The Shadow Society (WIP) Taking a Break (14/8 - 18)



Ah, yes, works for me now!


Got this error when Selecting R.


@Kanaya Thank you for pointing it out, it should work now but please let me know if you still have issues!


Damn, I really want to keep reading, but have to sleep now…
Still, I’m really excited to play it when I can, again tomorrow evening :slight_smile:

Some bugs I encountered

When trying to choose the option of trying getting used to their “controversial” approach.

I guess only his talking is supposed to be cursive?

Azurs Notebook remark is double.

should be “sister” in this play through

Got this when asking about the shadowpeople. It says that I fled the car, which I did not in that play through.
Also, I was able to ask about the tattoo twice.

When trying to talk with Azur after the asking session.


@Orchid Most of those should be fixed by now, and I’ll keep looking out for the others! Sorry for the inconvenience D:


I got this error when talking to A


I found this one after the questions about the mark


@agogem Thanks for the screenshot, it should work properly now! Sorry for the inconvenience.

@Lyanna Should work now, thanks so much for pointing it out!


Just a small spelling error I saw.

Also I ran into this when trying to be genuine with R.



I got this error now


Shadow Society spotify playlist: check. Nerdy Excel sheet with a list of all the routes to make sure I read all the awesome new content: check. So ready!


@Kanaya Thank you, I think I fixed it now! :smile:

@agogem Thank you so much, there was a bunch of wrong variables in that scene and I think they should be fine now, but I’ll keep looking! :blush:

@Elizab3th Aw, glad to hear it! I hope you won’t run into too many errors on the way… I’ll do my best to fix them in the meantime! ;D

Dont think this was reported before


@Aleksa100 Thank you so much, it should work now :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile: So I am trying to go through all the jealousy scenes (naturally haha), and I’ve gotten some errors.

Here from trying to do M’s scene in Ch5 (after pursuing A):

Here when picking any response to G in G’s ch5 scene when pursuing A:

Here when picking a response to Q in the second choice in Q’s ch5 scene (when pursuing A):

That’s what I have so far. Also, just wanted to say I am loving it so far :smiley:


Q changed gender here

Male MC turned female here


@Elizab3th Phew, it took me some time to locate the exact issue with these, but I think it’s fixed now! Thank you so much for letting me know about this ^^; and I’m glad you like the story for what it is so far!

@Aleksa100 Thank you, they should be fixed now :blush:


When replying to R about the orb, the first 4 options show the same error.


During Rheylo scene with the orb


Quaiel’s eyes have somehow turned bright white.

I think it should be Quarie …i notice that you already fix the pronoun …

When i chose the 2nd option " You got to be kidding me " …there is an error