The Shadow Society (WIP) Taking a Break (14/8 - 18)



Clicking random buttons looking for typos/inconsistencies. Sorry if some of these have been brought up already, I’m not reading throught the whole thread just to check since it doesn’t hurt to give you useless info.

At the very leasy… at the very least…

Same paragraphs repeated with slightly different wording, probably a coding oversight.

(Also I’m not an alcoholic, I just… get bored sometimes)

Had to drink… have to drink…

(Though that error probably answers the question, eh?)

The human think… the human thinks…

(Even if the human rarely actually thinks)

Quill my laughter… quell my laughter…

(Unless perhaps I am being tickled by a quill, which is causing me to laugh?)


Bug. If you’re romancing M and choose to laugh at them in chapter mic1, micome var remains false. So when in chapter escshadowman1, in label branchescape1 you don’t meet any of the required M checks and the game ends.

Also, in chapt6, line 412

${michel} mumbles to me

var typo


Finally have time to try out the jealousy scene with A being the RO my MC first spent time with and my favorite is A vs G. I’ll be honest, I am not a fan of love triangles but I really want Azuridian to suffer first but Gwyndal is just too sweet to be second lead… It’s so hard. :cold_sweat:


Q is female in my case

Two bugs

Beginning of chapter 6. Happens if you have 20% romance with A. I guess the first is A-romance specific and conflicts with the standard one.


#“No need to be so rude about it.”

option in chapt6stay.txt while talking to A has a paragraph which is referencing the MC fleeing the car, which is not the case:

“Is that also why you decided to run away?” $!{az_he} asks me coldly. “Because you care so much about getting to know us?”

Ohh it pains me to say it, but I almost feel the same way^^… Especially after:

There is no hidden concern behind her words, no sign that she is even slightly worried for my well-being. On the contrary, the blue eyes are void of any emotion whatsoever.

Further down the line they will care, right? Right?!


We must not lose hope! :sparkling_heart:.

I really don’t know why I am drawn to him! :cry:


I just read the extended demo. And guess what? I am pretty sure no one else pointed this bug out. So I am doing the favor…

REALLY? You gotta be KIDDING ME!!!

I hate to admit, but the jealousy scenes are written so well that I am having half a mind to go with polyamorous route. Anything that makes the white haired narcissist uncomfortable is a … dominating sensation… uh, I mean a moral victory, that’s it.


I was nearly crushed because I though you legitimately thought you managed to somehow get them to tolerate you (because A doesn’t like people, they tolerate them) and kept questioning my life(game)'s choices and where I wen’t wrong!

A please love me too


@illuminato Aah, thanks so much for pointing that out! Continuity error. The dialogue should be different now if you choose to stay! :blush:

@GamesMaster Oh wow, that far back :sweat_smile: I’ll fix it ASAP!

@CalcuttaCalling You mostly missed a whole lot of errors, so consider yourself lucky :joy: Ohh I saw someone mention me in a thread like that, I just haven’t had time to respond properly! That’s so amazing… Thank you so much :sob:

And congrats on being bffs with A :laughing: there won’t be a poly route unfortunately, but I’m thrilled that you like the jealousy scenes!

@Divine_Apostasy That’s so nice of you to do! I absolutely don’t mind getting the same bug reports several times; it’s far better than missing them :blush: I don’t have time to correct those right now, but I will later today!

@Jumo_004 Thanks so much! I fixed those now :slight_smile:

@resuri08 Haha, the frustrating thing is that A would only be spurred on more by knowing that the MC actively tried to affect them :sweat_smile:

@Noah Thank you Noah! I will fix it as soon as I can :blush:

@Orchid Thanks a lot! The escape mixup is fixed now, will get to the repetitive part too ASAP!

@Ch3rryB0mb haha aw, sorry to make you worried :relieved:


@Carawen you brought the fancy ball of grumpiness that is A in our lives, do not apologise. I await the day this game will be released to unleash operation “I wil friend you so hard, you’ll have to love me” on them. The name is a work in progress, admitedly…


I spent hours playing through the demo, and at first I wasn’t too sure about Gwyndal, but after playing through his jealousy scenes… I may have just found my favourite.


“Mean it in that way” or “mean it that way”

To do this


General Fixes Update:

  • Jealousy scene with A and M is fixed, and A won’t talk about the MC running away if they chose to stay.

  • R scene fixed; if MC stays with the group, R will ask them why they didn’t run away instead of telling the MC they don’t blame them for running away.

  • Continuity error with M scene fixed; if you chose the flirty romance option with M the first time, the MC will remember M’s “flushed face”, but if MC didn’t choose that option this won’t be mentioned.

  • Alternate scene if a persuasive MC convinced R to run through the group of shadows will now trigger as it should

  • Some alternate lines if the MC chose to hold onto the substance (if traveling with R and M and leaving the vehicle) should now work as intended.

I also deleted some repetitive lines and fixed some spelling errors, which I will now continue to do! Thank you all for helping me find these errors!


Ok, i have no idea how i just found this gem yesterday by chance!!!
How did i not know about this amazing story?!!
This is absolutely awesome and i am really really excited for it.
It’s well written, absorbing, the characters are all unique and interesting, and god i’m in love with R already :heart_eyes: A also intrigues me but in a “god you annoy the hell outta me but i still wanna see where this will go!” way. Honestly i love all the characters and played through all of them in the demo :heart:
Well done, and amazing work.


Helloo, sorry about this, just a few things I noticed:

This one is just a missing word

“We don’t know what it could do to you.”

These next ones are just things I’m confused about. Not sure if they’re bugs or not.

Potential Spoilers

Gwyndal is the main romance, travelled with Rheylo and Michael and stayed. Held the black stuff. Opened eyes to Michael:

I’m not sure if Michael was meant to be injured along with Gywndal but it only mentioned the latter before we were knocked out. If Michael was meant to be injured too then it doesn’t mention him struggling when he helps the MC up as it usually does :slight_smile:

Next one is under the same circumstances as the others, the only difference being the MC sees Gwyndal first when they wake up:

Firstly, Michael isn’t injured here like he was in the other example, so I assume he wasn’t meant to have been in the first place.

Lastly, the last paragraph “What about Gwyndal” seems to assume this is the first time seeing him upon waking.
This also seems to be the example before this one, in which MC wakes up to Michael before Gwyndal jumps in to check on the MC.

That’s it, sorry if none of this makes sense-let me know if that’s the case!

And I just wanted to mention that I can’t count the amount of times I’ve played through this demo-it just so engaging! Exploring the outcomes of each choice is so exciting and gives the reader many reasons to replay :blush:


Boy do I love your updates. Really good stuff, as always. And the replayability is so damn high. But I’m amazed this is but a fucking demo. It’s over 300k words, you’re amazing @Carawen.


So I see G is actually a yandere, I had a hunch but this update just confirms it, now I kind of want to trigger jealous scenes with them just to see their reactions.


The back story of M is very well written , it reveal why Michaela became a footballer even though she didn’t like it,it touch some family love scene of she and her father as well… that is truly a unique personality for M who is much of a down to earth person … i am sure M will get lots of love for the distinguish personality…

i am happy to get both Quarie and Michaela romance to 10% , let see how it goes in the future :slight_smile:


H-how could you make two sweetest ROs fight over you!? :open_mouth: My heart


Ahhh… they didn’t fight over me, yet …

It is just that I look for them to have a nice chat, i never realise their romance relation will increase with me …not my fault right ? errrr…right ? :thinking: