The Shadow Society (WIP) Taking a Break (14/8 - 18)



@Yennefer98 So sorry about that, it was all because of a missing letter D: now it should work properly!

@TheGoodRebel I’ve spent a good amount of time trying to figure out why the jealousy scenes in M’s scene doesn’t trigger, and I still don’t really know what the issue is… I will keep looking into it and update here when I’ve identified the problem!

@GamesMaster That was really strange, since that line didn’t even have text :hushed: when I choose hobby it works fine, and I’ve tried quite a few of them now. Could you please tell me if the problem continues, or if it works now?


line 5064, double goto:
*goto *goto micrheypob5

line 366: invalid indent

line 4911: typo in var ‘r_frienship’

^ Also 5413, 5715 and 7068, same typo, same chapter.


In chapter 5, both A and R says I ran away, no matter if I did or not.


Not sure if it’s been pointed out, but in chapter 5, there’s a bit of a mixup with the names (red).

Also a bit of a typo in all scenes I tried (blue)

Also, after this scene this message pops up whenever you try to choose pretty much any answer that would give you R points

Sorry if it has already been mentioned, hope it helps


Minor spelling error chapter 2 m!G’s route.


During m!R’s Jealousy route, if you decide to talk to m!M, m!A shows up instead of m!R in all romance choices. I wasn’t sure if this was intentional.


During m!A’s jealousy route when speaking to m!G, it says that they turn to face in R’s direction. Should that be A’s instead


I got this error in m!R’s route, when trying to talk to m!A in the jealous scenes.


@Carawen Just wanted to let you know that I am no longer reading the updates and not posting much, doesn’t mean I have lost interest, quite the opposite. Once I feel the author is on their way to a great story, I stop reading so as to not spoil all of it before it releases. So just here to say keep fighting the good fight and I look forward to reading this after its release.


I love this story so much even though it’s a WIP it’s easily one of my top two text based games.

I also really appreciate the characterisation of the mc I’ve especially noticed it when with my chosen RO- you can be stubborn, a flirt or shy.

and the dynamics with the gang <3 and I also really enjoyed reading that word document with the diary entries :joy:


well…i found a link about the sapphire, normally it is blue or purple but there are rare ones who are pink :slight_smile:
pink sapphire

Star Sapphire ( my favourite in my Dungeons and Dragons RPG )

there are also, white, yellow and greenish in colour…

Look like the story can elevate MC like the protagonist in “Eragon” , where eventually MC will be sort of messiah and leader in the shadow world :slight_smile:

The political turmoil should play an integral part in future books ( i presume )… and it also make the choice of our romance more interesting choosing A and R should mean a fast track into nobility with a higher chance of becoming future ruler ? i am not sure about the background of Q but the mysterious background will perhaps play a more important role, as for G…hmmmm, so far G is more like a loyal follower but M is the most sorrowful because M is just a human … and you can argue that there is no benefit of romancing an expendable human ? but M should make a good “underdog” story


It works thanks


@Jumo_004 Thank you, Jumo! I’ve corrected those :blush:

@The_Lady_Luck Yeah, I’m aware of that - at the time being I’m focusing on fixing the errors that hinders the gameplay and fix M’s jealousy scenes, and as soon as that’s done I’m moving on to fixing those kind of bugs that changes the text depending on choices :slight_smile: thanks for letting me know!

@Ch3rryB0mb Thank you, I fixed the name mixup and the error! Hopefully that was the very last “frienship” error, I’ve gotten quite a lot of those D: and it’s really helpful, so thank you again!

@Caspiera Oh my, that far back :sweat_smile: I’ll fix it, thank you so much!

Yes, M’s jealousy scenes don’t trigger for some reason… .Working on fixing that right now :blush:

And I fixed the Rheylo/Azur mixup in G’s scene, thanks so much for letting me know about that!

Hmm, that last error is something I already fixed :o hopefully it works now, because when I look at the script it’s as it should be!

@2xs Aww, thanks for letting me know! It’s really nice of you to check in. And I totally understand not wanting to be spoiled before the full release, I like going in blind as well :slight_smile: I hope you’ll enjoy the full book!

@Lola Thank you so much! With all the amazing stories that exists on this forum, that means so much to hear :blush: yes, the characterization is very important to me. Especially not being forced to flirt to start a romance. This is something that’s irked me a lot when playing Bioware games for example, since it takes out so much of the roleplaying aspect when you have to act a certain way to get content. Glad you liked the document stuff too ;D

@Eric_knight Oh, there are several colors of sapphires, but it’s true that it’s my mistake to include that kind of likeness to something turquoise, since it’s mostly associated to a deep blue shade… It might be a little confusing of a description, so I’ll change it later on :wink:

Hmm, yes, kind of? Some people in the Shadoworld would have that kind of view of the MC, whilst others would have an entirely different view… So it differs quite a lot depending on the cultures :blush: that’s quite a large part of the political aspect of the story!

Can’t say anything about that yet, since it would spoil their backgrounds and plot points :slight_smile: you will have to wait and see~

@GamesMaster Glad to hear it! :smile:


@Carawen glad to help even a little, keep up your amazing work!! :heart_eyes:


@Ch3rryB0mb LMAO I just noticed the “I couldn’t give an honest question to that myself” that you have highlighted :joy: I didn’t notice that! Must have been really tired when I wrote it hahaha. Thank you so much for telling me about that! And thanks for the support! :heart:

Some typos


Maybe… maybe someone was angry at us for breaking in? Like, some otherwordly being?



collarbone, tugging losely at the fabric



I get your distate for your



and therefore close surveillance was of outmost importance.

utmost, x2 in this chapter.

seems to notice my giddyness, because


takes note of my inner struggle. The smallsmirk

small smirk

though it is not a sound that holds no comfort or assurement.

Double negative, plus “assurement” is not english. Maybe reassurance? “Though it’s not a sound that holds comfort or reassurance”. x5 in this chapter.

an intrigued glint shinging

shining, x3.


Actually, it’d be pretty disasterous. No, scratch pretty; it’d be totally disasturous!

disastrous in both

“It felt so wierd to hold”, I mumble


!{mi_he} extands {mi_his} hands


trying not to think too much about the possible reprecussions


Although there are still black smeares


at the thought of my new aqcuintances being hurt

acquaintances, x2

What happened today might not be a one-time occurance

occurrence, x3

I’d rather stay the way I am", I say queitly.



The shadowman tuts at the display, but still moves back a few metres

In american english both units and measuring instruments are spelled as “meters”, x5


actoss the face. "[i]Creepy[/i



Could it be ${qu_his} mother tounge?


Instead of having to stare at a squary screen



when I notice the red color that has creeped into

crept into


The lights flicker on once more, and I catch a glimt of

glint, x4


talking jibberish at you outside



hans up and down



I get your distate for your





Before I have time to form a coherent sentance



presumably some sort of otherwordly being



That didn’t come out quite as confidentily as I had hoped.



and therefore close surveillance was of outmost importance.

utmost, x2

I can probably get some answers concerning something else, at the very leasy.

at the very least


again should be giddiness, x1

though it is not a sound that holds no comfort or assurement.

Again, x5

an intrigued glint shinging

Again, x3

standing on the treshold



Where did you get the scene names? I tried going through the code, but the last scene on the startup file is “continue”…


/mygame/scenes/ to fetch the whole list

*scene_list tells CS where to navigate between chapters that end with *finish. Here *goto_scene is used instead


@Jumo_004 Thank you so much Jumo! I will take a look at those when I can!:blush:

@Orchid Yeah, really sorry about the messy script… I made this before I even knew that people were able to go through the script😅 thanks to the help you gave me in that message I only have three major scene files with this new update; chapt5stay, chapt5escape and chapt6stay. Then there are some individual scenes like mic2, qui2 and gwy2. A and R’s are in chapt5escape and chapt6stay, however. Hope that clears it up a little?


Ahhh, the update was wonderful!! I can’t wait to do more playthroughs >_<


Azuridian also says this after Michael and Rheylo respond to the “ancestors’ deeds” line of questioning.

I was wondering why our precious quarterback was all beat up… ;-; I didn’t see an explanation of what happened before the MC passed out/was knocked out? In text, Michael was still standing before she fainted.

“[…] area that catches my immediate attention, though.” perhaps?

Michael is too cute!!! In the wise words that my easily embarrassed MC would say: I CAN’T HANDLE IT TOO, AS WELL, ALSO. Seriously, his romance scene was the equivalent of “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna dieee” >_< :heart:


I’m sorry but 3 save slots aint enough for this game :frowning:. The replayability for 5 chapters is amazing.


@LauraSikdar I’m so happy you like it :smile: and thank you so much, I’ve actually corrected those recently so I hope that the text will be displayed as intended now! The injured M is only supposed to happen if they save you on the escape path :hushed: but I did playtest it and I didn’t see any mention of any injuries when I did, so hopefully that will work as intended!

And I will fix the misspellings, too! Thank you ^^

Ahaha, so happy you like M ;D there is an extra option for them in that scene if you have high intuition, just to let you know!

@TheGoodRebel That’s so sweet of you to say :blush: I definitely want this to be a game with high replayability, and I did in fact try to add 5 slots, but it still only displayed three… So I’m not sure how to do it, unfortunately :confused: and when I playtest only 2 slots work for some reason.