The Shadow Society (WIP) Taking a Break (14/8 - 18)



Sorry this might sound silly but.
idk if i’m reading this part right
"Azuridian, Quaiel and Michael have formed a wall in front of me, whilst Rheylo is supporting a half-conscious Michael. "
If Michael is half conscious I don’t think he’d be able to form a wall with the rest of the guys?
Or is Rheylo supporting Michael while forming the wall?

Also I just have to say I love the rivalry between A/M and A/G I just can’t bring myself to play with Q or R like that :x


That’s why i mentioned M is quite pity… M is half conscious …yes, But there is no stopping R to drag M into a standing position and apply M’s body as “human” shield :slight_smile:


So, I don’t know if it was here or over at tumblr, but someone was kind enough to point out that if you travel with R and M ans choose to stay, an option to react to M’s concern will pop up but whatever choice you pick except for the romantic one with R won’t display any choice-specific dialogue. That was something I totally forgot to add, but I’ve added reactions to all those choices now! Just thought I’d let y’all know~

@Moon_Blink Oh wow, what an incredibly nice message! :blush: Thank you so, so much! And I’m glad that you’re drawn to R, haha.

I totally get you with A; I can get quite annoyed sometimes during their scenes too, though I love writing them at the same time :wink: thank you again and I hope you will enjoy the finished product! :heart:

@RovePaw Thank you so much for pointing these out! M is not supposed to be hurt alongside G, so I will look at the script and fix that ASAP!

About the MC sees G first, that’s something I totally overlooked lmao. I’ll be fixing that, too! Thanks again for your help :smile: and wow, I’m so happy that you’ve played it several times! I’m really trying to make the replayability value high so that’s amazing to hear :blush:

@WillyJackson Aww, thank you so much for the nice message :sob: I know it might seem a little too ambitious, but I want to tell the story that I’ve envisioned without thinking about length and obstacles, for better or for worse. I’m so happy that you enjoy it!!

@Nazroth Haha well, yandere might be a bit extreme, but they’re certainly not the best at hiding their feelings once someone has caught their interest :wink:

@Eric_knight I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know that you liked M’s backstory! :smile: there is a lot more to it, but you’ll find out more during the course of the story~

What did you think of the Q/M jealousy scenes? Those two are the most tame ones, I think, since M is kind of awkward and insecure and Q is such a quiet presence :sweat_smile:

Haha, and that’s a good point. I definitely want the MC to have the chance to be oblivious to them encouraging the RO’s if the players wish. I will implement an option to let the MC decide whether they’re knowingly leading them on or not though, I think!

@nulCat Not silly at all! You’re totally right lmao. M might have a lot of willpower, but not enough to shield the MC in an unconscious state :sweat_smile: I fixed that now, thank you so much for pointing that out!

Haha I’m glad you like the A jealousy scenes! To be fair, the Q and R combination isn’t so bad, since they’re both kind of oblivious to their own feelings for the MC :wink: but I definitely understand what you mean.


So, I was thinking how different characters would reply to what happens in the forum. I don’t want to sound offending, just a bit of fun. I guess it would be something like this…

A: This is what happens when you don’t pay attention.:expressionless:

G: Hey Mr. Human, is this a new word the Ox…the Ox… whatever…dictionary put in their list? Can you please tell me the meaning? Please, please, please?:star_struck:

R: I don’t give a da…wait, what? I…I …uh, I need to go.:flushed:

M: If you don’t mind me interrupting, your daydream looks more like a nightmare. You don’t mind, do you? I’m really sorry, I really didn’t want to.

Q: …


@CalcuttaCalling All I have to say is… Q is spot on :ok_hand: you captured their character in a way that even I, the author of the story, haven’t been able to achieve :astonished:

Jokes aside, that really made me laugh! Pretty spot on for all of them, I’d say :laughing: great job!!


In chapt6, label betterleader2 I noticed 2 *if blocks (intimidating >60 and <60) and that could lead to MC with int=60 failing both checks and missing on all the text till the page break. Perhaps >= / <=? Or to use else/if, that way you can also cut out duplicate bits:

*label leader

*if (int > 60)
	Text reaction for an intimidating MC "You're as scary as A!"
	*goto next

	Text reaction for approachable MC "You're too nice to take lead"
	*goto next

*label next
General text here that follows both reactions. "Being a leader is not easy"

Although for managing and optimising duplicate text overall (rom 1/2/3 options), subroutines would be the ideal bet, imo.


@Jumo_004 Ah, you’re right about that. I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to make it work, but I will implement it like you’ve suggested! Thank you so much!!


yea…Carawen and Calcutta, the so called jealousy scene is very “innocence” , honestly when i put myself imagine fully into that occasion, i didn’t realise both Michaela and Quarie were even jealous of anything… this will be the perfect option for anyone who want to experience “unintentional” and " innocence" love triangle…

It was very adorable for Quarie to quietly sit herself in a corner , listening and observing the interaction between me and Michaela … then crawl , i think Quarie really crawl in front of Michaela in order to look her in the eyes, Quarie even manage to nod her head when i ask her something …that’s so adorable , and no indication of what she really felt… but the good thing of following A 's car and ran away is that we got to read the feeling of Q towards MC , so was Quarie sad when she observe me and Michaela from the corber ?

and if i continue to follow this route, i can predict that Quarie will be the one who play the role of sad secret admirer , something like MC thought he is having good relationship with M …but didn’t realise everything he interact with Q actually meant “something” to Q… :flushed:


Has anyone mentioned that when you choose not to run out of the car (when the shadow citizens are blocking the way) that it takes you to the wrong result?


I came here to have a good time, not get my heart broken ; x ;


But everyone will make their different choice in the story right ? and with it, there will be alternate journey :slight_smile:

Hmm…i am fine with sticking with only M or Q , but at the same time …i can’t resist to look at one of them occasionally … so , by looking at them… i will somehow choose to interact with them ( with good intention) , i am truly sorry if one of them get hurt :pensive::weary: That’s the reason i claim “ignorant” for my action , i don’t want myself to be heart broken so i need to continue interact with them :slight_smile:


Lol, I was only joking, I really liked that idea and could totally see it happening, I’m like 100% sure M and Q would both be understanding of that situation… probably lol :grin:


Yeah i agree… M and Q seem the most gentle souls of the group , they might feel sad and disappointed with us…but they won’t do anything drastic ( i think )

and their personality ( M and Q ) actually make the love triangle relationship kind of “funny”, imagine this … during the wedding vow in front of a priest, Q standing quietly behind MC and M.

Priest : Do you, young lady has anything to say ?
Quarie : ------

and even after go back to our home , M suddenly notice Q is sitting in a corner watching MC and M…

M : Errr… do you want to stay with us?
Q: nod …


Probably, true, at least more then G and their anti-M weapon


@Eric_knight Yeah; with G and A it’s pretty clear what’s going on, but with the Q/M and Q/R combination things can get kind of confusing, for all parties involved, haha. Though a flirty, observant MC can potentially be aware of it whilst Q/M or Q/R are not :wink:

As for Q, their interaction with other people is limited, to say the least. They don’t mind this much, but when the MC (potentially) spends time with them they think it’s kind of nice and not how they expected it to be. Q doesn’t catch feelings for someone very quickly (unlike M, for example), but they still feel complicated when they see the MC enjoy themselves with someone else so much… It’s a bit of a messy situation, all in all :sweat_smile:

I hope you like the continuation of it ;D

@CD_Lucas-Jones I’m guessing you mean when you go with R and M, right? It should take you to the right result now, since I corrected it recently :o could you please be more specific about the scenario and where you end up?

@nulCat Haha aw, I’m sorry (but not really) :wink:


yeah …i sure like the continuation , not to say enjoying together with Michaela …but just a funny thought about the scene when Michaela and I give a hug to each other , then Michaela notice Querie is staring at our intimacy … so Michaela push me back and ask Querie " Do you want a hug too ? "
Querie just nod quietly and all three of us can have a group hug :sweat_smile: So i think no harm in the end …


(Looks at @Carawen’s profile pic) 1: is that new or have I just been oblivious and 2: OMG I love it I don’t know why but I just love that art style

Also just felt like mentioning every scene with Q makes me like them even more they didn’t strike me as the type to enjoy messing with people but that scene with what I assume is a spider was great and that goes for all choices involved in that scene


I’m sorry y’all but G’s jealousy scenes were the best.


They were so good. Very intense. I wasn’t so interested in G until this update, but now they’re fighting A for my 2nd favorite.


Oh yes, can we talk about the Creep-o-killer? THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS.