The Shadow Society (WIP) Taking a Break (14/8 - 18)



By the way, I’ll just copy/paste from tumblr because I’m lazy:

M jealousy scenes + other stuff FIXED!


I finally fixed all the jealousy scenes for M! I’ve playtested with all the RO’s, so I’m pretty positive that it will work without issues now :smiley:

Also, I have gone through and changed dialogue and mentions of the MC escaping if you chose to stay. There might be some mistake that I’ve missed, but I think I’ve covered most of it!

So, now I will proceed to focus on fixing misspellings and polish the text a bit (unless other errors occur on the way sob)

I think I might be able to get to some asks today as well^^

Thanks everyone for your patience, assistance with squishing bugs and kind words! It truly helps me so much <3


Guys, I know this is a stupid question, but I’m kinda struggling to visualise the builds. Please could somebody describe them? I’m going for small and thin:


I would guess

Slender build or thin but athletic build


Judging from your preference, you could go with slender build if we based it by meaning from free dictionary,

Thin and delicate in build; gracefully slim


Thank you guys! I appreciate it :blush:


found a small confusing detail

i decided to hang out with M in the Hideout and flirt openly with them
i didn’t talk to them in the mansion, so the MC never heard “don’t want to rush things” phrase

and another thing: if we ride with R and M and then decide to abandon car, R gives the MC some strange substance. we can choose what to do with it (drop, hold or devour) and if we decide to hold it, it’s not mentioned after the shadows appear. i mean what happened to it? did we just threw it away or what?


I am also wondering this. But I forgot to mention it. Seems like a continuity error.


@mahariel Yup, that’s a continuity error! Thanks for catching it, I will fix it as soon as I can!

Oh, the substance stuff should appear afterwards… I gotta take a look at that. Thanks for letting me know!


@Carawen, the update is fabulous! Thank you for your hard work!:kissing_heart:


Great story can’t wait to see the rest of it.


@Jumo_004 Ah, i see. Thanks for explaining :slight_smile:

Yes it does, thank you. I hope having it orginized this way did help in your writing process. :slight_smile:

In general, I want to say, that you managed to catch the perfect point for ending the demo. The player has now enough information, about the world and the situation, to have a good idea how the story might procced. But there is still much more that makes one curious. Just to name a few: What is this Hideout? Is it a center for other “insugents” who oppose the Shadowman or is our group alone in their fight? Are they even truthful with us? What does being a paladin mean? And, connected to that, to what an extend is the MC able to change the shadow world?
Moreover you conveyed impressions of how the character interactions will play out throughout the game by having them react to different choice the MC made and introducing the jealousy scenes.
Plenty of things to look forward to :slight_smile:

Soooo yeah… I’m really excited and only can go along with those above me by thanking you for the work you put into your game and the time you spend with your community on this forum(which is awesome btw.), tumblr and patreon! :blush:

Ohh and can we talk about the fact, that you can tell the whole band that they pale (pun intended) compared to A’s sexieness xD Sadly I’d never choose that option in my canon playtrough romancing A ,even though its true


The way I see it all the builds are nondescript in hight also keep in mind most of the body types I’m viewing as male

I view a slender build as a kinda lanky build almost like shaggy from Scooby-Doo or most the the “The World Ends With You” characters

I’d say thin but athletic is your basic anime fighter dude look

I’d say muscular build is your big guy kinda like angeal from final fantasy

I’d say avarage is just your basic dude not skinny, fat, muscular, or anything

Now curvy I can only imagine being used for a female and I’m assuming it wouldn’t be something ridiculous like esdeath from akame ga kill and probably something more like yang from RWBY

The only thing I can think of when I hear a chubby character (especially since my mind thinks of anime characters) is young goku just stretched out to be an adult

And I guess you can use something similar for round just enlarged as well so that the character is an adult

That’s at least the way I interpret it. Really hope this isn’t too long :disappointed_relieved:


Can someone please send the look of the female ROs ?


Don’t worry, it isn’t too long! I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question, and with pictures too! :blush:

That isn’t to say I don’t appreciate the other answers too, of course! You have all been very helpful :relaxed:


@Eli_Knight I’m so happy you like it :smile: thank you for the support!

@Nomad33810 I’m really glad to hear that you want more of the story, thank you for the enthusiasm :blush:

@Orchid It really, really did! I was honestly really nervous about how many scenes I would have to create for the full game at first, so your suggestion really saved me so much extra work. Thank you again :smile:

And that’s great to hear! I was hoping it would be a place that wasn’t too much of a cliffhanger and where the reader still hadn’t gotten a good sense of what was going on. I’m happy that you think I achieved that :blush:

Thank you so, so much for all the support for this, it really means so much! :heart:

lmao if only A was present, they’d be so arrogant about it xD

@Jared_Frias Some of the body options are more open to interpretation than others :slight_smile: there are different kind of body shapes depending on the person, so it’s really up to the reader what kind of curvy, chubby, muscular etc. body their MC has. And I’ve seen curvy guys, as well; it’s not as common as curvy women, but they do exist :wink:

Either way, it was really nice of you to send pictures to help @RovePaw with the visualization!

@Pedro_Ferreira There isn’t a definite look to any of the characters other than the descriptions in the book/game; that’s kind of the point of reading, to use your imagination :wink: but you’re welcome to faceclaim actors etc. that you think would suit them however you want~


I think if you leave it like that as the Free Demo , no doubt it will garner lots of interest for the Shadow Society…

However, i am just wondering … since you give 350k words of free demo, while requesting the rest of the book to be paid… if the remainder is longer than the demo, perhaps they won’t complain…but if the remainder is less, they might complain ( as i read in the past ) that they need to pay for the small amount of extra words…

so in the final product, perhaps you should only give them 2-3 chapters of free demo instead of 5?


@Eric_knight Oh, the remainder is definitely going to be longer than the demo. I wouldn’t release more than half the story for free and then release less than that for payment :hushed: What you’ve read is about one third of the story or something like that… Yup, it’s going to be a long one, haha. Thanks for the advice, though, I really appreciate it :blush:


“Hey”, Rheylo says finally, interrupting my thoughts. “I just want to say that I get it.”

I blink at him in confusion. “Get what?”

“Why you ran off like that. I mean, uh…” He brings a hand to his neck, scratching it awkwardly while desperately avoiding eye contact. “I mean, I don’t blame you. Not really.”

I got that bit of text when I went to talk to Rheylo, but unless he’s talking about something different, I stayed in the car with him and michael in that playthrough instead of running away.


The pixie-looking woman raises
eyebrows, pointing to her ears. “You’re still convinced of that, even after seeing this? And…” Using her other hand, she points towards her eyes. “…These?”


So, I was out for a few days. Aaaand I came back to this…

So, a simple question, WHAT DID I NOT MISS?

I didn’t check out the demo yet, but I see a lot of new faces around. Should be great, I guess.
By the way, most of the members have mentioned TSS as one of the best WIPs of 2018, so, congrats to @Carawen !! I am sorry that I couldn’t read the demo yet, but i hope to do so when I finally manage to get some time.