The Shadow Society (WIP) Taking a Break (14/8 - 18)



Wow… i think most fans will be very grateful of your generosity by providing us a free demo of 350k words, that’s actually double the word counts of many completed HG/CoG titles … you are amazing

That’s actually the “uniform” for LFL, based on my research , the ONLY professional Ladies American Football League and it had been operate for more than 10 seasons… here is a youtube video during their match and that’s what they wore

But your assessment about Michaela’s embarrassment and discomfort about wearing those uniform actually gives you more option and idea into writing Michalela 's career as a professional footballer …i meant it will gives readers the knowledge about distinguish differences between males and females footballers , perhaps in the romance route with Michaela , you can let her gives comments about how embarrass she is being “force” into wearing those kind of revealing uniform as compare to the Male counterpart … you can also let Michaela ask the MC about what’s their opinion about such uniform , whether they like it this way or not…if Michaela really dislike such “exploitation” about female footballer, if MC answer they like it…then the relationship stat could be decrease since this in conflict to Michaela’s personality …

In addition, you can also describe Michaela as being embarrassed or shy when she notice MC is watching her game in the stand in future event…

But this of course will make more works and trouble for you , since you need to fully write about a distinguish scene for Male M and female M… However, it way be a breakthrough in order to make M’s character more “unique” and leave long lasting impression that their character scene is not simply a copy and paste with changes of pronouns … In addition , it can also give a gentle reminder about discrimination of the female athletes …

Anyway, this is only meant as a suggestion and discussion for your future Book regarding how to make the characters more “intriguing”


Love the game. I’m hooked and must now learn all I can about these characters. I do have one question though. What is afro hair?


Go to google and look up Afro. You won’t be disappointed.


I think this is similar to what most people see when they think of the shadowman

This is what I see when I think of him

seriously though his eccentricity rivals that of kokichi’s and I love it :grin:


In Ms route, when you go to talk to them in ch5 and it go we you the option for the hobbies, I chose like 4 different ones and different times and they all came up with an error, I’ll try to get a picture again when I get the chance. Also at the end, kicking the “I’m going to tell him you said that” Also came with an error :smiley: (just thought I’d try and contribute lol)




i went with A, Q and G, convinced them to not ride over the shadows
G decided to distract them, so he can’t possibly be in this scene :thinking:
if he is, them who is holding MC’s hand? Q or G?

also i can’t choose to talk to A, it’s just an infinite load
and some errors and mistakes


my female mc turned into a male


No matter which option I choose here it shows an error =(

I didn’t run anywhere??

I think the ‘what does the tattoo mean’ part is supposed to be grayed out when you choose it once but it doesnt.


Thank you for the long demo~
I came across this when I picked “you’ve got to be kidding me”


No worries :slight_smile:
Now, when trying to talk to A (after the asking session), I just get the loading bar filling up indefinitely as if loading the scene. Atleast for like 5mins. I tried it with Brave(Chromium based), Firefox and Waterfox, as well as Edge.
EDIT: I just saw on your tumblr that you have the loading problem aswell. If it helps the trouble-shooting: I chose to talk to A in chpt. 3, too. But when I choose G both times it works. I did both playthroughs the exact same way, otherwise (A/G/Q car and staying).
Going with A in chpt3 and G in chapt 5 works, too. But going first with G and then trying to talk to A leads to infite loading. So it’s probably the “chapt5 talking to A alone” scene which causes the bug.
Maybe try comparing the code of the talking scenes in chapt 5 and see if A’s is coded slightly differently?

Some minor ones

Doubled paragraph, when choosing G in Chpt. 3 and 5

When asking no question you can still use the option “Thats alle the questions I have.” And this error pops up


(EDIT: I think I fixed the endless loading bar with A!! At least it works for me now, but please let me know if you still have issues with it!)

Thanks everyone for alerting me about the errors! I will do my best to fix them all, though it might take some time because I’m really exhausted and need a bit of a break from writing and coding at the moment.

I still can’t pinpoint the exact issue as to why the infinite loading bar occurs, since the script seems fine, but I will take a closer look later.

As I said when I posted chapter 5, I knew that there was going to be a lot of errors, but I still want to apologize for how many there are. I’ve come to realize, while editing and correcting, that this game has gotten waay to big for me to handle by myself, so I will probably start looking for volunteering beta testers very soon so that the majority of people here won’t have to deal with these issues.

Again, thanks so much for helping me with this, and I will do my best to fix it!


@Eric_knight Thank you so much :blush: ah, I see! I don’t know much about American Football, but I just assumed that if there were female teams like there are male teams they’d wear the same stuff like in most sports :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion! Adding more variation between male/female RO’s is definitely something I want to add in the future; not personality wise, but look wise and such, so something at least similar to that might very well come up at some point!

@Loveless Aw, thanks! I’m so happy you like it so far :blush:

@Jared_Frias Ahaha YES! I’m so happy you associate him with Kokichi; even though I didn’t consciously base him off of him, I totally see what you mean :smile: I did take some inspiration from other Danganronpa characters for some of the RO’s, though!


Which characters?


@Morphine Well, for one, Byakuya and A turned out pretty similar in certain aspects :slight_smile: at first, I was planning for A to be more approachable albeit still have a cold demeanor, but they turned into more of a jerk instead lmao. I loved interacting with Byakuya in the first game, so I guess that might have inspired me a bit to do something similar with A. Someone who was kind of interesting to interact with even though they treated you like dirt haha.

The less obvious one (maybe?) would be that G was inspired by Miu, but they ended up quite different from her in the final draft (more two-faced, less over-the-top and more conscious of things surrounding them).

As for R, Q and M, they kind of developed by themselves, though I’m sure there are some more Dangan characters that resemble them if I think about it :thinking:


So there’s a bug… at the 2nd romantic encounter everyone says that I ran away but I chose to stay every time


@cookiemonsta Yeah, there’s a few of those scenario mixups, I’ve noticed. For the time being I’m focusing on trying to correct the errors that hinder people from proceeding the game, and when that’s done I will look into the text issues. Thanks for bringing this to my attention :slight_smile:


I know errors are supposed to happen but here you go

R is A sister in my case


@Noah Thanks, hopefully it should work fine now!


No this did not happen, instead she teased me

I really love this word

And this happens when loading


When I try to talk to Azur this happens


i don’t know if someone mentioned it before, but jealosy scenes for A work only with R, with others he just reacts like nothing is happening