing names did bring a little chuckle out of me just because the only nameless relationship bars I could fully recognize was Azuridian’s. :joy:

Speaking of our resident Ice Prick (sorry; I had to. It feels like a good title for him considering his ice powers and how Azuridian is a rather unpleasant presence :laughing:), after playing the new parts of the demo, I can safely say that my MC would take some words out of Son of Satan: the Mortal Coil Alice’s page and flat out state (if asked about their opinions of the leader) “Azuridian can kiss my lily white ass” (and this is coming from a character whose often more laidback and only fiery when provoked). Definitely still can’t see these two get along unless Azuridian came down for the high horse of his…which I would imagine will only happen the day he makes a full stay in the Underworld to make the place freeze over. :rofl:


Wow I just missed it dang.


Well I would’ve liked to beta test but I am afraid of commitment so maybe this worked out for the best :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously though I’m not the best to look to for constructive criticism so despite the fact that I definitely have the free time to help out I probably wouldn’t be much help in the end anyway hope everything goes well :+1:


No, thank you for allowing us to be a part of this!


Personally, I think it does help with immersion(maybe falls under escapism), too. For me the little choices in chapt. 1 regarding your job at the publishing company had a surprisingly big impact. The option of having been unsure about your career choice and now felling indifferent towards it, mirrors my IRL situation pretty well right now… Moreover you gave a good amount of choices, how the MC thinks about their old life when waking up in the mansion, which contributed, too. Mostly playing myself, these options helped me dive into the world.
Maybe A, being a someone who probably despises this attitude, can alter my view, when befriending/romancing them… They did show that they can give advise^^
I appreciate the process you lined out of approaching these complex themes through talking with those affected and doing research. In general, incorporating these themes into your game is admirable and… - for the lack of a better word - brave. So, thank you! :slight_smile:

And congrats on your progress, btw! Having the Beta-Testers at this stage already will help a great deal, I think. Thanks to @guardsman000071, @Lorikeet, @agogem and @Morphine for doing this. :slight_smile:

Oh almost forgot: @resuri08, our hopes are not in vain. As this and that answer suggest, Azur will develop feelings later on and not see the MC as a mere trophy. Although probably at a… glacial tempo.


@Carawen You and I are on the same page about processing real life issues through fiction! I know that for some people it is more triggering than anything trying to, for example, read about an experience too similar to what they had. For other people, such as myself reading and writing about my trauma (mainly, characters going through trauma similar to my own) is very cathartic.

Sometimes it’s just to safely explore what happened to me and telling myself something like I don’t have to be strong and positive and looking up all the time, even without any sort of conclusion, even if the ending of the story is just as bleak as it started out. Sometimes that bleakness and a ‘it doesn’t work out for them’ kind of ending is what I need cause it matches my mood when I’m reading/writing it. Other times, and I think maybe the biggest motivator for me, is just a need to see a character break completely… and know that they can build themselves back up. Always imperfectly, and maybe needing help along the way, but they can still do it. Which is another way of telling myself that however low I’m feeling at the moment, it WILL happen again and it’ll never stop happening, but there are ways I can get through and I will always get through it and here’s the proof.

The main thing that made me want to ask about it is just… the act of telling someone. Like I said, opening up is a nightmare and in fact, no one who knows me IRL knows a thing about what I went through or that it even happened. I have told one friend who I knew would understand (and I think I gave another friend the impression just through who I am), and I could only do that because it was over the internet and I didn’t have to see their face or hear my own voice saying those words. Even if it’s just fiction, having the chance to just tell someone can be very healing (and maybe even give some courage to seek help in real life). Especially so if it’s a character that I love. Their reaction doesn’t have to be perfect and they don’t have to try and fix me, just let me be heard and not shunned for what I can’t help.

That’s how I feel anyway. :smiley: I agree, asking and talking to people who know what they’re talking about and can give you their personal insight is the best way to go about it and I appreciate that you’re so willing to properly research such things. While I don’t like going too personal or detailed, I also honestly don’t mind talking about how I’ve felt and my experiences growing up after my trauma. You already closed the beta thing :laughing: but still! If you want, I wouldn’t have a problem being one of the people who gives you their perspective on how you can handle that topic, when you get to it.

And @CalcuttaCalling No, I’m not angry or offended! Perhaps you’re right that I don’t want people feeling sorry for me. But that wasn’t really the feeling I got from what you were saying. No words can change anything, sure, and some words can just twist the knife. And maybe some will feel differently, but for me, there’s nothing wrong with being told “I’ll never know what it was like, but I hear you and I wish you never had to feel what you did and still do” and that’s what it kind of sounded like you were saying. I think it’s just human nature to feel sad hearing that someone suffered, even if you don’t know them. I appreciate you taking the time to say something to me, I really do.


crap missed it by a couple hours


Dont worry, I missed it by 7 minutes. :joy:


@Okami-Nora Ahaha that would be a neat twist :joy: I did playtest though, and for me all the names are displayed after the characters have introduced themselves… I wonder why it doesn’t work for you? :thinking:
It’s the most annoying thing when readers find bugs that I for some reason can’t find myself, because I have no idea how to fix them :persevere: but I might try logging out from my account or something and play… Don’t think that it’s going to change anything, but I don’t know what else to do :sweat_smile:

Did you try spending time with A the second chance you get, after waking up? There’s an option you might like there :wink:

@Nomad33810 Yeah, I’m sorry… I might open it up later if I find that I need more testers though!

@Jared_Frias lmao, at least you’re honest :laughing: thank you so much for the support!

@Lorikeet It’s my absolute pleasure :blush:

@Orchid That’s so good to hear :blush: I’m happy that those kind of choices made a positive impact! I want to give as many options like that as I can (without going insane from all the coding that is), so hearing that they matter and make a difference for you is wonderful!

I think so, too! It’s going to be a lot easier to take it 2 chapters at a time rather than trying to fix everything at the end :slight_smile:


You pretty much put my own thoughts into words perfectly here :blush:

I’m aware that it can be triggering for some people, which is exactly why I want to leave it as an selectable option. Plus I’ve tried to plan it in a way to avoid shoving it into the player’s face, kind of like this (though a very simplified example):

Person: Do you have any personal problems?

MC: I do/I don’t/I don’t want to talk about it

If = I do: 1. It has to do with my mental health 2. It has to do with “something else” etc.

If = mental health: 1. It’s a problem relating to social interactions etc. etc.

This is a VERY rough example; of course I’d flesh it out a lot more, and add more conversation in between, but I don’t want to spell out something so sensitive just like that without the player knowing what kind of option they’re getting into, if you know what I mean? So I feel like it’d be better to let you guys click your way onto the chosen “path”, or however I should explain it :sweat_smile: I feel like it could come as an unpleasant shock to some if I just wrote “Yeah I’ve experienced [insert something here]” just like that.

But yes, for me it’s very important to at least give the option for the MC to have a past or present with problems, whether it’s something of smaller nature or something more severe. I’m not interested in just having the player be an observer; I want you to be able to really be present in the story and immersed, and giving the option to deciding background/things in the present contributes a lot to that in my opinion :slight_smile: and I completely agree with you regarding the bleakness of mood tied to potential stories. The other book I’m writing aside from TSS has a pretty melancholy mood at times, since I want certain parts of it to kind of mirror how I’ve been feeling myself some years ago, and I find it extremely therapeutic to write like that.

The act of telling someone is also a huge motivator for me to include this option in the story. I won’t lie and say that the characters will all be super understanding and respond perfectly, but you as the MC would have the choice who to put enough trust in to tell about your feelings and/or potential problems to. I mean, for example, if you have a really bad relationship with R and start to vent to them, maybe they won’t attempt to understand you. Though if you have a positive relationship with them, they might at least try :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s such a nice offer to make! If you’re absolutely sure that you don’t mind sharing, it’d be really helpful to get your help concerning this. I want to talk to as many willing people about their experiences as I can aside from doing my own research in order to give a proper and respectful depiction of the various choices in this instance. Is it okay to send you a pm or something when I get closer to writing that part?

@GamesMaster I’m sorry :sweat: but there will be more chances! If not for book one then definitely for book two! If you’re still interested enough in the story at that point, of course!


Oh yes. Loved it as player. My MC however, had a much more displeased reaction. :rofl:

His reaction pissed them off more and had G not dragged them out of the room, I’m pretty sure they would have made a active effort to at least make sure that the man before could never reproduce and would be on a lifelong search for his family jewels (yes, they would have likely been dead for the action, but they would say they died without any regrets). Funny thing is I was like “Maybe I’ll have the MC try to have a understanding with A”…and then I get to the part and I could practically HEAR my MC go “Nope. Screw it. Rewind. I’D RATHER HUG A CACTUS. FOR A MONTH”. So have fun with a MC who doesn’t give a crap about listening to you, A! :joy:

That said, I’m officially making MC just hang out with either M, Q, and R rather than forcing to hang out with the Ice Prick (I don’t believe too much torture). They might eventually get along with G in some way, but they certainly trust A and G the least out of the whole group (not that they really trust anyone at this point).


I think if you would have kick him there. He would have frozen some special body part of yours.


You’re right; my MC kicking him would be completely reckless.

(Hands my MC a shotgun)

Use this: it’s got more range. :grin:


He turns into a shadow and waits till you sleep. Then who knows what he’ll do…


I’m pretty sure he’d make the game much shorter. :joy:


@Carawen I see what you’re going for with that example and I think that’s a really good idea! Having it layered like that both gives player forewarning to what they might be getting themselves into and adds more depth/makes it come across as more natural to how you’d expect a conversation like that to go.

I just wanna say, I can see how much thought and hard work you’re putting into not just the story and characters but in the MC, how the player interacts with the story, and making the MC a character in their own right. You’re putting a lot of heart into this story and it’s really admirable, and it makes me more excited for the day I see it published :blush: I haven’t commented much on this thread, but I’ve been watching closely because I’m into the story and attached to the characters and I think you’re doing a really good job.

Sorry, I just felt the urge to put that out there lol. Back to the topic at hand. I would be happy to help! I don’t have many resources I can maybe suggest checking out for certain things (cause, well… I don’t have the courage to seek them out just yet), but I can at least tell you my personal experience and give my thoughts on what might be a good way to handle it. But yeah, feel free to PM me anytime and I’ll help out as best I can :grin:


@Carawen I hear the word beta-testing. Count me in.
Oh, and as it’s probably the 1000th post, I would like to thank everyone for contributing here.
Oh, and thanks to you too, @Carawen, for this wonderful gift!

EDIT: Did I jusst miss out from the beta testing squad? OMG, my sleeping habit had already cost me a big deal, and now this. I absolutely hate sleeping, it’s official now.
Sighs, goes back to sleep, holding his grudge to himself