The Shadow Society (WIP) Taking a Break (14/8 - 18)



This game is gonna be so great.


They do. It is only this Lingerie Football League (as they were called, now swapped to Legends…) using that particular lack of uniform - that is pure spectator service.

There are more as well as older professional leagues for women. Easy to find out, search and you will see.

So, no need to put f!M in that kind of… outfit. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Carawen In the top screen capture Isabella posted here I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to get more options as well. I noticed I got more choices when I was on someone else’s route and switched to R here.


I know you got your hands full with actual errors but I did find a little menial thing that honestly you can leave and it’ll be fine but I did notice it

Sapphires are more of a dark blue/almost purple but aquamarines are turquoise just letting you know in case you want to change later but like I said it’s a very menial thing that doesn’t matter much


@Yennefer98 Thanks, Yennefer! I’ll look into it ASAP!

@mahariel I’ve been looking into that for a while and it seems like I finally know what the issue here is. I think it’s fixed with all of the jealousy scenes if you choose to talk to G the second time; at least, now it should work with A and R in G’s scenes. I will move on to fixing the other ones as well!

@Taylor_Enean Ah yeah, that’s what I’ve seen in wrestling and stuff, so it doesn’t exactly surprise me :sweat_smile: not that the football uniforms are going to be a huge part of the game, though :wink:

@Isabella_Taylor Thanks Isabella, I will fix it ASAP!

Um, as for how others point out that you “ran”, it’s one of those alternate scene things that I haven’t had time to fix due to some personal stuff. But I will in due time!

And I actually don’t know how to make that one appear greyed out, I’ve tried a couple of times and it doesn’t want to. Will look into it more later!

@Punchysporkk Yes, I’m aware of that. I will fix it ASAP! :slight_smile:

@Jared_Frias No, no, it’s not menial at all! It’s really helpful that you point out stuff like this as well, so I really appreciate it!


The 2nd option


now i can’t talk to G, this happens in every option


Here you go, the pronoun is correct, by the way

Sounds weird

I guess you mean “I”?


“Who’d’ve thunk it” is correct. It’s just slang.


When I choose I don’t have anymore questions I get this
chapt6stay line 2785: bad label chapt5cont1


Alright, I’ve gone over all the interaction files and playtested a few scenes, and I’m pretty sure that the jealousy scenes and interaction scenes should work as intended now. There might be a mistake left that I have missed somewhere, but so far it seems to work as it should :slight_smile:

@Ricemaker Thanks, it should work now :blush:

@mahariel As stated above I’m pretty sure it should work now with G :blush:

@Noah Thank you so much! I will correct them soon. And yeah, “Who’d have thunk it” is a kind of slang that I picture M using, so I let them say that instead of “thought” :wink:

@GamesMaster Thank you for notifying me of this, I think it should work correctly now!


Someone enlighten me about the jealousy scenes please. :slight_smile:


I think there are some jealousy scenes that aren’t working (the R/M, A/M, A/Q, and etc.) and there is also a bug when you first flirt with A, then if you choose to flirt with Q in chapter 5 all the flirt option (idk about the other options my main focus was the flirt option) in there has an error. And it seems that there are some errors if you romance Q first, then if you choose to talk to R/A in chap 5


i feel kinda bad for pointing this out because it’s nothing big, but there is a small mistake with names



@TheGoodRebel The jealousy scenes happen if you choose a romantic option with a character and, the second chance you have at interacting with them, choose a romantic option for another character. Hope that makes sense :sweat_smile:

@PelvicBone Thanks so much for letting me know! I’ve been going through those and now they seem to work, though please let me know if something else comes up!

@mahariel No, don’t feel bad! I need to fix misspellings and mixups just as much as errors :slight_smile: it’s just that the errors take priority now so that the game can progress without interruption. As soon as I’m certain that there are no more errors, I’ll move on to fixing mixups and such, so thank you so much for pointing this out!


@Carawen thanks for the information, And I encountered a bug when you choose to interact w/ R first then A for the second chance to interact


@TheGoodRebel No problem! And thanks, it should work properly now; I just tested it out :blush:


@Carawen Sorry if i keep bugging you, but is their a jealousy scene when you choose to interact with M instead of the previous RO you interacted with? because it always shows the scene where A walks up to both of you.


Again if I try to talk with Azuridian :joy:


When i choose a hobby I get this
mic2 line 1647: invalid indent, expected at least one line in ‘if’ true block