The Shadow Society (WIP) Taking a Break (14/8 - 18)



All of your characters are very interesting. I’ve played through this a bunch of times, and I really can’t pick a favorite. That speaks to how well I think you are developing them because I don’t have an immediate favorite.

Not sure if this was reported before but here is bit of repeating text


@Eric_knight Haha yeah, Michaela would definitely do that, albeit awkwardly :smile: that’s such a cute scenario!

@Jared_Frias Oh, it’s new! Thank you so much ^-^ I commissioned an artist named RingoTeam to make a portrait of me that I could put as a profile picture. I agree, I love their art style so much <3 Here’s their tumblr if you want to check out more of their art!

Hehe yeah, Q can be a bit mischievous sometimes :wink:

@TheGoodRebel, @Yennefer98 and @Punchysporkk So glad so you liked G’s jealousy scenes! They were honestly my favorite to write :blush:

@Prof_Chaos Thank you so much! That’s an amazing compliment to receive :blush: I’m really glad that people seem to like them all and not just one or two.

@Aleksa100 Oh no, I thought I had fixed that D: I’ll fix it as soon as I can! Thanks for letting me know!


One issue, well, not exactly an issue, but I’m serious about it…

I was wondering, can we have an option about being a jack of all trades? I personally know a few who are like that. A mere suggestion it is.


@CalcuttaCalling That’s not a bad idea, actually. I think I will add that in! Thanks for the suggestion ^^


By the way, I’d like to ask for people’s opinion on something!

I’m currently working on improving the stat screen, and thought it’d be neat to add in the excerpts from the document there. I had an idea that the further you progress in the story, the more of the excerpts will be visible. Since I’ve released three so far, I’d probably make those three accessible early on, but then I’d add more that can be read througout certain points in the story.

It’s kind of like a codex/lore thing. Would anyone be interested in this additional content? Or would it just be a waste of time? I’d like to hear what you guys think :blush:


Personally, I love having access to a game’s lore mostly to help make sense of the unfamiliar world (for example, the Demonheart VN has a great Codex in journal form), so when some stuff you happened to hear at an early point would crop up later, you could refer to the lore to figure what is going on or why. Does that make sense?

Point is, if you’re going for a lore-heavy worldbuild, it could be useful to keep track of everything. But don’t take my word for it (mainly cause I LOVE reading game lore in general and will never say no if someone gives it to me)


I love getting extra bits of lore in games, so I’m all for it- as long as it’s not mandatory. I fully intend to replay TSS more times than I can count and while reading the codex would be fun, having to read it every time would get not so fun. :grin:


I like unlocking more lore info as I go along in games so I vote for including it~


I think we are always up for some lore.


More lore is always better.


I’m a fan of the idea but quick question how will you do it? Would it work like it just unlocks as you play through it or would it be more like certain choices unlock certain excerpts so you have to play through the story multiple times to get every piece of lore?


I really love the idea of unlocking the lore stuff, it makes it a lot more fun (for me at least) and it’s a nice way to get more into the world of the story… if you know what i mean.


@Ch3rryB0mb I get what you mean! The Demonheart codex is really useful. I was thinking to include clarification pieces/reminders like that, as well as history and such, like you might have seen in the notebook excerpts in the document :blush:

@Punchysporkk Oh no, it wouldn’t be mandatory! I want the reader to get to know things in the actual story, but having a codex as reminder as well as unlocking extra content that might give additional insight if the reader is interested :slight_smile:

@Jared_Frias I’m planning to make it available at certain points in the story to avoid the reader getting spoiled, but I wouldn’t restrict it to certain choices. That would be pretty annoying for those who don’t enjoy reading through the same story twice, I wager :slight_smile:

@nulCat I’m so glad you think so! I’m a huge lore nerd myself and writing in the document has been so much fun so I’d be happy to include more ^^


Oh, and in case anyone here hasn’t seen on my tumblr, I have finished the improved stat page! The additional content from the document will be accessable when you wake up on the second day in the mansion. In the future I plan to include notations for when new content is unlocked, though :blush:


Hi all!

This was originally something that I created specifically for my patrons, since I couldn’t provide any sneak peaks this week. But seeing as it got kind of long and it’s a special case I thought it’d be nice to share it with everyone ^^

Basically, I asked them to request a scene, and they voted for something like a lighthearted beach scene or summer inspired. For the sake of the narrative, I needed to decide the sexes of the characters, and I made the decision from what I think my patrons would have preferred.

Of course, knowing my characters, it did get kind of impossible to make it completely lighthearted, but I did my best lmao.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it, and happy summer to everyone!

Follow this link to read!~


Wow, that’s a good one. Not much of a big story, not that I was looking for a full-fledged story anyway, but I got what I wanted. Look at the dialogues, they are quite free-flowing, and the sentences are not constrained. That style is what I most eagerly cherish. Tell me again, how long did it take you to write? 1 hour? I won’t be surprised given your ‘reputation’ of writing a book a day. That’s quite prodigal of you.
Btw, if the patrons, for e.g. @Orchid sue you, you never met me, ok?


Sorry, I had to…


This is good


@CalcuttaCalling I’m glad you like it! I won’t lie, it was tough to put the characters in that kind of scenario, since they’re so bound to the original story in a way :sweat_smile: Hmm, I think it took me around two hours? Though I had to cut out some stuff since it started getting way too long…

@Yennefer98 Hahah perfect representation of A :joy: thank you for this!

@GamesMaster Thank you, I’m glad you think so! :blush: